Rockdale County

In the autumn months of 1870, Rockdale County was established by John F. Hardin and John Harris. The county received its name from a local religious institution named Rockdale Baptist Church, which had been around since 1846. The name “Rockdale” is an extension of the region’s soil composition. At the time, this county was a significant part of Newtown, Gwinnett, DeKalb, Walton, and Henry counties. Once the county was established, it was set up as a separate county seat.

It was during the planning phase when Rockdale County and Conyers started pushing towards Infrastructural growth. This led to the rise of an increasing population with the number reaching 2,000 within a few years. As more residents entered the county, it ensured continuous progress to make it a hospitable area with the inclusion of businesses, stores, schools, and churches. In that period, considerable emphasis was placed on moonshine and this county was renowned for it. However, once laws were established to push against the creation of unauthorized liquor, the county went through a dry spell that was initiated sometime in 1882. The law stated only a qualified medical professional was allowed to prescribe alcohol. With the legal changes came a shift towards an agricultural economy, which continued into the early-1900s.

Things to See In Rockdale County Georgia

Some of Rockdale County’s attractions include:

Monastery of the Holy Spirit

The Monastery of the Holy Spirit is a family-friendly sight for everyone to enjoy with its gorgeous trails, historic architecture and lighthearted ambiance. Visitors can enjoy the intricacies of exploration here in this part of Rockdale.

The Monastery offers several options to visitors including some of the region’s finest delicacies. It’s also possible to converse with the monks and learn more about what the Monastery is all about.

Georgia International Horse Park

Situated in Conyers, the Georgia International Horse Park is a local favorite and is lovingly termed “The Horse Park.”

It’s filled with equine-related activities including rodeos, horse shows, and other relevant events throughout the year. Visitors are recommended to take a look at the venue’s Calendar of Events to learn more about what’s on offer and what’s taking place at various times of the year. There’s always something going on and visitors can enjoy horse shows without having to spend a penny. For other equine events and/or rodeos, there are set admission fees.

This fascinating area is close to Hwy. 138 providing easy access to those in the surrounding areas.

Haralson Mill Wooden Covered Bridge

The elegant Haralson Mill Wooden Covered Bridge sits in North Rockdale County and was established in 1997. At the time of its creation, this was one of the first wooden bridges to be created in the area. Surrounding the bridge are several local establishments including the old mill site, Haralson Mill House, a blacksmith shop, and a general store.

While working on putting together a contemporary wooden bridge, it was determined to emphasize the preservation of this historic area. Due to this requirement, a wooden bridge was designed in comparison to a more conventional concrete/steel-based solution. The wooden detailing ensured the authenticity of the area was maintained. Along the same lines, a similar emphasis was placed on using bridge designs from the 1800s for inspiration.

The Dinky

Located near the Conyers Historic Train Depot, a locomotive named “The Dinky,” was often seen moving cotton bales from the main line to a nearby textile mill. It is one of three 1905 Rogers steam locomotives left in the world and it goes across 3.5 miles of rail before coming to a stop at either location.

Lewis Vaughn Botanical Gardens

Situated in downtown Conyers, the Lewis Vaughn Botanical Gardens are home to specific native plants associated with Piedmont. It’s spread across 1.5 acres of land and also includes a separate koi pond maintained by a local water tower from the early-1900s. Running alongside the botanical garden is a wide-open space including a pavilion for community events.

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