Since its founding in 1858, Alpharetta once known as Milton, has grown and prospered. Originally the site of native Cherokee people, the South has a rich history in Native American culture as well as culture after the reconstructive era. That’s not how Alpharetta began, though. Initially, settlers heading West or Southward stopped in Alpharetta because of the fertile lands.

With humble origins as a farming community, Alpharetta had many challenges to overcome. Not only has the area survived a smallpox epidemic, the civil war, reconstruction, and the Great Depression, but it continues to thrive. It is nestled within Fulton County, this beautiful town that is booming with technology-driven companies.

Alpharetta saw its first real surge in population during the early 1980s. Not only did many people flock to the area, but they brought with them many businesses resulting in a vast economic growth spurt. It has since grown into a thriving centralized region for businesses within Georgia.

Although the population currently is hovering around 60,000 this blossoms each day as commuters come pouring into work. Alpharetta is truly a bustling metropolitan area by day and a cozy southern city by night. Residents applaud Alpharetta and the city officials for ensuring that the town remains a safe place for building families.

The historical aspects of Alpharetta have helped shaped the standards as well. Many residents look to the future but have constant reminders of the country’s past nearby at all times.

Alpharetta Courthouses

  • Municipal Court

Crabapple Government Center, Historic Crabapple

12624 Broadwell Road, Alpharetta, GA 30004

(678) 297-6250

City ordinance and state law violations fall into the hands of the Municipal Court system. Here they will hear and adjudicate cases of these types of allegations. A Municipal Judge will then implement the law and create order within the city. They will resolve any disputes and will uphold the Constitution of the United States as well as the laws within the State of Georgia, and the city ordinances.

Alpharetta DMV’s

  • Registration & Title Office

11575 Maxwell Road; Alpharetta, GA 30004

(404) 613-6100


    • First Issuance
    • Renewals
    • Replace Stolen/Lost
    • Out of State Transfers
    • Regular Road Test
    • Reinstatements
    • Driving History Reports (MVR)
    • Insurance Reinstatements
    • Regular Knowledge Exam
    • Motorcycle Knowledge Exam
    • CDL Written Exams

Alpharetta Police Departments

Police forces within any city will have a certain amount of pressure on them. However, as Alpharetta has a massive number of incoming commuters every day, and then residents around the clock, the Police Department really puts the work in.

Patrolling the city regularly to respond to reports of crime actively, the Alpharetta Police Department remains vigilant in their efforts to keep the city safe. Then there are other aspects of their duties, which require investigative work, collaboration with other first responders and their community involvement.

The Alpharetta Police Department works hard to ensure that Alpharetta is safe throughout the city. As the city continues to grow and develop, the department has responded and adjusted the police force appropriately.

  • Alpharetta Police Department

2565 Old Milton Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30009

(678) 297-6300

It is our desire to be an integral and active participant in the community through inclusion in its activities, groups, and associations, and conversely, to have each of our members and staff accessible and responsive to the citizens we serve. There are manifested through problems centered in our community policing and problem-solving initiatives, empowerment of the community and officers alike, with mutual efforts toward mutual goals.

  • Crime Stoppers Tip Hotline


Report information on narcotics, recent crimes (bank robberies, auto theft, child molestation, location of wanted persons, etc.). The Crime Stoppers Tip Line is not for filing police reports or following up with detectives.

  • Criminal Investigations Division

The Alpharetta City Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division is tasked with the responsibility of conducting preliminary and follow-up investigations on all crimes within the city limits of Alpharetta. Whenever possible, members of the division also conduct proactive enforcement of state laws and local ordinances. The Criminal Investigations Division’s mission is to enhance the quality of life in our city by protecting life and property and by investigating criminal activity at its earliest stage.

  • Communications Division

The City of Alpharetta’s Emergency Communications Division is an around-the-clock operation that dispatches police personnel, fire personnel, processes 911 calls and non-emergency calls, coordinates critical incidents with different departments and handles GCIC/NCIC files for the cities of Alpharetta and Milton.

Emergency: 911

Non-emergency: 678-297-6300

  • Uniform Patrol Division

The Uniform Patrol Division was developed to help break down the barriers between the Police Department and the community to build a partnership and help decrease social disorder and the public’s fear of crime. The Uniform Patrol Division’s goal is to empower our residential and business communities to participate in our proactive stance of crime prevention and become active participants in our problem-solving techniques.

  • Fraud Prevention

Victims of fraud may go to the Fulton County Criminal Warrant Office located at 160 Pryor Street, Room J-135, Atlanta, GA, to fill out a warrant application. Please have the full name and address of the suspect. If you would like to file a police report, you may complete one. Please be aware that filing a police report is for documentation only, and there will not be a follow-up. If a victim knows the suspect, the warrant office may be a quicker alternative.

  • Records Support Service

This unit is responsible for all police records management, open records requests, permitting, background checks, and fingerprinting. If your car accident lawyer needs a copy of the accident report, this is the department they would call.

The courthouse in Alpharetta, Georgia

Alpharetta Fire Departments

As the first responders on the scene, Alpharetta Fire squads are responsible for creating safety in the midst of danger. Not only do firefighters act quickly to save lives, but they also respond to alternative situations such as down powerlines and other potentially dangerous events.

When working with the community, the City of Alpharetta Fire Department focuses on fire and medical response. They tackle each call with the idea of implementing safety standards and delivering excellent service to the residents of Alpharetta. For them, that means working proactively as well.

The Alpharetta fire department connects with the community in many ways to extend their reach outside of emergency situations. By providing information on in-home alarms, and first response procedures the create trust and build awareness within their community.

  • Alpharetta Fire Department

The City of Alpharetta Fire & Emergency Services is a proactive, customer-oriented emergency services provider. Our objective is to provide the best possible fire and emergency medical services. Our goal is to maximize the saving of lives, minimize the loss of property, and avoid loss whenever possible through prevention and education.

  • Administration

The Administrative Division consists of the Fire Chief and an Administrative Assistant. The tasks of the Administrative Division include such things as budgeting, planning, personnel services, and long-range forecasting. Other responsibilities include essential activities such as purchasing, building repair, accounting, specification writing, vehicle, and equipment maintenance as well as facility design, construction, and management.

  • Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management functions to prepare for, mitigate, and recover from any natural or man-made disasters. This is done through the identification of potential hazards such as local businesses with large stores of hazardous materials, classification of potential terror targets, and surveillance of any severe weather that might strike the area. The Office of Emergency Management compiles threat analysis data and provides an organized and systematic response for any disaster that may occur within the City of Alpharetta’s jurisdiction.

  • Suppression

The Suppression Division of Alpharetta Fire responds to all 911 calls that involve fire events, medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, hazardous materials, technical rescue, or any other incident where public safety is threatened. In addition, this division also responds to non-emergency requests for public assistance, such as water leaks, fallen trees, trapped or endangered animals, etc.

  • Special Ops

The Special Ops unit is comprised of highly trained firefighters and police officers who are equipped to respond to and mitigate hazardous materials incidents and terrorist attacks, whether in the form of biological, radiological, chemical or explosive devices. The Hazardous Materials Team is capable of containing and confining a hazardous materials release of nearly any size, with the capacity to decontaminate 150 people per hour, all with equipment and personnel that is immediately available.

  • Volunteer Programs

Fire Corps is the volunteer program consisting of Reserve Firefighter, Volunteer Suppression Firefighter, Volunteer Support Firefighter, and Fire Corps Volunteers. The program supports all aspects of the department; however, primarily focuses on Fire and Emergency Services. Major programs include firefighting, fire ground support, emergency scene rehabilitation, victim assistance, special events, and the 24/7 staffing of the Light Air Rehabilitation Support vehicle.

  • Fire Prevention & Permits

The goal of the Fire Inspection Division is to prevent fire deaths and injuries and to reduce fire losses through a program of building inspection, plan review, issuance of permits, development, and interpretation of ordinances, public education and prosecution of violators.

Alpharetta Libraries

  • Alpharetta Branch – Atlanta-Fulton Public Library

10 Park Plaza; Alpharetta, GA 30009

(404) 613-6735

As part of the Fulton Public Library network any resident or citizen of Fulton County, including the City of Alpharetta can access the Altana-Fulton Library System. With over 34 libraries, it is the largest network of educational and entertaining resources in the state. The Alpharetta Branch also plays host to many services and innovative programs. People of any age can participate in exhibits, classes, attend book clubs, access homework help, and more. Additionally, any cardholder can listen to a wide library of DVDs, movies, and music, as well as attend live events with authors.

Alpharetta Hospitals

Serving the widespread area of the City of Alpharetta the many hospitals provide both unique and tailored services as well as general medical care. The city is proud to acknowledge these three medical groups as vital pieces of the Alpharetta structure. With two outstanding pediatric centers and medical campus, you can get the medical help you need.

Among the outstanding hospitals are over 200 of Georgia’s best physicians. They provide earthing from general surgery to preventative care and more. When in Alpharetta know that you’re in good hands. Doctors within the area are known across the state.

  • Northside/Alpharetta Medical Campus

3400 Old Milton Pkwy; Alpharetta, GA 30005

(770) 667-4000

The Northside/Alpharetta Medical Campus offers comprehensive outpatient services and community programming. Conveniently located in Alpharetta off the GA-400 this 140-acre campus is home to more than 200 of Atlanta’s top physicians providing preventive and healing care from general surgery to pediatrics.

  • Tender Care Pediatrics

5755 North Point Pkwy #215; Alpharetta, GA 30022

(678) 297-0070

Tender Care Pediatrics has been dedicated to providing the highest degree of pediatric health care to children from birth to 21 years of age since 1999. We pride ourselves on providing individualized and personalized care to our patients.

Because our doctor is a solo practitioner, she can spend more time with you and your child so that your questions can be answered in a non-rushed environment.

  • Roswell Pediatric Center

12385 Crabapple Rd #200; Alpharetta, GA 30004

(770) 343-9900

Roswell Pediatric Center is a group practice of board-certified pediatricians and pediatric nurse practitioners who specialize in the care of infants, children, and adolescents. We have three medical offices conveniently located in Alpharetta, Crabapple, and Cumming. Our mission is to partner with families to achieve exceptional medical care with compassion and respect.

Alpharetta Landmarks

Alpharetta is home to numerous landmarks as a very old city within the South. These landmarks are excellent ways to experience Alpharetta when visiting or to learn more about the city you love.

  • Downtown Welcome Center – On 178 S. Main Street, you’ll find a wide variety of welcome information packed with brochures. This center is available to anyone on weekdays from 9 to 5 and on Saturday from 10 to 4.
  • The Cooler – A fun nickname for the Family Skate Center where you can learn to skate or attend a special needs hockey game.
  • Brew Moon Fest – Who could miss a fun festival with local beer and a wide variety of food and games. Always on the first Saturday of October.
  • Scarecrow Harvest – To bring in the spirit of the season, the first Saturday of October is the Scarecrow Harvest. Come walk with over 100 scarecrows that line the streets of Alpharetta.
  • Wills Park – Within Wills Park is a well-loved arboretum initially opened in 2008. It has 26 trees and a walking tour.
  • Cogburn Road Park – As part of a haven within the city you can visit the Alpharetta Arboretum right in Cogburn Road park. Opened in 2008 you can take a self-guided tour to view these wonderful trees.
  • Farmers Market – Every Saturday, you can find local harvest brought into the city for sale. That is between the months of April and October. During the 8 am to 12:30 pm window, you purchase fresh vegetables, edible goods, and flowers.
  • Historic District – as part of Georgia’s rich history you can walk through time and see the historic district. Walk from North main street to Milton Avenue then down to Academy Street. Some building here dates back to before the mid-1800s. You can see the stark contrasts between beautiful stone walls and modern buildings as you dine and shop.
  • Mansell House and Gardens – As one of the oldest homes still standing in Alpharetta, you can visit the Mansell House and Gardens. It’s the center for the Alpharetta Historical Society and is a Queen Anne-style home built-in 1912.
  • Milton Log Cabin – A living representation of life in the late-1800s the FFA group constructed this cabin in the 1934 school year.
  • Ameris Bank Amphitheatre – A large outdoor venue making it possible for well-known names to visit and perform in Georgia. The Ameris Bank Amphitheatre showcases the Atlana Symphony Orchestra every summer.
  • Northpoint Church – Based in Alpharetta, the Northpoint Church, is the hub for North Point Ministries which is the largest organization of churches within the U.S. Every Sunday this church has over 5,000 attendees.
  • Walk of Memories – You can find a brick wall near the American Legion Post 201, which serves as a tribute to the veterans of American wars. This tribute shows all the Georgia citizens lost during service after WWII. As part of this display, you can see a tank and helicopter.
  • Alpharetta Big Creek Greenway – Big Creek is a place for the community to explore, jog, hike, walk, and bike. There are also mountain bike trails for those who need a little more room. This stretch of trail is about 6 miles long and 12 feet wide.
  • Taste of Alpharetta – Each year the city puts on the Taste of Alpharetta festival where you can see live music, art exhibits and explore local restaurants.
  • Wire and Wood Festival – The Wire And Wood Alpharetta Songwriters Festival open downtown to a myriad of local musicians and songwriters. Grab a bite to eat and enjoy the live entertainment in October.
  • Avalon – A region of the city set aside for city life. Within the Avalon, you can find a cinema, tons of retail establishments, office space for rental, and many luxury homes.
  • Phoenix Rugby Football Club – A Men’s third division team that plays into the Georgia Ruby Union as well as the USA Ruby competitions. Don’t miss a chance to see this club in action.
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