Warmer Weather Brings Out More Drivers

Car Crashes in Atlanta

When Atlanta heats up, people get out of the house. Not only are people heading to public polls but just generally getting out. We can all expect it to be even worse this year after so many were stuck inside for weeks at a time. However, while it’s great that everyone can get out, it brings up the trouble of congestion. It’s a matter of numbers when more people are on the road there are more car crashes in Atlanta. Especially when you have people who have had the slate of road rage and driving frustrations wiped clean. You’ll have a lot of people with no patience for managing road conditions or congestion.

Here are some tips to help keep you safe on the road. However, if you do get into an accident this summer, a car crash attorney in Atlanta, Georgia can help.

Take Steps to Walk Safely

The good news of people walking more after quarantine is pretty exciting. Just be sure that as you continue this new habit into the summer that you do so safely. Always wear bright or even reflective colors. It’s never been a better time to wear holo! But there are other things that you need to do to ensure your safety as a pedestrian.

Only cross at marked crosswalks even if it means going a little further down the road. Also, keep your eyes on everything around you. Most pedestrian car crashes in Atlanta happen in a matter of seconds, but you can make crucial decisions when seeing a car coming.

Remember to keep your phone in your pocket when walking. Insurance companies have little sympathy for distracted walking now.

Ensure Your Children Know Street Safety Rules

You’ve told them to always cross the street but test their road safety knowledge. Kids often get caught up in the excitement of going somewhere, so make sure that you receipt the rules with them constantly.

Don’t run through any parking lots, including parking areas in a playground or park. Don’t enter the street without an adult holding your hands or supervising. Finally, never chase anything into the road, pets included.

Honor All Rules of the Road

During quarantine, speeding tickets skyrocketed. When you see the open road, it calls. It’s no wonder that people didn’t realize they were traveling at speed upward of 80 miles per hour. It’s easy to forget the rules of the road when there aren’t many other vehicles or when you haven’t driven in a while.

It may seem easy to roll through that stop sign, but be sure to come to a complete stop. It could save your life. Following the rules of the road allows you the peace of mind that if anything were to happen, it wouldn’t be your fault.

As congestion picks up, more people are likely to follow closely, perform “rolling stops,” and fail to signal. Again, it is likely drivers returning to the road after spending so long at home. They may have forgotten or become complacent. Even experienced and usually safe drivers can cause a wreck with one lapse in good judgment.

Watch Out for Drivers with Road Rage

It is annually necessary that you fully understand the possible damage when it comes to road rage. People with road rage aren’t just angry; they show their anger and take it out on other drivers. It could range from “flipping the bird” to ramming a car purposefully. However, people often don’t consider that the worst-case scenario for a road rage incident is assault or death.

Road rage attacks can, but don’t always, involve handguns, knives, and other weapons. There are many cases out there that show the full extent of road rage. If you see a driver that looks likely to attack you or is targeting you, then contact 911 foot guidance and intervention.

When you contact the police and inform them of the situation, they’ll take you through steps to get to safety. You may need to push or be persistent when it comes to handling emergency d dispatch. It’s very common for people to think of road rage as someone shouting from their car rather than intentionally hitting you.

For Car Crashes in Atlanta, Call The Weinstein Firm – Your Local Auto Accident Lawyers

It doesn’t matter if you were walking or driving if your injuries came from a car wreck, then call the Weinstein Firm. With the help of our Atlanta automobile accident law firm, you can outline the events of the collision and how you could not avoid the wreck. It’s difficult for someone who wasn’t there to understand but that’s what we do. We help the insurance companies involved understand who played what role.

When you’re looking at something as simple as congestion, your wreck probably involves someone following your vehicle too closely. Or someone who was clearly distracted behind the wheel. Either way, get all the assistance needed from The Weinstein Firm.

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