Who Is at Fault in a Buford Rear-End Collision Involving 3 Cars?

rear-end collision

Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of road accidents motorists encounter. A rear-end collision happens when a vehicle crashes into another in front of it. This type of accident is caused by tailgating, speeding, distracted driving, hazardous conditions, etc. Many times, this type of accident is straightforward, and the rear-end driver is usually at fault.

However, there are many instances where rear-end accidents are so complicated that it’s difficult to determine liability. One of such cases is where there are more than two vehicles involved in the crash. Asides from more casualties, a 3-vehicle rear-end collision can be a hard nut to crack.

Fortunately, however, you can always get your car accident lawyer to help you out with determining liability in your case. Auto crash attorneys are professionals who are well versed in the subject.  They’d also help you get compensation if they find that another driver is responsible for the accident. We’d touch on all that in this article.

Who Bears Liability for a Buford Rear-end Traffic Crash Involving 3 Cars? 

Many factors determine who to hold responsible in a 3-vehicle rear-end crash. First, it depends on the nature of the accident and how it happened. For example, it could be a domino effect case where the rear-end vehicle pushed the cars in front into collision. Again, maybe the leading driver placed the vehicle in reverse in a traffic lane, causing a string of accidents behind. In those scenarios, the responsible parties are different.

However, regardless of the nature of the accident, a driver would be liable if they:

  • Owe a Duty of Care to the Other Drivers 

You wouldn’t need to prove this because every driver automatically owes a duty of care to every other road user. Duty of care means the responsibility of driving in a way that causes harm to no one. It’s the duty to obey all the safety rules and regulations that guide motorists in Buford.

  • Breached the Duty of Care 

Merely owing a duty of care to road users isn’t enough to bear liability for an accident. The driver must have failed to perform their obligation to care for other motorists’ safety for that to happen. This usually happens when the driver fails to obey a traffic rule by speeding or tailgating.

  • Caused Damages Due to the Breach of Duty 

You can only be a qualified claimant in a personal injury case if you sustained an injury from the accident. That is, you must show that the injury you sustained was a direct consequence of the negligent driver’s actions and nothing else.

Understanding Georgia’s Modified Comparative Fault Rule 

Many times, in a Buford multi-vehicle rear-end crash, more than one driver bears liability. If that’s the case, the at-fault drivers will bear responsibility for the accident based on their degree of fault. That’s because Georgia uses the modified comparative fault system in determining accident liability. This system is different from the pure comparative fault system that other states like Florida and Mississippi use.

Georgia’s modified comparative fault rule limits the extent to which an at-fault driver can get compensation from another negligent party. As such, responsible parties can only make claims against another at-fault party if they are less than 50% at fault.

How To Gather Evidence in a Buford 3-Vehicle Rear-end Collision  

If a negligent driver caused your chain-reaction rear-end accident, you need to prove that they did. If you can’t prove it, you may have to forfeit your compensation. So again, you need lots of convincing evidence to substantiate your claims.

A qualified car accident attorney can help you gather the evidence your case needs. For example, evidence in this accident type includes:

  • Pictures and Video Recordings of the Crash Scene

Take as many pictures as you can of the accident scene immediately after the collision.

  • Witnesses Statements or Testimonies 

Ask witnesses for their account of the accident and record them.

  • Phone Records

If the negligent driver was on the phone when the accident happened, you need their phone records to prove it.

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