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The best indicator of future success is past success. We are proud of the results we have obtained for our clients. We have handled over 3000 cases exceeding $100,000.00!

The following cases are a sample of some of the recent settlements and judgments we have obtained for our clients!

  • $4,500,000

    $4,500,000 - Automobile Accident

    Client who underwent neck surgery rear ended by drunk driver

  • $3,750,000

    $3,750,000 – Automobile Accident

    Client struck by Uber Driver at high speed.  Uber driver fled scene and later located through our investigation.  Client suffered multiple broken bones and 7 surgeries.

  • $1,500,000

    $1,500,000 - Dump Truck Wreck

    Client rear ended by dump truck at red light.  Suffered Concussion and broken neck.

  • $1,275,000

    $1,275,000 - Automobile Accident

    DUI Driver T-boned Uber Driver Client

  • $1,250,000

    $1,250,000 - Automobile Accident

    Hit & Run Driver Rear Ended Client.  Broken Neck. Driver Located through our strenuous investigation.

  • $1,000,000

    $1,000,000 - Automobile Accident

    Rear end collision with minimal property damage resulting in neck and knee surgeries.

  • $1,000,000

    $1,000,000 - Automobile Accident

    T-bone collision resulting in spine surgery

  • $1,000,000

    $1,000,000 - Automobile Accident

    Rear-end collision resulting in back surgery.

  • $950,000

    $950,000 - Tractor Trailer Wreck

    Pushed client into highway median.  Jaws of Life, Broken Pelvis

  • $875,500

    $875,500 - Automobile Accident

    Client suffered fractured Collar Bone

  • $850,000

    $850,000 - Automobile Accident

    Plaintiff was rear-ended resulting in back surgery.

  • $817,000


    Our client was shot 2 times at gunpoint during robbery at an apartment complex in Rockdale County. Due to injuries he had multiple surgeries. It was proven the management company had faulty security measures to ensure the safety of residents and this was the third case of its kind within the facility. Nothing was done to prevent these concurrent violent crimes. To avoid trial the offer was extended after initial depositions had taken place.

  • $800,000

    $800,000 - Automobile Accident

    Head-on collision by at fault DUI Driver

  • $750,000

    $750,000 - Automobile Accident

    Global Settlement for family of 5 rear ended by DUI Driver

  • $750,000

    $750,000 - Automobile Accident

    Fed Ex Truck rear ended client at high speed resulting in 3 surgeries

  • $725,000

    $725,000 – UBER Driver Negligence

    Sideswipe collision resulting in neck surgery.

  • $685,000


    An inattentive driver ran a red light and struck our client’s vehicle. The impact lacerated our client’s intestinal tract. As a result, the client faced insurmountable debt and was being pursued by numerous bill collectors. Our firm was able to secure all available insurance proceeds, while also aggressively negotiating to aa point where our client was able to pay all of his debts and receive a substantial settlement.

  • $500,000


    Our client was driving to work after when another vehicle crossed the centerline and hit him head-on. Extensive injuries to the left shoulder and hip were sustained and required surgical intervention. He sustained $91,000 in medical bills. The at fault driver’s insurance agreed to pay its limits in order to divert a trial.

  • $500,000

    $500,000 – Automobile Accident

    Plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle that was rearended and underwent spine surgery.

  • $500,000

    $500,000 - Automobile Accident

    Policy limits of insurance for Plaintiff who underwent multiple surgeries

  • $500,000

    $500,000 – SLIP & FALL

    Confidential Scenario

  • $462,000


    In March 2016, The Weinstein Firm secured a $462,000 settlement for a minor client who suffered from heat exhaustion while left in a daycare vehicle unattended on the premises. Medical bills incurred were less than $5,000. Prior to litigation being filed an offer of only $10,000 was extended “and nothing additional.” After suit ensued experts and deposition were obtained. A $462,000 was made, forty six times the original offer.

  • $300,000

    $300,000 - Automobile Accident

    Policy limits of insurance recovery for Plaintiff involved in a head-on collision

  • $250,000

    $250,000 - Automobile Accident

    Policy limits of insurance recovery for client in T-Bone collision

  • $250,000

    $250,000 - Automobile Accident

    Policy limits of insurance recovery for client who underwent shoulder surgery.

  • $250,000

    $250,000 - Automobile Accident

    Policy limits of insurance recovery resulting in several spine injections.