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If you or someone you love sustained life-altering injuries following an accident, then you might be able to recover damages for lost wages, medical expenses, pain, suffering, emotional distress and more. In case your life was disrupted due to the negligent acts of another party, then an Atlanta catastrophic injury lawyer may be your best option. The domain of accidental injury entails different circumstances and extents of damages. Even though all of these situations are disruptive and cause physical harm, there are those that are extremely damaging and leave permanent and lasting effects on the lives of the victims. It is very difficult, if not impossible, for those who suffer such injuries to restore their lives to the functional and productive state they were in before the accident.

The Weinstein Firm is a premier personal injury law firm that is focused on advocating for the legal rights of injury victims. A serious, catastrophic injury has the potential to disrupt your plans and turn your life upside down. If you have been hurt, you should never have to suffer because of another person’s negligence. That is why we urge you to contact our Atlanta catastrophic injury lawyer as soon as possible. You deserve to be compensated for any damages stemming from the incident as it provides you with financial remedy over the long-term. To learn more about how you can maximize your settlement or award you will receive for your injuries, you need to call one of the best catastrophic injury firms nationwide, The Weinstein Firm.

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What Are Some Common Causes of Catastrophic Issues?

Injuries can occur unexpectedly anywhere and at any time. When it comes to catastrophic injuries, many people are of the assumption that car accidents are the major cause. However, there are many other types of accidents that can cause catastrophic injuries and they include:

  • Commercial truck wrecks
  • Harmful consumer products
  • Construction work accidents
  • Medical negligence
  • Defective drugs and/or medical devices
  • Sporting activities accidents
  • Physical attacks
  • Premises liability accidents

It goes without saying that any type of accident that results in an injury can also lead to a catastrophic injury. One is entitled to pursue compensation for a catastrophic injury as long as they’ve sustained an injury that has long-lasting and life-altering effects.

What Are Some Examples of Catastrophic Injuries?

Electrical Injuries

Electrical shock and electrocution might not come across as a major cause of severe injuries or death to the general populous. However, considering the statistics, such types of accidents should be a more recurrent topic of discussion among safety advocates. Reports indicate that around 70% of electrocution deaths are due to faulty consumer products with power tools and appliances being the leading cause of product-related injuries.

Electrocution is a genuine cause of concern in the workplace, especially for certain types of workers. These types of injuries are more rampant among construction and extraction workers and those working in installation, maintenance, and repairs. Certain kinds of electrical tools and equipment are strongly associated with electrical injuries, with multimeters being one of the most common. A multimeter is a piece of equipment used to test electrical equipment.

Compared to other types of accidents, electrical injuries are not quite as common, however, when they do happen, they are often more devastating and fatal. Electricity burns can be very severe and have lasting effects. If another party is at-fault of these injuries, then the victim is entitled to file a claim in order to be compensated for the resulting damages.

It is worth noting that even low electrical power levels can still be very damaging to the human body. Electrical accident injuries usually result in burns which are not only very painful but also require costly treatments. They can also lead to internal organ damages, injuries that are difficult to diagnose and are very much incapacitating.

Electrical equipment manufacturers, especially the equipment utilized to test currents, should undertake rigorous product testing before they hit the market. Manufacturers should also ensure that they provide their consumers with thorough and clear instructions on how to operate the equipment and they should also issue recalls in case their products show signs of being faulty.


The loss of a limb or limbs is definitely one of the most difficult injuries to recover from. The human body is a constant that we are so used to and it is an essential tool in every task that we undertake. Therefore, it is difficult to picture ourselves without even the smallest part of it. Regardless, most of us don’t actively acknowledge how important the less obvious body parts are to us, for example, the toes and the less dominant hand, until the reality of living without them hits them hard.

Nobody ever anticipates this misfortune happening to them. However, these types of catastrophic accidents occur more often than you think. According to the Amputee Coalition, approximately 45% of such amputations are caused by traumatic injuries while the rest are as a result of vascular and cancerous illnesses.

If you or someone close to you has been through a traumatic amputation, then be prepared for a long, expensive, and challenging recovery process. Close friends and all family members of the victim will be involved in the support and care of the affected individual.

Regardless of where they happen, whether at home, on the road, or at a public place, most accidents are easily avoidable and are often as a result of negligence. Standards and regulations have been established for the safety of the workplace, consumer products, buildings, and roads, and the failure to adhere to these standards leads to people getting injured, permanently sometimes.

Paraplegic(Paralysis of the Lower Limbs) and Quadriplegic Injuries(paralysis of all limbs)

The sensory system is one of the most intricate components of the human body. It is also one of the most delicate. It is easy for most people to overlook their spinal cords, however, if this fragile organ suffers one tear or rupture, it can cause partial or total paralysis. This is what makes this catastrophic injury life-altering.

Some minor spinal injuries may cause victims to have reduced sensation or movement in the paralyzed parts. Other serious spinal injuries disrupt signal transmission between nerves below the injured area completely. No matter the extent or region of paralysis, spinal cord injuries are one of the most traumatizing, perplexing, and hard to recoup or adjust to.

One of the most concerning questions that spinal cord injury victims have is often, “Will I ever be able to walk again?” But sadly, there isn’t usually a definite, straightforward answer.

According to the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center, which is a body that collates clinical and academic data on spinal cord injuries, there is no positive or negative assurance in regards to paralysis recovery.

A majority of survivors, even those with severe or complete injuries, do recover some of their functions. However, the more the loss of function, the less the probability of a full recovery. Most survivors realize
improvements within the first year, however, as long as there are signs of improvements, there is a high chance of the improvement to progress.

Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries are definitely one of the most devastating types of catastrophic injuries. They tend to have a huge impact on the quality of life. The spinal cord is a crucial component of the nervous system. This is because it enables the brain to transmit signals to other body parts. Spinal cord injuries often result in paralysis and/or extreme chronic pain.

In order to restore the quality of life of a spinal cord injury victim, a lot of finances are required. Sadly, not many big corporate defendants and their insurance companies are usually willing to provide fair compensation at the beginning of a catastrophic injury case. What’s more, even in situations where fault is clearly established, insurance companies will still offer the least amount possible in the hope that the affected party won’t seek the assistance of an Atlanta catastrophic injury lawyer. Considering how expensive it is to treat and recover from spinal cord injuries if a patient accepts the bare minimum offered, then it will be very difficult for them to access the full medical attention they require. Even if the amount may seem a lot at first, it may run out quickly.

In terms of severity, spinal cord injuries vary, ranging from whiplash to complete paralysis. They also occur under different circumstances which include auto accidents, workplace accidents, slip, and fall accidents amongst others caused by the negligent acts of others. A slip and fall accident which might seem like a minor accident can cause slipped or herniated spinal disk which compromises the victim’s quality of life requiring a fusion surgery. Not only do back and spinal cord injuries lead to chronic pain but they are also debilitating which means completing some basic tasks such as lifting and standing becomes difficult. In some cases, these injuries can lead to paralysis requiring wheelchairs and home care services.

Such types of injuries tend to put intense stress on the patients and their loved ones. Basically, victims incur huge expenses, changes in family relationships, and emotional suffering. Accident victims suffering catastrophic spinal cord injuries ought to understand the legal actions that they can take and seek the assistance of a professional legal team.

Third Degree Burns

For those who might not be aware, the “third” refers to burns that reach the third layer of skin. Hence, first and second-degree burns refer to the respective layers of skin affected. Third-degree burns(full-thickness), are burns that have destroyed epidermis and dermis and penetrated into the subcutis. On the other hand, fourth-degree burns destroy the subcutis and lead to muscle, tendon, and bone damage.

Burns vary depending on the severity/degree. Thermal burns, which are caused by being exposed to fire, steam, or other extreme sources of heat, are the most common types of burns. However, chemicals, radiations, and electricity can also cause first, second, third and fourth-degree burns.

Third-degree burns are often characterized by a leathery texture and can have white and brown patches or black discoloration. Victims may feel numb instead of pain in the affected areas since the nerves in the upper parts of the skin are usually destroyed. If they experience pain, it may be felt on the parts with shallower burns.

The immune system is usually suppressed by severe burns and this can lead to life-threatening infections. Dehydration and hypothermia are some other common complications. In addition, due to the shortening of damaged muscles and tendons, one may suffer joint problems.

What Kind Of Compensation Can I Get for a Catastrophic Injury?

Since the effects of catastrophic injuries are dire and the possibility of a complete recovery are significantly low, victims are entitled to pursue compensation. The compensation may include medical expenses, emotional suffering, rehabilitation and therapy expenses, renovations to make your home more accessible, loss of earning potential, and other types of losses and damages.

Even though in Atlanta there isn’t a limit on damages that are non-economic, such as those involving pain, suffering, and resulting personal relationship complications, the modified comparative negligence law may have an impact on the overall compensation amount awarded by considering the percentage of fault of the victim. If the victim is found to have been more than 50% at-fault by the court, then the victim is not entitled to any compensation.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

As with any injury cases, catastrophic injuries can happen at any time. You could be at work, on a construction site, in a car accident, or even walking down the street when the moment strikes. When you retain our legal services, we can trace all of the details to determine where the fault lies.

These are some cases we can handle:

  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Limb loss and amputation
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Paralysis

Contact The Weinstein Firm, we work with our clients one-on-one, delivering honest, strategic legal representation and tailor-made solutions to help them. We also negotiate with the insurance companies, and never settle for anything less than the full amount of compensation that you deserve. Call today at 770-HELP-NOW for your free case review.

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