Can I Use a Brace Instead of Seeing a Doctor for Whiplash?

Whiplash Injury

Suffering a whiplash injury is extremely common after an accident. A car accident in Atlanta, even one at low speeds, can result in this soft tissue injury that can result in years of pain and suffering. You definitely shouldn’t leave this injury untreated, but when are home remedies and treatments necessary?

In the time when you can order a neck brace on Amazon, it seems like the go-to option. You, to some degree, know that your doctor may suggest a brace, so you mind as well skip the doctor step. As an Atlanta, Georgia auto wreck lawyer will tell you, that’s a bad idea.

Always Follow Medical Advice – Including Paramedics

At the scene of the wreck, you may have the chance for paramedics to do a cursory review of your physical health. They will look for serious and severe injuries. But, they will often find minor injuries as well and provide some advice on how to best address them. For example, a simple cut, or laceration, they may close up with a bandage and suggest that you don’t get the bandage wet for a few days. This advice is because the injury does not require immediate medical intervention and will close on its own.

However, paramedics will often advise people to go to an urgent care center or make an appointment to see a doctor. They provide this advice when they believe that there’s the possibility of soft tissue damage or an injury that they can’t detect but is not life-threatening. Follow their advice.

Additionally, if you do see a doctor, go to the emergency room, or visit an urgent care center, you will want to follow their advice. If you really believe that they’re wrong or not making an informed decision, then you should seek out a second opinion. It’s not every day that a doctor gets every diagnosis correct.

Finally, follow through with their advice. If a doctor informs you that rest is the best option, then take time off of work. It may seem difficult when financially recovering from a car accident, but it’s likely that your injury will only worsen if you don’t follow the doctor’s instructions.

Never “Self-Treat” a Whiplash Injury

You cannot diagnose yourself. Even doctors go to other doctors for an actual diagnosis. They need an expert opinion on something that they may not have expert training in, and you should do the same. After an injury, there may be other factors that impact the treatment.

For whiplash, a neck brace is not a common treatment, although it does seem like the intuitive solution for the pain. A doctor may suggest chiropractic care, therapeutic treatment, or simply rest and time off of work. Choosing to self-treat with a neck brace is a bad idea and may lead to further issues.

Even what seems like a minor case of whiplash can lead to serious issues if you treat it improperly. Using a neck brace or doing “exercises” to recover those strained muscles will result in more injury and damage to your neck. You’re not doing yourself any favors by self-treating, and you can damage your car crash claim too. It’s always best to do what the doctor says, then report the charges for the doctor’s visit to your insurance.

Side Effects of Using a Neck Brace

There is no medical treatment that comes without side effects, and that is true even of neck braces. A neck brace can make someone feel hot frequently, weaken neck muscles, resulting in a tightness through the neck muscles and more. The primary concern of incorrectly using or overuse of a neck brace is cervical spondylosis.

Cervical spondylosis is a common issue in aging, but neck braces can aggravate or expedite this issue. Even in young people, after extended neck brace use a doctor can detect shrinking, dehydration, and bone spurs in the cervical neck region.

These side effects can result in other issues, such as needing therapy for the weakened neck muscles. Doctors will often carefully weigh out these side effects before deciding if a neck brace is the right course of treatment. Never make that decision yourself.

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Working with The Weinstein Firm is something that many drivers with injuries in Atlanta should consider. Proper guidance only comes from years of experience and skill proven in negotiations discussions and in the courtroom. Whiplash is a soft tissue injury that is difficult to get full compensation for, call our offices today, and we’ll fight for full compensation together.

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