Can Rideshare Drivers Get Caught Driving Under the Influence?

Driving Under the Influence

Anyone can get a DUI, right? Yes, even a rideshare driver can get caught driving under the influence. It’s not as common as anyone else, which is good, but still, the risk is there. You could spend a night out and get into a car, not even realizing it smells like booze. Then there’s the crash. Then at the crash site, you learn that your driver is under arrest for being over the legal limit. That’s one scenario, and it’s a frightening one given how and when people use rideshare services.

The most common drunk driving times are between 12 am, and 3 am a key element to consider. That is also when many people are hiring rideshare services. Imagine if you were partying with your friends and got into a car, not knowing that the driver was having a party of one.

If you were injured in a car accident because a rideshare driver was driving under the influence, contact a DUI accident attorney near you for help.

What Coverage Do Rideshare Drivers Have Through Their Company?

Yes, Rideshare drivers have coverage through their company and must carry a degree of coverage independently. If the accident happened during an active “ride,” you’ll likely go straight through the service provider, such as Uber or Lyft. However, with the driver being under the influence, the entire claim process may stop entirely. The issue that companies have in covering someone under the influence is that it could perpetuate continued DUI behaviors. These companies often immediately fire drivers after they receive a DUI.

While it’s very likely that this person will never drive for a rideshare service again, or at least not over the next few years, there’s a bigger concern. Will you have coverage for your injuries

The short answer is yes. Uber and Lyft both have extensive insurance policies for liability and personal injury. They go far beyond any state’s minimum requirements. While no one wants to file a claim, it’s entirely understandable that you’d rather work with a reasonable company than an irate driver.

Even when their driver was intoxicated the victims of the wreck should have access to compensation.

Will Their Company Cover The Damage If They Were Driving Under the Influence?

Typically yes, but there are always loopholes and special circumstances. What you’re handling here is a case-by-case issue. For example, if the company can prove that the driver was your friend and was out with you and your friends, then that would pose a problem. It may even look like fraud, although many people will activate the app when driving their friends around. They get paid, and everyone would have pitched in for an Uber or Lyft anyway.

Who Can Make a DUI Complaint?

Although it seems like just about anyone can leave a complaint in the app, who can actually report a DUI? It doesn’t matter if you’re a passenger or just hear a car whiz by your home late at night, you can report a DUI. When in an Uber or Lyft ride, you can use the in-app functions so that you don’t put yourself into harm’s way with the driver. Additionally, you should take immediate action to remove yourself from the situation.

However, keep in mind that it’s possible that your complaint straight to Uber may go through a thorough investigation. Some people are simply assertive or aggressive drivers or bad drivers, and people mistake it for intoxication. In recent news, Uber drivers are getting fake DUI complaints, but riders aren’t filing actual DUI claims with local police. Why? Essentially it’s an abuse of the system to get free rides.

In Uber’s statement, they encourage riders to safely notify the police and then make a complaint within the app. Every rider has all the vehicle information such as make, model, and license plate number, so there is no reason not to report the drinking to local police.

If Your Rideshare Driver was Driving Under the Influence, Contact a Local Car Accident Attorney

Typically victims of drunk drivers are in the same vehicle as to the intoxicated driver. But with Lyft and Uber, it can be difficult to tell. You don’t know if that person has been drinking, or if this is just their personality. Many drivers report the struggle or anxiety that comes with trying to be friendly and manage conversations while driving. The solution? Having a drink to loosen up for the night.

With Atlanta’s hot nightlife starting to pick up again, it’s difficult for people to identify a drunk rideshare driver. Unfortunately, most riders believe that their driver is there to ensure that they safely get home or to their next destination. Little do the victims of a DUI rideshare crash know that they may have been better off walking or calling a friend. Getting help to start your recovery both physically, financially, and mentally, should start with strong medical and legal teams. Call our Atlanta car wreck injury law office today.

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