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Riding a bus to work or school may seem like a simple mode of transportation that is relatively safe. This holds true for the most part, but there are instances when buses can and do get in an accident which frequently can be catastrophic. You deserve to be safe when riding a bus as a passenger, but when a collision happens, you need a Decatur, Georgia, bus accident lawyer to help you get the compensation you are entitled to for your injuries.

Buses unlike other types of transportation do not come equipped with the traditional safety features. There most often is no safety belts or airbags to provide protection if a crash happens. This can cause serious injuries to a passenger. From whiplash to more severe bodily injuries, riding as a passenger on a city bus or school bus can have devastating effects on your safety.

Buses also present an interesting set of events when it comes to the reason for the accident. Many times, bus accidents are caused by another driver that has made an error in their driving behavior in some fashion or another. In other instances, there is negligence by the bus driver themselves. Regardless of which is at fault in your bus accident, you have rights under the law, and The Weinstein Firm can help you with your case. Call (770) HELP-NOW today to begin your claims process!

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Hiring A Decatur, GA, Bus Accident Lawyer For Your Case

If you are involved in a bus accident, you want the help of a bus crash lawyer immediately. Your bus accident attorney in Decatur, GA, will work to investigate your claims of injury and determine who was at fault for the bus crash. This can present a complex set of challenges to navigate with the law. Government entities often operate city buses, and you need assistance from a bus accident lawyer to file a claim for your injuries with the proper governing body.

Knowing who is responsible for your injuries can also be difficult. With all the commotion of the bus accident, straightforward information may not be available. It may take an investigation by your car accident lawyers in Decatur, Georgia, to determine what the real cause of the accident is and develop a case against the negligent party.

When you hire a bus accident attorney to work on your bus crash case, you can rest assured that the handling of your injury claims will happen with care. A bus wreck lawyer will advise you of your legal rights as a passenger on a bus and help fight for fair compensation for your injuries. You can count on your bus accident attorney to develop a case that proves negligence by another vehicle driver or the driver of the bus. No matter if your bus case involves the government or a private driver, a bus accident lawyer will work to win your case and get you the compensation you deserve.

Deadlines For Filing A Decatur, GA, Bus Crash Lawsuit

There are a variety of deadlines that dictate when you need to file your bus accident claims. If your injury claims are against another vehicle driver that caused the bus crash, you need to adhere to the state statute of limitations. These laws provide you up to two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit for your bus accident injuries.

When your injuries are the result of a government bus driver, you have a more complex process to follow. This is where a bus accident lawyer in Decatur, Georgia, will help you with following the proper procedures to ensure you receive a settlement for your injury claims.

Under the law, when involved in a bus accident when a government entity is negligent, you need to file a notice with the governing body of the city about your injuries within six months from the date of the accident. This can be complex, and your personal injury lawyer can help you with filing the appropriate information and documentation to report your injury claims from the bus accident.

You will want to speak to your bus accident lawyers in Decatur, Georgia, about your case as soon as possible after the crash. A bus accident attorney will ensure that you file your injury claims with the appropriate party and request compensation for your injuries as soon as possible.

Delaying your injury claim could forfeit your right to a settlement award and prevent you from bringing a suit against the negligent party in a bus crash. Let your bus wreck lawyer help you determine who is at fault for your injuries and help you file a lawsuit with the appropriate parties as necessary.

Your bus accident lawyer can help you determine if a settlement award is reachable through negotiation or if it is necessary to take your case to court. In either instance, your bus crash lawyers will represent you every step of the way and work to fight for fair compensation for your injuries after a bus accident.

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Let Your Decatur, GA, Bus Accident Lawyer Prove Fault In Your Bus Crash Case

Proving fault in a bus accident may take extensive investigative work. There may be underlying circumstances or events that lead up and caused the crash. Your bus accident lawyer will work to develop a case against another vehicle driver or the driver of the bus to show negligence in the crash.

When another driver is at fault for the bus accident, your bus wreck lawyer can use methods such as witnesses and accident reports to determine the cause of the accident. A bus wreck lawyer will build a case against a negligent driver and prove they were responsible for your injuries as a passenger on the bus.

If your bus accident was the fault of the bus driver, your bus crash lawyers will also review the accident report to determine the cause of the accident. Additional investigative work may be necessary to prove the fault of a bus driver that may be protected by a government entity. In these cases, it is best to work with a bus accident lawyer in Decatur, Georgia, as they know how to navigate the legal system and show negligence by looking for evidence that supports your injury claims.

Compensation In A Decatur, GA, Bus Accident Case

When injured in a bus accident, you deserve compensation for your injuries. There is no need to suffer alone. You deserve to have your medical bills paid and recover your lost wages from work. There are a variety of damages that you are entitled to as compensation for your injuries in a bus accident including:

Medical expenses

Your medical treatment is recoupable as part of your bus crash settlement award. This includes all medical treatment you had to care for your injuries now as well as any future medical care you would need to in the future. Your bus accident lawyer will fight to get your medical bills paid as part of your settlement award for a bus crash where injuries occurred.

Lost wages

The recovery time for your injuries may have caused you to miss work and lose out on wages during this time. Your bus wreck lawyer will recover the lost wages you incurred during your recovery and help get your compensation for any future lost wages you will endure as a result of your injuries in a bus crash.

Pain and suffering

A bus crash can have devastating and emotional effects on any passenger. You may be suffering emotionally and have mental anguish as a result of your injuries. Your bus accident lawyers can work to get you compensation for pain and suffering after a bus crash has caused you injury.

Punitive damages

When the events of a bus accident are particularly egregious, the judge may order punitive damages for the victim. This provides financial compensation for those injured by the reckless behavior of the driver that caused that bus accident. Punitive damages are designed to financially punish a defendant and act as a deterrent to others that may display the same behavior. Your bus accident lawyer can help you understand if your bus crash case qualifies for punitive damages.

There is no monetary limit on the settlement awards for most damages sought in a bus accident case. However, punitive damages have a limit of $250,000. Ask your bus accident attorney what you can expect for a total settlement award. A bus wreck lawyer can calculate your compensation and work to get you a settlement for you bus crash injuries as quickly as possible.

Common Decatur, GA, Bus Accident Causes

While another vehicle driver can easily cause a bus crash that injures you or a loved one, in many cases, it is the fault of the driver of the bus. There are a variety of reasons that a bus driver may be negligent in a bus crash including:


If a bus driver is tired they may make an error in judgment when driving which can put you at risk as a passenger. This is negligent driving behavior and the cause of many bus accidents. If you believe fatigue was at work in your bus crash, talk to your Decatur, GA, bus accident lawyer about your case.

Improper training

There are instances when an individual is given a job as a bus driver and is not given the proper training to drive a vehicle of this magnitude and size. They can easily put you and your family in danger and cause an accident. Proper training as a bus driver is necessary to ensure the safety of all passengers at all times when driving. Your bus wreck lawyer can determine if improper training was the cause of your bus crash.

Poor background checks

Sometimes bus drivers are given positions without running background checks on their driving record. This can be a dangerous turn of events for passengers that are leaving their lives in the hands of a reckless As part of an investigation in your bus crash, your bus accident lawyers will look into the background check of the bus driver to determine if there are discrepancies that should have been caught by the bus operating company.

Impaired driving

If a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it can create a hazardous or even deadly situation for all passengers aboard the bus. Not only is it illegal to drive a bus, or any vehicle, when impaired by alcohol or drugs, but it can easily cause an accident with severe injuries. Your bus accident attorney will prove impaired driving in your bus crash case if the circumstances warrant these claims.

A bus operator can also be negligent for the condition and operation of the bus itself. This could include an overloaded bus beyond its chassis capacity, or an improperly loaded bus. Both instances can cause a bus driver to lose control of the vehicle, or it could cause tipping when driving, overturning the bus and causing grave injury.

Buses maintenance is also an important factor in a bus crash. Buses need to follow proper maintenance schedules, and their performance needs monitoring to ensure safe operation at all times. A bus that is in poor working condition can easily cause an accident that injures you or a loved one without warning. Your bus accident lawyer will investigate the maintenance schedule and procedures of the bus to determine if negligence was at play.

Contact A Decatur, GA, Bus Accident Lawyer Today!

When you or a loved one is injured in a bus crash, you need the help of a Decatur, Georgia, bus accident lawyer that can help you with your case. The bus collision lawyers at The Weinstein Firm will fight for your rights in a bus crash and get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. A bus accident attorney at The Weinstein Firm is ready to answer your legal questions and help you with your bus crash case. Contact one of our Decatur accident lawyers today to set up a consultation today at (770) HELP-NOW!

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