How Much Compensation Will I Get For A Back Injury?

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When you’re ready to start working towards your compensation, the first question usually, is how much will you get. The downside is that there isn’t always a clear cut number. There are many factors at play when it comes to determining the possible compensation for a back injury.

An Atlanta car wreck lawyer knows that people often have to put much more effort into their legal resolution than they expected. Be sure to hire a lawyer that will work with you through the entire process. It’s likely that you’re still in pain, and possibly coming to terms with some limitations.

Settlements should provide a way to help you and your family move past the wreck. It should help you get back on your feet, not provide even more worry.

Valuing a Case

The value of your compensation will rely entirely on the specifics of your case. Minor details can have a major impact on the final dollar amount. Since each case is different, you should get an attorney with a variety of experience in car wrecks.

When valuing your case, aspects such as the severity of the injury, ongoing back pain, and medical bills will become prevalent. Georgia allows victims to seek compensation for more than just their lost wages.

Lost paychecks, missed promotions, and more are considered. You should speak with an Atlanta car wreck lawyer to gain a better understanding of what your compensation should look like when that day comes. Having an experienced hand at working with these types of figures can ease a lot of stress for recovering victims.

Identifying Liability

When it comes to identifying liability with car wreck cases, it’s fairly simple. Your car insurance company will likely have an answer for you before you move into court on an injury claim.

With car wreck liability the deciding factor is who failed to adhere to traffic laws or safety rules. The other person might have owed you a duty of care. Proving the duty of care is the goal in most injury cases.

In these instances, you will need a lawyer to show that the other person put you at risk. Examples of this include failing to yield at a light or ignoring right of way. Many people don’t realize that failing to signal is another way that a driver could put someone in danger of serious injury. Even simple things such as not signaling properly, show that this driver failed to consider the safety of everyone around them.

An Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyer Understands the Severity of Back Injuries

Because of the severity of back injuries, it might seem like the first offer you get is what you should take. But there is no “right” time to accept a settlement. Often the first offer is substantially low, and that’s done on purpose.

Working with a lawyer that has seen back injuries before will give you some peace of mind that they know your situation. Medical bills pile up, day-to-day expenses build up into looming debt. Not to mention that you’re probably still not back to work yet.

Back injuries are costly, but they are also long-term. A surgery now may ease the pain for the next few years, but it’s likely that the injury will follow you long after your case closes.

A car wreck attorney is your best bet to a fair compensation payment. A lawyer will know how to pursue not only the costs of your medical bills but other economic aspects too. Working with a lawyer, you might be able to collect compensation for future medical bills.

When you have been out of work, you should collect lost wages. If you were passed over for a promotion, you should see some compensation for that as well. Loss of enjoyment of life, loss of limb and pain and suffering can also play a factor in how much you might get in your settlement.

Contact An Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer is the first step towards a fair payout. Insurance lawyers are great when it comes to making low offers sound amazing. Don’t buy into it. They may try to sell you on a low settlement or argue that you played a part in the wreck.

Back injuries are too often put to the side, and that’s not fair to you. Put your needs first. Although you might not have a clear idea of what your compensation could be, you can take steps now to increase your odds of a fair payout.

Contact us to speak with an Atlanta car wreck lawyer regarding a consultation now. Get the help you need to fight for compensation from your recent wreck.

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