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When you get on your bike to head to work on a weekday morning or for a leisurely ride on a weekend afternoon, you know you’ll need the right gear, a helmet and perhaps some water.  The last thing you think you’ll need is a good bike accident lawyer.

Getting into a bike wreck is not always as easy as getting up and simply dusting off your knees, hopping back on your bike and continuing to your destination.  Bike accident lawyers know it can be unbelievably traumatic, even for the most seasoned of bicycle riders.

It is a sad yet familiar story for a bike wreck lawyer.  Bike accidents are different than that of a car-on-car collision because when a rider is the victim of a collision with a car, the desire to ride ever again can be destroyed.   Biking isn’t just for fun, it is a downright passion for so many cyclers.  A bike wreck lawyer knows that losing that passion can take on a whole other set of tolls that one might not expect until it happens and that passion is abruptly ripped away by a negligent, aggressive or distracted driver.

It does happen though, and that’s when getting the right support from both police and a bike accident lawyer is key to the outcome of your case.  Getting the facts straight is very important, and that’s where bike wreck lawyers can help.

When you call a bike accident lawyer, proper records will be kept from the moment the accident happens.  Medical treatment will begin, billing paperwork will be complete, and your bike accident lawyer will make sure the insurance company responsible for your claim gives you the maximum compensation for your injuries.  If that doesn’t happen, your bike wreck attorney shouldn’t hesitate to fight your case in court by going to trial.  You should never feel alone in your case because bike accident lawyers are your advocates and are here to help guide you each step of the way through the legal process while reducing your levels of stress.  Knowing you have a bike accident attorney aggressively fighting for your rights will aid in your recovery.

At The Weinstein Firm, bike accident lawyers are in full support of all cyclists:  beginners, commuters, racers and even the most advanced bike riders all have the same rights.  No one can hit you with their vehicle or do anything that puts your life in danger.  There are laws specifically in place to protect you, and the sole job of a bike accident lawyer is to make sure that happens.

When you are on the road with your fellow car drivers, it is a shared road. Safety is the #1 priority, and a bike accident attorney will help to preserve that right.  Respecting the life of other humans operating a vehicle, on two wheels or four, means life is valued and important.  Too often though, that isn’t the feeling when a biker-driver crash occurs, and you’ll be ahead to have a bike accident attorney on your side.

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What Happens if You Are Hit on Your Bike in Lawrenceville, GA

Picture it:  You’re riding to work.  The next thing you know, your bike is laying on the ground, as are you and as you look around, a woman says, “Oh my gosh!  Are you ok?  That car just hit you!”

A bike accident attorney will tell you: the first step to becoming your own advocate when riding your bike begins long before your foot hits the bike pedal.   A bike accident lawyer at The Weinstein Firm will say that you should always have identification on hand, just as you would if you were driving a car. You should also have your cell phone and emergency contact information available if you are in an accident and may not able to communicate effectively.

What is the first step?  Medical attention.  A personal injury lawyer advises: If you are injured in any way after a collision with a car, getting medical attention is your top priority.   When in doubt, get to the ER and get documentation of your injuries and the extent of each one.

A bike accident lawyer will also tell you to call the police and file a report immediately.  If you can, take write down and take a picture of the reporting officer’s contact information, name and badge number and email it to yourself.  This snapshot will ensure the information doesn’t get lost.  If you do lose it, you’ll be glad you had back up in the form of a snapshot that you’ve emailed to yourself.

Since you know the woman by your side saw what happened, get her contact information and of course the contact information of the driver that hit you along with their insurance information.  Use the same process as above and email a picture of this information to yourself to ensure it will never get lost.

These documents will come in especially handy if you notice anything wrong after the accident and will help your bike accident attorney in building your strong case.  Post-traumatic stress can have long-lasting mental and emotional effects.  Physical ailments like headaches or back pain can present themselves days or even weeks later.  Not having proper documentation could have a major impact on getting the financial compensation you deserve, so keeping proper records early on with the assistance of your bike wreck lawyer is very important.  At this point, you are well on your way to getting compensation for what just happened, and your bike accident lawyer can help make it as much as possible.

And finally, be sure to get pictures of the accident scene.  If you can get pictures before both the car and the bike are moved, this would be most beneficial, but any pictures at all should be an advantage to you.

While a bike wreck lawyer will stress the importance of filing insurance claims in a timely manner, it will serve your case best to communicate with a bike accident lawyer prior to talking with the insurance companies involved.  If you are not well versed in what to say and what not to say, the insurance company could eventually use your statements against you and within its rights, significantly reduce or avoid paying you the full financial compensation you deserve.

To recap, here are five simple steps:

  • Get medical attention if necessary
  • Call the police
  • Get officer, witness and driver contact information
  • Take pictures
  • Call the insurance company AFTER you talk to a bike accident attorney.

Why Do You Need a Bike Accident Lawyer?

Suppose you aren’t seriously injured after a bike accident.  You have a few bumps, bruises and scrapes, but that’s about it. You chat with the other driver, accept her sincere apologies, dust yourself off and continue your ride.  Within just a few seconds, you realize that your bike wheel is wobbly and pulls to the left.  Should it be your responsibility to cover this repair?  No, it should not.

This is where a car accident lawyer can help.  If your bike repairs do not resolve the problem, a new bike may be the only option. Should you have to cover this cost?  No, you should not.

A bike wreck attorney can help guide you through your legal rights because the other driver – and the insurance company – may not see it the way you do.  You know your bike’s new issues are directly related to the accident and now you need help proving it with the help of a bike wreck lawyer.   This, because your other options are to be stuck with the bill for a new bike or have no bike at all.

When a cyclist is injured because they were hit by a car, it is considered to be a personal injury claim.  You’ll need to contact bike injury lawyers like those at The Weinstein Firm who have vast experience with not just personal injury cases, but personal injury cases that focus directly on cyclists who have been hit by a car.   Bicyclists have certain rights in Lawrenceville, Georgia, so getting a bike accident lawyer well versed in this subject is crucial to getting a win in your case.

When Should You Contact a Bike Accident Attorney

The law says that there is a 2-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims that involve bicycle accidents.  In other words, you have two years after the date of the bike accident to formally file a complaint.  However, bike wreck lawyers advise there are exceptions.  If the accident involves a city or state-owned vehicle, there are different rules stating that the claim must be filed much sooner.  The same rule applies to a bike accident that may have occurred with an uninsured motorist.   Insurance companies typically require immediate notice in this case.  If you do not follow the laws, you may not have a case, which means you won’t get compensation either.

Therefore, filing a claim as soon as possible is in your best interest and a bike accident lawyer can help you make it happen seamlessly with no mistakes in the legal process.  Even the simplest of mistakes in the way you file your claim can mean a major difference in the financial outcome of your case.  This most often happens with insurance companies who know they’re dealing with a victim who does not have a full understanding of their own rights and the laws regarding bicyclists.  A bike accident lawyer who is well versed in bicyclist rights and bicycle laws will stand up to those insurance companies whose interest is not in settling fairly, but rather, paying the least amount possible for their driver’s mistakes.

For this reason, contacting a bike accident lawyer is always a good idea.  Here at The Weinstein Firm, we give free consultations for all bike accident cases, so there is no risk in reaching out to a bike accident attorney.

Basic Bike Laws 101

A bike accident lawyer will make sure you’re familiar with the bike laws in Lawrenceville, Georgia.  Here are the five most common-sense bicyclist laws that you should be following every time you head out for a ride.  Did you know:

You are not required to wear a helmet if you are 16 years or older. They are required for everyone under the age of 16. However, given the protection you’ll receive if you hit by a car and receive a blow to the head, we here at The Weinstein Firm recommend you wear a helmet regardless of your age.

If you are over the age of 12, you are breaking the law if you ride your bicycle on a sidewalk. There are, unfortunately, no current exceptions to this rule.

If you ride your bicycle at night, you are required to a headlight on the front that can be seen from no less than 300 feet away and you must also have, at the very least, a red reflector on the back of the bike.

In the event that you want to pass another vehicle, you must have at least 3 feet of distance between your bike and theirs. It is certainly arguable that the bike lanes designed to keep cyclers safe do not provide enough space to support this law.

Bicycle riders may ride side by with no more than 2 bikers on Georgia roadways. Also referred to as “riding abreast,” more than 2 bikers may ride side by side within bike lanes, bicycle paths or specific areas of the roadway property cited for bicycle riders exclusively.

As a bike rider, it is important that you know the laws in place for the safety of you and the other drivers on the road.  If you find yourself in a situation where another driver broke the laws and you’ve been affected, a bike accident lawyer can help.

What a Bike Wreck Lawyer Can Do for You

The results, both long and short term can take a toll on a bike accident victim.  Here at The Weinstein Firm, we will work with you and for you, as we have a full understanding of how personal injuries can affect your life on every level, professionally, personally, financially and physically.  You are not alone.  We don’t take cases aiming for a small win.  We give each case 100% with plans for the very best possible outcome for you, the victim.

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injury.  Our bike accident lawyers take pride in their work and are proud of past results that show a history of getting our clients the settlements they deserve for injuries, lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

The bike accident lawyers at The Weinstein Firm offer free consultations for all personal injury claims, so call today to make an appointment.  We’re on your side and will make sure you get the compensation you deserve.  Contact us today!

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