How Do Facial Fractures Happen in a Car Accident in Atlanta?

Firefighter Helping Car Accident Victim With Facial Fractures

Car accidents are one of the top causes of facial fractures. Many elements could result in facial injuries during a car accident. For instance, shattered glasses can pierce the skin; you can hit your face against airbags and steering wheels. Although the best auto accident lawyers in Atlanta can help you seek compensation, you need to know how these fractures happen.

Facial fractures are different from other forms of injuries. In the long run, people who suffer facial fractures usually have to deal with disfigurement or scarring. It could also result in long-term medical treatment to correct the damage done. This article will explore common facial injuries and how they occur.

The Best Auto Accident Lawyers in Atlanta Discuss 10 Types of Accident-Related Facial Injuries

Car accidents can be traumatizing and violent. They often result in facial injuries, which are complex and often require ongoing treatment. Facial injuries are among the most visible wounds after a car accident and could result in emotional distress for victims.

According to the Dental Traumatology journal, over 22,000 victims are hospitalized yearly for treatment of facial fractures. Below, we’ve explained the different types of facial fractures and how they happen in a car accident in Atlanta.

  • Frontal Bone Fractures

This is amongst the common facial fractures in Atlanta car accidents. It happens when there’s blunt trauma or high-velocity impact on the forehead. Most people who suffer from this type of facial fracture also suffer an internal head injury.

  • Nasal Fractures

Another common facial fracture in Atlanta car accidents is a nasal fracture. This injury typically happens because noses are centrally located on the face. A nasal fracture could be caused by airbags, steering wheels, or even shattered glass during an accident.

  • Naseothmoidal Fractures

This fracture is quite complex and affects the central upper midface, which includes the bridge of your nose, under your eyes, and up to your forehead. Additionally, Naseothmoidal fractures are usually the result of high-force and high-speed auto accidents. Therefore, they co-occur with injuries to the central nervous system.

EMT Helping Car Crash Victim With Facial Fractures

  • Orbital Fractures

Another type of fracture that the best auto accident lawyers in Atlanta can help you seek compensation for is an orbital fracture. It involves broken bones in the area around the eye. Such a fracture could be caused by blunt force trauma to the cheek or the rim of the eye socket. Additionally, orbital rim fractures usually affect the thick bone area close to the eye socket’s outer rim.

  • Zygomaticomaxillary Complex Fractures

The zygomaticomaxillary complex fracture occurs behind the nasal features. This type of facial injury involves the bony arch at the orbital rim, the outer border of the eye socket, and the sinus walls. They are usually due to direct trauma, and to preserve function, victims have to undergo surgery and ongoing treatment.

  • Dental Injuries

Direct and indirect dental injuries resulting from a car accident can be pretty severe. They usually occur when the head or mouth strikes an object. This blunt trauma can result in luxated teeth, fractured teeth, or avulsed teeth when the tooth is completely knocked out of the socket.

  • Eye Injuries

Although most people close their eyes when they’re bracing for the crash impact, this doesn’t usually mean complete protection for the eyes. Many things could result in an eye injury in an Atlanta car accident. For example, flying debris, chemicals, airbags, burns, etc., could cause eye trauma and affect the victim’s ability to see appropriately.

  • Upper Jaw Fracture

This is also known as maxilla fracture and involves a broken jawbone. This type of injury affects the upper part of the jaw and sometimes involves other facial injuries. Some of these facial injuries include inflammation of the face that could result in bruising, teeth misalignment and even an effect on a person’s ability to breathe normally.

  • Fractured Nose (Nasal Fracture)

A crack or break in the nose could result in severe medical consequences. Some expected consequences of a nasal fracture include bleeding and excessive swelling. It could also affect your ability to breathe, especially when there’s damage to the nasal septum. That’s why immediate medical attention is crucial when you suffer a nasal fracture.

  • Lower Jaw Fracture

Also known as the mandible fracture, this type of injury affects the lower part of the jaw. Some consequences of this facial injury include swelling, mouth bleeding, and difficulty breathing, speaking, or chewing.

Each of these injuries can have lasting and profound effects on your health and well-being. That’s why it’s crucial to seek the help of the best auto accident lawyers in Atlanta to understand how you can obtain compensation for your injuries.

Types of Medical Treatment for Facial Fractures

As mentioned, facial fractures can have long-lasting effects on the victim and could result in permanent scarring and nerve damage. That’s why receiving the necessary medical treatment immediately after a car accident is crucial.

The proper medical treatment depends on the facial fracture you sustained in a car accident in Atlanta. However, there are different types of medical treatment available, and some of them include:

  • Stitches for deep cuts and facial lacerations to ensure the wound does not become infected.
  • Emergency surgery in cases that involves excessive bleeding or where the victim cannot breathe properly.
  • Plastic surgery, if the victim sustains major facial fractures or deep tissue damage, that might result in permanent scars and disfigurement.
  • Reconstructive surgery in cases involving facial trauma and compound bone fractures.

These are a few of the medical treatments available for facial fractures. The treatment could cost thousands of dollars, especially where the victim requires surgery. In such cases, you don’t have to worry about medical bill payments as you are entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries and other losses.

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