Magistrate Court of Rockdale County

The Magistrate Court of Rockdale County was established in 1983 by state law.

This Court is a trial court with limited jurisdiction for criminal and civil matters as follows: applications for and issuance of arrest and search warrants, first appearance, bond and probable cause hearings, bench trials in county ordinance, misdemeanor bad check cases, small claims and garnishment actions of $15,000 or less, dispossessory writs (evictions), distress warrants and abandoned motor vehicle liens.

Weddings are performed by the Magistrate Court and require prescheduled appointments.

No jury trials are held in this court. Civil appeals from this court are made to the Superior and State Courts. Criminal convictions entered in this Court are subject to Superior Court’s review by writ of certiorari.


  • Chief Judge Phinia Aten
  • Judge Cindy Stacey
  • Judge Grland Moore

Location & Contact Information

874 N Main Street NW
Conyers, GA 30012

Phone: 770-278-7800



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