How To Describe a Car Accident in Atlanta

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Describing a car accident is undoubtedly the last thing on the minds of many accident victims. They’re often still grappling with the suddenness of the collision. In addition, victims may have physical and property injuries to deal with. Therefore, it’s understandable that they don’t care about noting the accident’s relevant details.

However, if you ever survive a crash, you’ll have to describe the experience. Consequently, it’ll be best to know how to narrate the events. Furthermore, an Atlanta car accident lawyer can help you. This way, you don’t say something that can adversely affect your compensation claim.

How Do I Describe a Car Accident? 

After a car crash, many people will ask you to narrate this terrible event. These would include the police, insurance companies, the fault party’s lawyer, and yours. Therefore, knowing what and what not to say is paramount.

Moreover, it would be best if you didn’t speak to the other parties without your lawyer. They may twist or use your description during the claims process. So, below are tips for accurately describing your car accident.

Narrate How the Accident Happened

This is the first step in describing every crash. First, you’ll have to explain how you remember the accident happening. At this stage, it’ll be best to state only the basic details of the crash. Furthermore, try being objective and quiet as you talk. Trying to indict the other driver in your narration may make it appear like you have something to hide.

Instead, it’ll be best to let the listener judge the responsibility after listening to you. Relevant information at this point would include:

  • Time and date of the crash
  • Where you were hit from (whether it was a rear-end or side collision)
  • What side of the road you were driving on
  • Other vehicle passengers and your destination
  • Whatever you saw, heard, or felt before, during, and after the accident

Describe Your Injuries and Their Effects

Next, you need to describe the injuries you sustained from the crash. Some will be obvious, like cuts and bruises. However, you’ll only know about some other wounds after a medical examination. That’s why seeing a doctor after a crash is crucial. However, if your doctor misses any injury while treating you, remind them. A reminder will ensure that the wound shows up on your medical records.

Moreover, it’s vital to explain the effects of your injuries on you. For instance, you may suffer excruciating pain, anxiety, humiliation, lack of sleep, eyesight issues, etc. therefore, it’ll be best to narrate all these effects. This is because they’ll go a long way in determining the kind of damages you can recover in a personal injury lawsuit.

Describe Your Other Losses

There are other losses from a car accident. For instance, you may lose personal properties and cash on you. Therefore, you’ll need to describe such losses too. Furthermore, after the crash, you may make some out-of-pocket expenses. These may include medical bills, vehicle repair bills, extra transportation costs, etc. You’ll do well to narrate these other losses too.

In addition, you have to reserve all the receipts you get for these expenses. This is because you have to specifically prove that you spent the amount you want to recover from the fault party. Finally, the accident may make you miss necessary appointments, events, meetings, and social gatherings. These also fall under the collision’s effects that you should describe.

Keeping an Accident Diary

Indeed, there’s a lot to describe after a car accident. However, remembering all these details may be challenging, especially if you don’t file a claim immediately. The longer you wait, the less reliable your memory becomes. Therefore, it’ll be best to keep an accident diary.

Here, you can record and track the relevant details above. So, whenever you need to describe the crash, the interested party can just read through your diary. This way, you can maintain consistency in your accident narration.

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers Want To Help You!

If you’ve been in a car accident in Atlanta, you can recover damages for your losses. We mean that the fault party has to compensate you for their action’s consequences. First, however, you have to describe the crash to your car accident lawyer adequately. Insufficient or improperly explained crash data is bad for your case.

At The Weinstein Firm, our lawyers have handled multiple vehicle collision claims. We’ve also learned how to deal with various clients. So, we can help you adequately describe your accident. Consequently, we’ll get you the maximum compensation for your losses. Therefore, it’ll be best to call us today for a FREE consultation on your car crash claim.

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