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Long Term Traumatic Brain Injury Effects

How Can a Traumatic Brain Injury Affect You in the Long Term?

March 14, 2019

Whenever we look at the injuries caused by car accidents, we think of traumatic brain injuries. Also known as TBIs, traumatic brain injuries are some of the most serious injuries you can sustain. They’re caused by suffering a severe blow to the head. They are common in car accidents because your head may suffer a…

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Can I Wear Headphones While Driving Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyers

Can You Wear Headphones While Driving in Georgia?

March 7, 2019

Distracted driving is becoming more of a problem every year in Georgia. People are obsessed with their phones and mobile devices. In a recent poll, over 80% of all drivers admitted to texting and driving at least once a week. If we did a poll of distracted driving, this number would go up even higher.…

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Can You Sue a Dead Person Georgia Car Accident Lawyer

Can You Sue a Dead Person After a Car Accident?

February 28, 2019

Most car accidents don’t result in serious injuries. There are fender benders all the time. Someone could rear-end you while you’re stopped at a red light. Or someone hits your car while it’s parked in the lot of the grocery store. Sadly, some accidents aren’t so minor. Some accidents are so bad that one of…

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Can You File an Insurance Claim Without a Police Report in Georgia

Can You File an Insurance Claim Without a Police Report in Georgia?

February 21, 2019

In an ideal world, you’ll call the police immediately after your car accident. The police will come to the scene and write up a report of what happened. You’ll use this report to support your insurance claim. The problem is that you won’t always have a police report. Or, your police report won’t have all…

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How Soon Should I File a Police Report Atlanta Car Accident Attorney

Can You File a Police Report Days After an Auto Accident in Georgia?

February 14, 2019

Two things you should do after any car accident is go to the hospital and call the police. You want to get medical treatment for your injuries and you need to make sure you’re okay. As for a police report, you always need one for a car accident. Not only are you required to report…

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