How an Accident Affects Your Car Insurance in College Park


Insurance is rarely a concern for people until they have to use it. Car accidents in College Park often have far-reaching consequences. However, accident victims are usually more concerned about their injuries from a crash. Furthermore, they worry about other financial implications of the accident. So, many people rarely consider the effects of a car crash on their insurance. This is an alarming trend in College Park. It’s also careless because a car accident significantly affects your insurance policy.

Therefore, if you survive a vehicle collision in College Park, it’ll be best to talk to a car accident lawyer. They can explain how long the crash will stay on your insurance record. In addition, an experienced lawyer can explain the implications of this record on your insurance policy.

How Long Does an Accident Stay on Your Insurance Record?

Insurance records often contain reports of policy violations and accidents policyholders get into. If a crash gets on your record, your insurer may start charging you higher premiums. You pay more because you now present a greater risk of your insurer having to pay claims.

Typically, a collision will taint your record for three to five years. However, various factors determine this timeframe and your punishment. Such relevant factors include:

  • Your insurance company and their business policy
  • Your relationship with the insurer, especially how long you’ve been with them
  • Where you live
  • The severity of the car accident
  • How much you cost the insurance company
  • Your age

These factors can work to increase or reduce your premiums after a crash. First, however, let’s consider the effects of various accidents on your record.

First Minor Accident 

Your first minor car crash will most likely not stay on your record. Firstly, a minor crash may cost you and your insurer nothing. In addition, most insurance companies will overlook this first occurrence. Such forgiveness is more likely if you have a history of safe driving.

Subsequent Minor Accidents

A second car crash, whether minor or not, will taint your record. However, the effect will remain minor because your insurance company won’t pay much in damages. On the other hand, if you start getting into more frequent collisions, their effect on your insurance record will also increase.

At-Fault Accidents

Fault collisions will stay on your insurance record. In addition, it would be best to expect an increase in premiums. Your premiums will also go high if you cause more accidents. Fortunately, many insurers can forgive one fault accident within an extended period.

If you’re the fault party in minor crashes, you may not have to worry. Furthermore, it’s noteworthy that insurance companies will hold you responsible for single-vehicle accidents. So, for instance, you’ll be at fault if you crash your car into a building.

What If I Have Accident Forgiveness?

As the name implies, accident forgiveness coverage ensures that accidents stay off your record. In addition, the crash wouldn’t impact your insurance rates. It doesn’t even matter whether you caused the collision. However, accident forgiveness isn’t free. The insurance company may require that you pay an extra fee for this coverage.

Conversely, they could check if you were involved in a crash in previous years. Furthermore, you can use your accident forgiveness only once. After that, you’ll have to wait some more years to get such benefits.

When Does My Insurance Premium Increase?

If an accident gets on your record and your insurer increases your premium, you’ll find out at your policy renewal. An insurer can increase your premium from 3 to 50 percent, depending on their reasons. This new policy rate may yet increase if you get into another accident. However, the rate can also reduce if you maintain a safe driving culture in the following years.

College Park Car Accident Lawyers Can Tidy Your Insurance Record

You must be wondering how lawyers can help your insurance record. Georgia is an at-fault accident state. Therefore, after a crash, the fault party bears the accident losses. In addition, the other driver can sue the fault party or their insurer. So, if fault rests on you in an accident, it’ll stay longer on your record.

Consequently, you have to establish that you weren’t the fault party. However, doing this alone will be challenging. That’s why you need the best car accident attorneys in College Park.

Our lawyers at The Weinstein Firm have sufficient experience to determine the fault party and get you compensation. We can clear you of responsibility and tidy your driving record. As a result, you won’t have to pay higher premiums. So, call us today for a free consultation on your car accident.

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