What Damages Will I Get After a Suwanee Severe Injury Crash?

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Occasionally a person may encounter a severe injury in a car accident. Almost all car accidents are traumatic, from fender-benders to catastrophic crashes. Even if you take all the necessary precautions while driving, other road users may not be as cautious. Often, victims of car accidents worry about paying for their damages, medical bills, and some other expenses. However, if you get into a car crash, that’s not your fault; you can legally seek compensation for your damages. A Suwanee injury lawyer can help you with the claims process.

What to Do When You Get Into a Severe Injury Accident?

No one drives out any day thinking of getting into an accident. But, unfortunately, accidents do occur. That’s why it’s essential to know the initial steps to take after getting into an accident. In addition, the actions you take after getting into a car accident ensure that you get appropriate compensation.

Thus, following a crash, do the following:

Take the Necessary Information at the Scene of the Vehicle Crash

After a severe injury accident, if you can, gather evidence. The information you collect would serve as evidence when filing your claims. The following information is what you need:

  • Name and address of the at-fault driver.
  • License number and policy number of the at-fault driver.
  • Pictures of the scene of the accident indicating damages.
  • Witness testimony

You are to call the police if a car accident happens. Also, making a police report will help you when filing for compensation or reaching a settlement with the at-fault driver.

Write the Events in Your Journal

If you get severely injured, you may not be able to go home immediately after being in a car accident. However, you can record details of the car accident as soon as possible to help you recall the incident.

Let Your Insurer Know About the Accident

Accidents often happen in what appears as seconds, and you may not know the full details. Despite this fact, inform your insurer immediately after the crash. This way, they can cover your hospital bills and vehicle repair before you commence the claim process with the fault party insurer. In addition, also inform a Suwanee car accident lawyer. The attorney will ensure neither your insurer nor that of the fault party deny your claim, and you get what you deserve.

Who Bears the Cost of a Car Accident?

The at-fault driver’s insurance company pays damages in a car accident. Their insurer is to pay for your injuries through a third-party claim. But, unfortunately, most insurance companies might find ways to argue that you share the blame for the accident. That’s why it’s crucial to have an auto accident attorney working with you.

How Much Can You Recover from Severe Injuries in a Car Accident?

When the at-fault driver’s insurer covers your costs, they will give you a settlement. The amount varies depending on the damages and your expenses. Below are the damages you can claim after being in an accident that you’re not the at-fault driver.

  • Expenses for Medical Treatment

After an accident, you have to see a medical expert as soon as you can. If you’re severely injured, you need to see a doctor immediately. After treatment, you need to account for all your medical expenses like:

  • Cost of treatment
  • Doctor visits
  • Prescriptions drugs
  • Scans and tests
  • Surgeries
  • Rehabilitation.

The duration of your treatment and future medical expenses would factor in. In addition, the settlement sum would also cover medical equipment like a wheelchair, if you need one.

  • Damages to Your Car

If your car gets damaged in a vehicle crash, you can include the cost of repairs in the claims. However, if the car gets totaled, you’ll likely get the market value before the accident.

  • Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering also get considered in your claims. Severe injury settlements also cover disfigurement from your injuries, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional trauma, and loss of consortium.

The final amount you get after getting injured severely in an accident depends on if the insurer agrees to pay for total damages. Most insurers will try to make you accept a smaller settlement amount. They sometimes even offer to pay a sum upfront. It would help if you didn’t obtain compensation without getting an experienced car accident attorney involved.

Contact The Weinstein Firm for Help!

If you do not get an experienced Suwanee car attorney involved in your case, the chances are that you will settle for a smaller amount. However, you deserve to get fully compensated after getting into a car accident that’s not your fault. So contact an experienced attorney at The Weinstein Firm to get the proper compensation you deserve. We offer a free consultation.

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