Reasons Stockbridge Car Accident Claims End in Lawsuits

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After a Stockbridge car accident, victims can recover compensation from the fault driver. However, many accident victims shy away from this process. This is sometimes because they don’t want to go to court. An excellent Stockbridge car accident lawyer can get you compensation without trial, though.

However, there are a few examples where car accident lawsuits are inevitable. Generally, this would be the case where one or both parties are uncooperative. Whatever the case, you still need the best Stockbridge car accident attorneys. With an attorney, you can make the most of both situations.

Why Do Stockbridge Car Accident Victims Settle?

A settlement is an agreement between the accident victim and the fault party. Usually, this agreement depends on the payment of an agreed sum. Furthermore, after the settlement, the victim often loses the right to sue. This is one reason fault parties prefer settlements. In addition, insurance companies don’t like trials. Trials are unattractive because the insurer’s fate is in the jury’s hands.

Therefore, insurers prefer settlements where they can exert some control. Stockbridge accident victims also love settlements for various reasons. Firstly, it saves them the time and energy of trial. In addition, they don’t have to spend money on trial preparations. Accident victims may even conclude settlement negotiations without an attorney. So, no need to pay attorney fees.

Why Do Some Car Accident Cases Go to Court?

If settlements are this beneficial, then why do accident claims end in lawsuits? Well, various reasons inform this decision. So, we will discuss some of them below.

Low Settlement Offers

Insurers don’t like to pay compensation. Therefore, they often start out negotiating with meager settlement offers. An experienced attorney may then advise filing a lawsuit. This is because a sympathetic jury can award a higher sum. Insurers also deny Stockbridge car accident claims. Furthermore, they can deny an appeal of the earlier denial. In such cases, lawsuits are the victim’s last hope.

Delayed Payment

Insurance companies often delay payments. This is another of their unscrupulous tactics. Sometimes, they hope that the victim will jump at any low offers. For example, suppose you have urgent bills to pay. Such urgent debts may pressure you into taking low settlements.

Fault Isn’t Clear

Finally, accident responsibility isn’t always apparent. Instead, accident victims often have to tender evidence of fault. However, even after considering the evidence, an insurer may disagree that their client is responsible for the collision. In such cases, they’d refuse to pay any compensation. Consequently, the accident victim will have no choice but to file a lawsuit.

Georgia Car Accident Statute of Limitations

If you’re going to file a lawsuit, you must follow the Statute of Limitations. This statute provides statutory periods for filing civil claims. For Stockbridge, the general Georgia limitation statute applies. Therefore, you have only two years to file a lawsuit for your personal injuries. However, you have a separate statutory period if you’re in court to get compensation for private property.

Here, you have a four-year litigation window. Finally, wrongful death claims share this four-year deadline. A deceased’s family can file a wrongful death suit after the decedent passes away because of the accident.

Obeying these statutory provisions is crucial. Usually, the time starts counting from the accident or death date. If you file a late claim, the fault party can notify the court. Then, the court will most likely dismiss your case.

Can I Accept a Settlement During Trial?

The short answer is yes. You can accept car accident settlements at any point before the judgment. However, whether you should take such an offer is another issue. Firstly, the trial may have shown the insurer that they’ll lose. Where this happens, it may be best to wait for the jury’s award.

This is because the insurer’s offer may yet not match the jury’s decision. A lawsuit may also just show the insurance company that you’re serious about getting compensation. Whatever be the case. A settlement offer mid-lawsuit means you have a strong case. Therefore, it’ll be best to ensure you get the maximum compensation.

Stockbridge Car Accident Attorneys Can File Your Car Accident Lawsuit

Have you been in a Stockbridge car accident? If you have, then you can recover compensation from the fault driver. Furthermore, you can get damages through a settlement or lawsuit. Settlements are often a better option. However, if you must go to trial, it’ll help to have the best Stockbridge car accident attorneys represent you.

At The Weinstein Firm, our attorneys have decades of experience. In addition, we have won millions of dollars for our clients in and out of court. We would thus be an excellent choice for your accident lawsuit team. You can call us today for a FREE consultation.

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