Car Accident in Ellenwood: Potential Neurological Issues

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When people think of a car accident in Ellenwood, the first thing that comes to mind is broken bones, concussions, and several other physical traumatic injuries. However, that’s not all you can expect in a car accident in Ellenwood. There are times when you sustain neurological injuries due to car accidents. The types of nerve damage that can occur due to the accident could be minimal or severe. It could also cause damage to a person’s sensory nerve, digital nerve, and spinal nerve.

If you or your loved one develops unexplained symptoms after a car accident in Ellenwood, you might have suffered a neurological injury. The top car accident lawyers at The Weinstein Firm will provide you with guidance about the different neurological issues you can sustain after a car accident. In addition, our Ellenwood car accident attorneys share ways an accident can cause neurological problems.

How Do You Know You Have Neurological Injuries After a Car Accident in Ellenwood?

Neurological issues from a car accident don’t always appear immediately after the accident. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for the signs to appear days or weeks after the crash. That’s why you should get a full-body checkup immediately after the crash. Additionally, stick with any medical treatment plans that the doctor recommends.

Furthermore, after a collision, you should be on the lookout for the signs that indicate nerve damage. They include:

  • Limbs fall asleep when they’re compressed
  • Abnormal pain
  • Speaking challenge
  • Extreme tingling sensations
  • Lack of strength
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle atrophy and paralysis
  • Issues holding and releasing urine and bowels

Type of Neurological Injuries

There are two main sides of the nervous system: the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. While the central nervous system comprises the brain and spinal cord, the peripheral nervous system consists of nerves that link the brain and spinal cord to other body parts.

Nerve damage can occur to both parts of the nervous system. Therefore, injuries to either the spinal cord or brain can affect the nervous system. Also, injuries to nerves that cause numbness, weakness, or even pain to your hands and feet usually involve the peripheral nervous system.

There are two types of neurological injuries, and they include:

  • Neuropathy: This is also known as nerve damage and isn’t uncommon in a car accident in Ellenwood. Such incidents can cause the nerves to be partially crushed, severed, or even wholly compressed. Neuropathy usually affects your motor skills and could result from trauma from a physical injury.
  • Radiculopathy: This condition is damage to nerves exiting the spinal cord. Some symptoms of radiculopathy include numbness, weakness in your hands or feet, pain radiating through your limbs and lower back. Most times, radiculopathy results from sports injuries, falls, or a car accident.

There are different nerves that a car accident can affect, and they usually include:

  • Automatic Nerves: These nerves are in charge of the bodily systems.
  • Motor Nerves: These nerves deal with movement and power.
  • Sensory Nerves: This set of nerves is in charge of our sensations.

Ways a Car Accident in Ellenwood Can Cause Nerve Damage

Every time someone gets into a car accident in Ellenwood, there’s a chance they could sustain nerve damage. There are some common causes of nerve damage, and they include:

  • Whiplash: This is when there’s a jerking of the head and neck back and forth in an accident. Whiplash usually leads to the nerves in these areas becoming stretched or pinched.
  • Blunt-Force Trauma: This occurs when you slam any body part on a hard surface in a vehicle. Nerves in the leg, head, and arms are more susceptible to injuries due to blunt-force trauma.
  • Lacerations: This is when the skin suffers penetration in a car accident. When this happens, the nerves beneath may be affected.

Speak to an Ellenwood Car Accident Lawyer Today

If you suffered nerve damage in an accident, you need to note that treating neurological issues sometimes takes time. Knowing this would help you seek the proper compensation. Insurance carriers usually push for quick settlements after an incident. However, quick settlements do not consider the total amount of medical care you will need to make a full recovery from nerve damage.

That’s why it’s crucial to speak to an Ellenwood car accident lawyer today. Our experienced car accident lawyers at The Weinstein Firm understand the process and will correctly advise on the next step. We also ensure you get the total compensation required to make a full recovery after a car accident. Therefore, contact us today for a free case review.

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