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In theory, buses should be among the safest means of transportation in Rockdale County, and no one should need the services of a bus accident lawyer. In reality, bus accident lawyers are getting busier by the day, and the media headlines confirm it. Here are just a few examples:

  • On November 4, 2016, a daycare bus turned over at the Broad Street and Highway 20 intersection in Conyers, and four children needed medical assistance.
  • On December 8, 2017, a Rockdale County school bus was involved in an accident in Atlanta. Five children and one adult needed medical assistance.
  • On February 12, 2018, a school bus was involved in an accident in Conyers. Two students needed medical assistance.

These incidents made the local news headlines because they involved school buses, and they jeopardized children’s lives. However, many other bus accidents occur in Rockdale County, and anyone incurring damages or injuries in them could benefit from calling a Conyers bus accident lawyer for advice. Here is a brief overview of the types of accidents a bus accident attorney handles.

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Types of Bus Accidents

In Conyers and the surrounding area, there are several potential types of bus accidents. This includes:

Blue Bus Accidents

Blue Bus is the Rockdale County alternative to MARTA. Their buses transport thousands of people every day, and with the bustle on the street, it is possible for there to be a bus accident. If you have been in a Blue Bus accident and have suffered injuries or serious damages as a result, you should reach out to a bus wreck lawyer.

Shuttle Bus Accidents

Many institutions, companies, hotels, and other large establishments in Rockdale County have their own shuttle buses driving members, residents, or clients to the airport or various points of interest throughout the county. These shuttle buses often reach high speeds and make frequent stops, sometimes in blind spot areas, increasing the risk of an accident. When accidents occur, most victims reach out to Conyers bus accident lawyers for help.

Van Accidents

Small companies, senior centers, and clubs in the area keep vans with up to 19 seats to transport their employees, residents, or members. Unfortunately, their drivers are not always experienced enough, the weather is not always favorable, and the traffic is often crowded, so accidents do occur. When they do, it is in the victim’s’ best interest to consult a bus accident attorney in Conyers, Georgia.

School Bus Accidents

When people send their kids to school on those yellow buses, they hope their children are safe. Unfortunately, as shown above, school buses get involved in accidents all the time and unfortunately, children get hurt. When they do, every parent has the right to turn to a bus accident lawyer and file a claim against whoever is responsible for the accident.

Bus Accident Liability and How a Bus Wreck Lawyer Can Prove It

Georgia laws hold the party at fault for a bus accident responsible for the damages and injuries the accident caused. However, they also accept the possibility that more than one party is responsible. This makes fault difficult to prove, which is why you should rely on a Conyers bus accident lawyer to help prove your case.

Everyone involved in a bus accident will try to prove that others contributed to the accident as well, in order to cover their own losses. In order to succeed, they will use evidence, witness testimonies, technical expertise reports, and any details that support their side of the story.

If you incurred injuries or damages in a bus accident, the best thing you can do is hire a bus accident attorney. They will help you identify the party at fault in your particular case and prove their liability to make sure you receive fair compensation.

Liability Scenarios Conyers Bus Accident Lawyers May Encounter and Prove

Depending on the circumstances in which the bus accident took place, any of the following could be found at fault:

The Bus Driver

Just as any driver in Rockdale County, a bus driver may exceed the speed limit, fail to notice obstacles in their path, miss the signals of other drivers, fail to keep a safe distance or yield right of way. If they do, and an accident occurs, the victims, with the help of their bus wreck lawyer, can hold them responsible and request compensation for their losses.

Another Driver

Sometimes, even though the bus driver is careful and follows traffic rules, another driver cuts in the path, fails to yield the right of way, makes a sudden stop with broken tail lights, or rear-ends the victim. When any of these events happen, the bus passengers or anyone else injured in the accident can turn to a personal injury lawyer and seek compensation from the driver at fault.

The Bus Company or the Driver’s Employer

In Georgia, the “respondeat superior” doctrine allows bus accident victims to seek compensation from the bus driver’s employer. Proving the employer’s liability is not easy, so victims should always enlist the help of a bus accident lawyer in Conyers, Georgia. One condition is that the driver is an employee, not an independent contractor. Then, the bus wreck lawyer should be able to prove that the employer was aware of the bus driver’s inexperience or irresponsible behavior, failed to provide adequate maintenance and repairs, or forced the bus driver to work overtime, disobey rest time, drive at high speed, and more.

Vehicle or Parts Manufacturer

Sometimes, even though the driver is careful and obeys traffic rules, a malfunction occurs and causes the driver to lose control of the vehicle. It could be a defective tire, the brakes, the steering system, or any other part. The Georgia bus accident lawyer will have to prove that the malfunction could have been avoided if the company that manufactured the bus or defective part had done their job right.

The Person or Company in Charge of Bus Maintenance

Sometimes, even though the bus driver and their employer pay for regular maintenance and any necessary repairs, the person or company providing those services fail to do their job or do it improperly. When their negligence leads to accidents, the victims can turn to a bus accident attorney to go after them and seek compensation for any injuries and/or damages they incurred.

The first step towards identifying the party at fault is discovering the main cause of the bus accident. Although you may feel that the cause of the accident is obvious, sometimes, discovering who was at fault takes a thorough investigation that only an experienced car accident lawyer can perform.

Moreover, knowing what caused an accident is not enough. In order to receive compensation for their losses, the victims have to prove how the accident took place, what caused it, and what role every party involved had. Sometimes, accidents have more than one cause, in which case the bus accident lawyers may have to prove which cause was the most important and could have been avoided, had someone exercised reasonable care.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents in Rockdale County

Most accidents in Rockdale County are the result of:

Driving Under the Influence

Alcohol and drugs seem to be serious problems among Georgia drivers. In 2015, 366 people lost their lives in DUI-related accidents, representing approximately 26% of all fatalities. According to the State Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, the risk of an accident being fatal is six times higher when an impaired driver is involved. Drivers under the influence involved in accidents they did not cause should contact a bus accident attorney immediately, as they may still share liability.

Reckless Driving

Today’s drivers are always in a hurry, stressed and tempted to prove their skills behind the wheel. Many of them perform dangerous maneuvers in traffic, changing speed and direction suddenly, switching lanes, braking or accelerating at the yellow traffic light to avoid waiting for the green light. Reckless driving often leads to accidents, but it is not that easy to prove, so it is best to contact a bus accident lawyer.

Improper Bus Maintenance

Buses, like all motor vehicles, require regular maintenance. If they do not receive it, they can break down in the middle of the road or fail to respond to the driver’s commands, creating the premises for accidents to occur. Since tracking down bus maintenance schedules and procedures is not easy, anyone needing to file a claim following an accident involving an improperly maintained bus should enlist the help of a bus accident attorney.

Defective Bus Equipment

Sometimes, even though a bus has received adequate maintenance, its parts or equipment fail at the worst times, leading to accidents and/or injuries. When it happens, an experienced bus accident lawyer may be able to prove the liability of the bus manufacturer or spare parts supplier and help victims obtain compensation.

No matter their causes, bus accidents can have devastating consequences for all the parties involved. At The Weinstein Firm, we are aware of how dangerous bus accidents are and how difficult recovering from them is, and we do our best to help Rockdale County victims receive the compensation they deserve and get back on their feet.

How Can a Conyers, Georgia Bus Accident Lawyer Help Me?

If you have been involved in a bus accident, the best thing you can do is call our Conyers office and schedule a case evaluation with one of our bus accident lawyers. The first consultation is always free, so you can discuss your case without worrying about paying out of pocket.

You will not have to pay anything for the services of our bus wreck lawyer until you receive the compensation you deserve. You will, however, enjoy numerous valuable benefits. Here is what a The Weinstein Firm bus accident attorney can do for you:

Advise You on How to Act Immediately After the Accident

In pain and in shock after the accident, you may neglect important aspects that could influence your right to compensation. Some of these are helping the injured, requesting medical assistance, reporting the accident to the police and the insurance company, and gathering important information and evidence from the scene. Our bus accident lawyer can tell you exactly what to do and when it needs to be done.

Help you Avoid Costly Mistakes

Many people involved in accidents run away from the accident scene, get into fights, apologize, or say things that leave room for interpretations and may cost them their right to compensation. A The Weinstein Firm bus wreck lawyer will always warn you not to make these mistakes, but rather remain quiet and focus on obtaining the information and evidence you will need in order to file your bus accident claim.

Prepare the Accident Claim

Bus accident claims involve more than requesting money from someone who hurt you. They involve identifying the party at fault, proving their liability, and presenting facts and evidence in such a way that the compensation your request seems a small price to pay for the damages and injuries you incurred. Everything has to happen against the clock since there are strict deadlines for filing accident claims, but a bus wreck lawyer can take care of everything for you.

File the Accident Claim

Besides knowing with whom to file the claim, you will also need to justify the amount you request as compensation. This usually means attaching bills, invoices, receipts, and cost estimations to document expenses, income statements to prove lost wages, and expert testimonies and medical evaluations that could help put a price on your pain and suffering. It can be overwhelming for you, but it is just an everyday routine for a bus accident lawyer.

Obtain a Fair Compensation

Sometimes, when you file an accident claim, you are given a settlement offer. If that is your case, it may be easy to negotiate an amount that meets your needs and expectations. Other times, the defendant denies your claim or offers an inadequate amount of compensation that will not cover your medical expenses. When this happens, you can either appeal their claim or file a lawsuit. A bus accident attorney can help guide you in the right direction.

Of course, in order to receive help with all the above, you need to request it.

Schedule a Consultation with a Bus Accident Lawyer Today

Most people who get into an accident are not familiar enough with the law to represent themselves or negotiate with the insurance company for fair compensation. While it is possible to find some information about bus accident law online, what you can learn from an online article pales in comparison to what an experienced bus accident lawyer in Conyers, Georgia could offer you.

With your Conyers bus accident lawyer on your side, you can invest in your recovery, relationships, job, or hobbies, instead of dealing with the stress of filing a claim or negotiating a settlement on your own. Call our office and take the first step to gain time, freedom, and peace of mind.

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