What To Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Atlanta, Georgia?

what to do after a motorcycle crash

If you’re involved in a motorcycle crash, it’s important that you know what steps to take. There are certain things you need to do immediately after the accident if you want to protect your legal rights.

In this blog, we’ll discuss what these steps are. We’ll also explain what not to do after your motorcycle accident.

1. The First Thing You Need to Do is Call the Police

It’s crucial that you call 911 immediately after your motorcycle accident. The police will come out and do a thorough investigation of the accident scene. There are things the police officers can do that you wouldn’t be able to do yourself.

Once the officers arrive, they’ll investigate the accident scene. They’ll speak to witnesses and get their version of events. They will also look for crucial evidence, such as skid marks, tire tracks, and other information that will help determine who caused the crash.

The police will also look to see if either driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

2. Exchange Information With the Driver

While you’re waiting for the police to arrive, talk to the driver. Offer to exchange insurance information with them. Some of the information you’ll need includes:

  • The other driver’s contact information
  • The driver’s insurance company, policy number, and date of issue
  • Their vehicle’s registration information
  • The driver’s license tag number
  • Make and model of their vehicle

The police will gather this information once they arrive. Your attorney will need this information for your case.

3. Take Pictures and Videos at the Accident Scene

Do your best to take photos and videos while waiting for the officers to arrive. Once the accident scene is cleared, you’ll have no way to do this.

Some of the things you should take pictures of include:

  • The vehicles themselves
  • The accident scene as a whole
  • Debris scattered throughout the site
  • The position of the vehicles
  • Skid marks and other indicators

As far as a video is concerned, you should try to record the aftermath, at least until the police arrive. You may be able to capture something that helps prove fault.

For example, you may pick up on a conversation the other driver is having with their passenger where they admit liability. You may also be able to record a conversation you have with a witness.

a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you obtain compensation

4. Go to the Hospital Even if You Think You’re Fine

It’s crucial that you go to the hospital immediately after the accident.

When you arrive at the emergency room, the doctors will run diagnostic tests to determine the nature and extent of your injuries.

You need to do this for two reasons. First, you need to make sure you’re okay. You could have injuries that aren’t apparent immediately after the crash.

Second, your attorney will need proof that you were hurt. The best proof of this is a copy of your medical records.

5. Don’t Discuss the Crash Before Meeting an Attorney

Never speak about your motorcycle accident to anybody. This includes the insurance adjuster. As long as you meet with an Atlanta accident attorney within a few days of the crash, they’ll be able to deal with the insurance company on your behalf.

If you do have to speak about the crash, never admit fault. Even if you think you may have been partially at fault, don’t disclose this to anyone. It can have a lasting impact on your case.

This also applies to social media. There’s no need to post about your accident online at any point. The defendant’s lawyer will use your online content against you. Don’t make it any easier for them to do this.

6. Reach Out to an Atlanta Accident Attorney Right Away

Once you’ve received the medical attention you need, it’s important that you call an Atlanta accident lawyer.

Your attorney will make sure you don’t accept a low settlement from the insurance adjuster. More importantly, they’ll ensure that you don’t sign a settlement release without them reviewing it.

Your motorcycle accident lawyer will deal with the insurance company for you. They’ll also start to gather the evidence needed to prove your claim.

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