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Harris Weinstein

Personal Injury Lawyer

Background & Experiences

Harris Weinstein is one of the managing partners of The Weinstein Firm, along with his brother Michael. With his brother establishing the firm in 2013, shortly after, Harris decided to join him. After being certified in 2016, Harris immediately joined the firm, with his tenacious courtroom demeanor having an immediate impact. In only 3 years, Harris has been involved in several multi-million dollar settlements, accumulating an impressive resume and leaving his mark in courtrooms around Atlanta.

Specializing in personal injury law, Harris understands the difficulties involved in caring for a seriously injured loved one or family member while also preparing for a lawsuit. He is here to help you focus on healing and moving forward with your life and is ready to take the legal burdens off of your shoulders.
Harris believes in treating victims with the compassion and respect they deserve, listening intently and addressing your every concern. The Weinstein Firm is eager and prepared to pursue the justice you deserve.

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If you have suffered a personal injury or want to pursue a wrongful death case in Atlanta or the surrounding area, call Harris Weinstein at The Weinstein Firm today. He will provide a risk-free consultation, answering any questions you may have about your case.

He and his team of experienced personal injury attorneys will aggressively pursue the maximum amount of compensation possible for your injuries. Contact our law firm today and learn why all of our satisfied clients tell their family and friends the same thing; Weinstein Wins!

Surviving Cancer– My Drive to Help others

A Personal Reflection from Harris Weinstein:

My name is Harris Weinstein, and I share with you not just as an attorney but as someone who has navigated the profound challenges of life’s uncertainties.

Circa 2003, my journey took an unexpected turn when I was diagnosed with a rare tumor known as Ewing’s Sarcoma. This diagnosis came at a time when I had just embarked on a new chapter in Manhattan, and suddenly, everything I had looked forward to was in jeopardy.

The path to recovery was daunting. Thanks to the exceptional team at Cornell-Weill, a crucial surgery was performed to remove the tumor before it could spread.

My treatment journey continued at Sloan Kettering, where I underwent rigorous chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The battle for my life was fierce, marked by moments of fear and hope alike. Through relentless determination, what began as biannual checkups gradually extended to annual ones, and now, I find myself returning to the city every two years for follow-ups, each visit accompanied by a mix of apprehension and gratitude.

The ordeal taught me an invaluable lesson about the preciousness of life—a lesson that has profoundly influenced my outlook and practice. I am incredibly fortunate to have survived, and I carry with me the awareness of life’s fragility and the imperative to cherish every moment.

I understand what it means to have support through trying times, and I strive to provide that sense of care to each and every one of my clients.

However, this journey has also been marked by loss. Since my diagnosis, I have lost multiple family members and friends to cancer. Their battles, fought with indomitable spirit, have not only deepened my empathy but have also inspired a commitment to honoring their memory through my actions and lifestyle.

Harris Weinstein


In recognition of cancer victims everywhere, I dedicate this reflection to the memory of those we have lost, to the courage of those who continue to fight, and to the resilience of those left behind.

On a lighter note, I’ve decided to retain the hairstyle that has accompanied me since 2003—it serves as a personal reminder of where I’ve been, the battles I’ve fought, and the life I’ve been fortunate enough to continue living.

With warmth and solidarity, 

Harris Weinstein

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