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Atlanta is regarded as one of the busiest cities in the U.S. Its intersection with I-75 and I-85 adds more traffic to the dangerous roads.

Because of this, car accidents are common throughout the city. If you sustained injuries in a car crash, you will need an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer.

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Were You Involved In A Car Accident?

If you are involved in an accident, here are important steps you should be taking if you were involved in a car accident:

Conduct A Safety Check

First, check if you have been injured, and then check on anyone else involved in the accident. If anyone requires medical assistance, immediately call 911.

Get Out Of The Car

Once you have established your safety and anyone else in your vehicle, turn on your hazard lights and move your car out of the traffic. From here you can safely exit your vehicle.

Contact The Police

After your accident, call the police. Only minor accidents with no harm to anyone and minor damage will not necessitate a report from the police. However, A report from the police is vital since it will document what happened on either side and is often used at a later stage to retrieve essential information.

Car accidents can be a lengthy process, do not do it alone.

Were There Any Personal Injuries Involved?

After your car crash, there are various things you will need to consider and any injury should always be taken seriously.

Minor Injuries

If you sustained one or more minor injuries, you should still see a doctor directly after the accident. Your doctor will document any of your injuries correctly and create an appropriate treatment plan if necessary.

After an accident serious injuries in some cases, won’t become apparent until a couple of days later. It is very important to obtain a thorough medical evaluation as quickly as possible, even when you are feeling fine.

Serious injuries

If you have sustained a serious injury or a car accident fatality, it is vital to hire an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer.

The attorneys at The Weinstein Firm are here to guide you through all the legal processes and to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

If you've sustained any injury during your car accident, you must be treated immediately.

Who Was At Fault For The Accident?

This is a step that is vital when it comes to understanding what the next steps will involve in your case. Since Georgia is one of the at-fault states, you won’t be able to proceed with legal action until it is determined which party was at fault for your accident. Some of the factors that may assist with determining fault include:

Eye-Witness Accounts

If there were eyewitnesses present at the scene of the accident, ask them for their contact information so that your lawyer or you can contact them at a later stage. In many cases, unbiased accounts from third parties can assist in solidifying your claim.

Videos Or Photos

Take photos or videos if possible. Vehicle damage, marks across the road, and any visible injuries are important details that should be documented.

Police Report

A report from the police will contain vital information from all the parties that were involved in your accident and citations if they were handed out. This can be a great tool to understand the party at fault for your accident.

Avoid Admitting Fault

Never admit that you are at fault to any eyewitnesses, the other drivers, or the police. You may end up saying something that could be used at a later stage against you.

Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer After a Car Crash

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