Just outside of Atlanta is a haven for those who want the small town experience without having to leave their city job. Conyers, a suburb, sits about twenty minutes outside of the metropolitan region of Atlanta. Officially in Rockdale County, it’s the only town in the county, and many consider it part of downtown Atlanta.

Conyers has built up a reputation for sustaining a peaceful and productive way of life. For the citizens living here, it means that Conyers works with the government and the many public services departments regularly. The ongoing goal of creating a better way of life started back in the founding of the town in 1854.


As a division within the Conyers Police department, the Department of Court Services fulfills the duties of the local municipal court system. Essentially providing administrative functions the police department and courthouses work closely together to maintain the peace in Conyers.

  • Responsible for all traffic cases, misdemeanor or lesser, and violations of city ordinances the Municipal Court is run through the Conyers Police Department.
  • Compliance to court-ordered probation and conditions falls to the responsibility of the Probation division.
  • For Open Records Requests there is a charge which must be paid to the City of Conyers Municipal Court. Each request is $3.00, and that fee may change dependent upon the information requested. Documents are only available after all payments are received.


A necessary part of any adult’s life, going to the DMV. Fortunately for Conyers, there is one DMV which acts as a one-stop-shop for all things related to motor vehicles. In one location you can take your road test, update or renew your registration and more. On Eastview Parkway you’ll find a fast-service DMV which provides these services through standard working hours during the week.

For advanced services such as making a Driving History Report, reinstating a license, or taking a CDL written exam, you can walk-in or make an appointment. Either option will produce fast results and fast service. Visiting the DMV is one errand that you don’t want to take care of in the city.

  • Customer Service Center

2206 Eastview Parkway NE; Conyers, GA 30013

(678) 413-8400

Services Offered:

  • First Issuance
  • Renewals
  • Replace Stolen/Lost
  • Out of State Transfers
  • Regular Road Test
  • Reinstatements
  • Driving History Reports (MVR)
  • Insurance Reinstatements
  • Regular Knowledge Exam
  • Motorcycle Knowledge Exam
  • CDL Written Exams


  • Conyers Police Department

1194 Scott St SE, Conyers, GA 30012

(770) 483-6600

As a full-service department, Conyers Police Department is comprised of more than 70 officers and more than 30 civilian staff that serve the city. Field services, a standard part of police work, includes special investigation, operations, crime analysis, patrol, car accident response, and more. This division within the CPD makes sure that Conyers stays safe and that crimes receive a thorough investigation.

The administrative division assists the courts providing services for probation, certification, training, community involvement, and additional efforts. Notably, Conyers PD relies on the administrative staff for property and evidence management as well as security, records, and communications.

Downtown Conyers, Georgia


  • Rockdale Fire Rescue

1496 Rockbridge Road NW; Conyers, GA  30012

(770) 278-8401

The Fire and Rescue sector of Conyers falls to the Rockdale Fire Department. But they do much more than respond to emergencies. You can find the firefighters of the Conyers Fire Department at the rescue station. There you are welcomed to have coffee, check out fire trucks, and tour the station. You can even bring the kids.

The Fire Department keeps a full staff for emergency respond around the clock, every day of the year. If you do stop by and there’s no response, then the firefighters have stepped out to respond to an emergency within the community or are training.


  • Conyers Rockdale Library System

864 Green St SW, Conyers, GA 30012

(770) 388-5040

Rockdale’s library system, officially the Conyers-Rockdale Library System has one branch, the Nancy Guinn Memorial Library.

The CRLS participates in the PINES program of Georgia, ensuring that their residents have access to over 10 million books. Additionally, they participate in GALILEO through the University System of Georgia. The GALILEO system is short for the Georgia Library Learning Online system. This system helps connect people with databases for periodicals as well as scholarly journals. The Conyers Library continues to find the best and most up-to-date resources for its citizens.


While no one looks forward to a hospital visit, you can look forward to not having to travel for medical care. The Hospital network within Conyers is expansive and lends aid to a variety of medical needs. That said you can find full-service hospitals as well as private practices within Conyers. No need to go into Atlanta, and you can still get top-notch medical care.

The two primary centers founded in Rockdale continue to serve millions of patients each year. One, Piedmont Heart of Rockdale serves the community as a nationally recognized leader in expert care.  The other focuses on employing well-respected physicians and providing outstanding service.

  • Piedmont Rockdale

1412 Milstead Ave, Conyers, GA 30012

(770) 918-3000

Piedmont Rockdale is a 138-bed hospital in Conyers serving Rockdale County and the surrounding area. We offer quality healthcare services and respected physicians, surgeons, and specialists.

Founded in 1954, Piedmont Rockdale became part of Piedmont Healthcare on October 1, 2017 – expanding quality healthcare services to our community.  Because not all systems are integrated, all data metrics may not be available in this report.

  • Piedmont Heart of Rockdale

1301 Sigman Rd NE Suite 200, Conyers, GA 30012

(770) 483-9330

For more than a century, Piedmont Healthcare and Piedmont Heart of Rockdale has been a recognized leader in delivering expert care. Last year, Piedmont served nearly two million patients – performing over 44,000 surgeries, delivering 8,000 babies, providing 471,695 outpatient encounters, completing 235 organ transplants, and handling nearly 250,000 emergency room visits. For most, that would be a great track record. For us, it’s a good start.


Olde Towne is everything you could hope for from a Southern gem planted just outside of Atlanta. Conyers’s Olde town hosts festivals regularly have numerous eateries, is a forum for live entertainment, and has unique shopping opportunities.

When first arriving in Olde Towne head over to the Olde Depot to get a lay of the land. Then saunter on through the Lewis Vaughn Botanical Garden and head over to the Milstead 104 Steam Engine where you can see a locomotive straight out of history. Finally, the Georgia International Horse Park is a must-see spot.

The International Horse Park is home to the local equestrian club and hosted the bike and equestrian events in the 1996 Olympic Games. As a world-class facility, anyone should make a stop. With over 1400 acres the horse park is much more than just a track. Regularly the park puts on car shows, horse events, fairs, concerts, banquets, and festivals.

When you’re ready for a bit more nature, you can go to the Big Haynes Creek Nature Center. Having protected over 173 acres of wildlife, this preservation park provides fishing, boating, hiking, canoeing, and even picnicking. Make a day of it and visit the Georgia Veteran’s Memorial as well as the Walk of Heroes located on-site. Keep your outdoor activities going with a trip to the Panola Mountain State Park.

An unexpected find in the south is the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. For the last 65 years is has been a home for Cistercian monks and is located off Interstate 20.

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