7 Tips for Enjoying a Safe and Fun Tailgate This Spring

A woman packing a picnic basket for a tailgate party

It’s the time of year when people in Smyrna like to go and check out a ball game or take in a concert. It’s common for people to spend a few hours tailgating before the main event starts. If you happen to get injured while out with your friends, contact Smyrna personal injury lawyers right away.

Our Smyrna Personal Injury Lawyers Have Seen Tailgates Get Out of Hand

Our injury attorneys in Smyrna have seen more than their fair share of tailgating incidents. Some of our clients have been injured after the tailgate when people who have been drinking got behind the wheel.

Other times, a client finds themselves on the wrong end of an angry fan or concertgoer. When a tailgate gets out of hand, it’s usually the innocent bystander who suffers the brunt of it.

Why Do So Many Sports Fans and Concert Goers Like to Tailgate?

It’s only natural that friends and groups of people would want to spend time together before the game or concert starts. Tailgating has been popular for decades. Believe it or not, tailgating started almost two hundred years ago.

People would set up their picnics to watch the Civil War in the early 1860s. In the second half of the 19th century, groups would gather to celebrate before college football games. So tailgating is nothing new.

1. You Need to Make Sure You Order an Uber or Have a Designated Driver

One of the most important things about tailgating is having a designated driver. In fact, these days, it’s just as easy to call for an Uber or Lyft once the party starts winding down.

Many people tend to leave the partying at the tailgate and then enjoy the sporting event or concert. This gives them a few hours to calm down and sober up enough to drive.

However, our Smyrna personal injury lawyers have represented many people who have been injured in drunk driving accidents. There’s never a good excuse for this.

Nobody wants to see a fun day out end up badly. You need to be careful about who drives home. You don’t want any of your friends or family to get injured in a drunk driving accident. Our injury attorneys in Smyrna have seen it happen one too many times.

2. Make Sure You Stay With Your Group

It’s also critically important that you stay with your group of friends. One thing that tends to happen at a tailgate is that strangers party together. Everyone is there to support their favorite team. It seems natural to make new friends.

The problem is that, once the party gets going, your new friends revert to strangers. One wrong comment can cause someone to get into a fight. If you’re too close to this sort of action, you can end up getting injured during the assault.

3. Don’t Eat or Drink Anything Offered to You By a Stranger

This rule is one that most of our parents drove home when we were younger. Just because you and the group next door both love the Atlanta Braves does not mean you can trust them.

There are people out there who try to find vulnerable tailgaters so they can take advantage of them. You should never accept a drink from someone you don’t know. The same thing goes for food.

Even if your new tailgating partners have good intentions, you could get sick from eating their food. If you end up in the emergency room with food poisoning, you may need to call one of our injury attorneys in Smyrna.

4. Never Let a Friend Drink Too Many Adult Beverages

It’s key that somebody in your tailgating group nominates themselves as the leader of the crew. If you notice that someone is getting too inebriated, you have a duty to help them. Ask them to slow down or try to switch to a non-alcoholic beverage.

Drunk driving while tailgating can cause serious injury

One suggestion our Smyrna personal injury lawyers make is to bring a big batch of lemonade or iced tea. As it gets hot in the afternoon sun, you’d be surprised how much of a hit your non-alcoholic treat will be.

5. Don’t Lose Track of Your Friends During and After Your Tailgate Party

At some point, the party is going to wind down. As this happens, some members of your tailgate may wander off. They may be looking to keep the party going. Or they could just lose track of where you parked.

You need to maintain a buddy system when you tailgate. This way, nobody is left to wander off on their own. Keep everybody safe. This way, you can live to enjoy another tailgate together.

6. It’s Never a Good Idea to Argue With Rival Fans

If you happen to be tailgating at a ball game, try to steer clear of rival fans. Things can get heated at a baseball or basketball game. Some people actually like to tailgate near fans of the opposing team.’

If you notice that members of nearby groups are trying to draw your friends into an argument, change the subject and regroup.

7. Steer Clear from Tailgaters Who Seem Like They’re Looking for Trouble

If you’ve been to a tailgate before, you know that some people are looking for trouble. Maybe they accuse one of your male friends of flirting with their spouse. Or they may accuse one of your friends of stealing their beer or food.

There’s never a good time or place for an altercation. Keep things cordial and just stay a safe distance from people who seem intent to egg you on.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Security for Help

If you get the impression that a certain individual or group wants to cause trouble, don’t engage. Instead, reach out to a security officer near the parking lot. Ask them to help deal with the unruly fan.

If there is nobody there to help, you may have to call 911. Nobody wants to spoil the party or cause trouble. However, our Smyrna personal injury lawyers would rather you be safe than sorry.

If You Are Injured During a Tailgate Party, Contact an Experienced Injury Attorney in Smyrna

There’s nothing wrong with going out to have fun at a tailgate party. However, if things turn sour and you end up getting hurt, we can help. Contact one of our Smyrna personal injury lawyers right away.

We like to offer new clients a chance to sit down with one of our seasoned Smyrna personal injury lawyers free of charge. This way, you get the opportunity to see if your case is worth pursuing.

This also gives our associates a chance to see if they want to handle your case. Since the consultation is free, you have nothing to lose.

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