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There’s nothing like taking to the streets on your bike. You are in charge of your own destiny, but when an accident happens, it can be devasting. With distracted and aggressive drivers on the road, the chances of you being involved in a bike accident are good. No matter how careful you are when driving, you can’t control a driver’s actions. The results can be severe with injuries and damage to your bike. Let a Decatur, Georgia, bike accident lawyer help you with your case.

You have a legal right to compensation when you are injured by a negligent driver when on your bike. A bike accident lawyer can help you understand these legal rights and advise you on the best course of action to take for your case. A car accident lawyer can guide you through the legal process and help you receive a settlement that pays for your injuries as well as your property damage including your bike, so call (770) HELP-NOW today.

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Working With A Bike Accident Attorney In Decatur, GA,

Your bike wreck lawyer in Decatur, GA, can help you determine if you have a case where negligence was involved. A bike accident lawyer will examine your case and the claims you have against a driver that hit you while on your bike. A bike accident attorney knows the laws when it comes to bike riders and vehicles on the road. Your bike accident attorney will fight for your legal rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

You can count on a Decatur, Georgia, personal injury lawyer to work for you and support you every step of the way in your bike accident case. A car wreck lawyer will negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to get you a fair settlement that accurately reflects the injuries and property damage you have endured because of a bike crash. Allow your bike accident lawyer to help you win your bike wreck case so you can move forward with your injury recovery. A bike wreck lawyer can recover medical expenses, lost wages, pain,  suffering, and property damages that you are facing after a bike crash caused by a vehicle driver.

Proving Negligence In Your Decatur, GA, Bike Crash Case

As a bike rider, you have rights just like any vehicle on the road. That being said, you also need to obey all traffic laws just like any other vehicle driver has to when driving on the road. When a driver is negligent in causing an accident with you and your bike, you can count on a Decatur, Georgia, bike accident attorney to fight for your legal rights. A bike wreck lawyer will work to develop a case that proves the negligence of the driver that hit you when on your bike.

Proving negligence in a bike accident is imperative to winning a bike crash case. Decatur, Georgia, uses a comparative fault law when determining settlement awards in a case. This looks at your percentage of fault in a case and can reduce your total settlement compensation by that percentage.

If for example, you are 20 percent at fault in a bike accident, a reduction of 20 percent will happen to your total settlement amount. In a $20,000 settlement award, you would only be eligible to receive $16,000 because of your 20 percent negligence in the bike accident.

Working with a bike accident lawyer can ensure your negligence is kept to a minimum as your bike accident lawyers work to establish a case against the driver that hit you while on your bike. Proving negligence takes a good understanding of the laws surrounding bike riders as well as vehicle drivers. Your bike accident attorney needs to know how these laws work to preserve your legal rights and your right to compensation for your injuries or bike damages.

Compensation In A Decatur, GA, Bike Accident

When injured in a bike accident, you need compensation to cover the damages you have sustained. There is a variety of settlement awards that are recoverable in a bike accident case, and your Decatur, Georgia, bike accident attorney can help you understand what type of damages you are eligible for in your case.

Compensation is typical of these damages in a bike accident case:

Medical costs

Your injuries from a bike accident deserve compensation, and your bike accident attorney can help you receive a settlement to cover your medical expenses. Your settlement will include all medical treatment costs you have incurred from your injuries including current treatment as well as any future care you would need to continue to treat your injuries from a bike accident. Talk to a bike wreck lawyer about what medical expenses you have for your injuries from a bike accident.

Lost wages from work

To recover from your injuries, you may have to miss work. This can cause you to lose out on wages that you would typically receive payment for had you not been involved in a bike accident. Lost wages are recoverable as part of your settlement award, and your bike accident lawyers will work to make sure you receive compensation for any time that you missed from work now as well as into the future because of your bike accident injuries.

Pain and suffering

Often times a bike accident can cause emotional pain and suffering that deserves compensation under the law. Your settlement can cover these losses and provide you a financial means to help recover from the mental anguish you are going through after a bike crash. A bike accident lawyer in Decatur, GA, can help you understand if you are entitled to pain and suffering damages as part of your settlement award in a bike accident case.

Loss of companionship or affection

When the injuries that happen because of a bike accident cause you to lose the companionship or affection of a loved one, you deserve compensation for your damages. Mental or physical injuries that change the relationship you have with the victim of a bike accident are recoverable as part of a settlement award, and your bike accident attorney will fight to get you compensation for these losses.

Property damages

In bike accidents, a damaged bike is a result of the crash, and you need compensation to pay for repairs or a replacement of your bike. You have a right to a settlement to cover the loss of your property, and your bike accident lawyer will request that these damages are part of your total settlement award.

Punitive damages

When a bike accident is particularly devastating and reckless in how it occurred, your bike accident lawyers in Decatur, Georgia, may request punitive damages. These damages are used to financially punish a defendant for their reckless behavior and acts as a deterrent to others that may display the same behavior.

In Decatur, Georgia, the cap for punitive damages is $250,000. There is no limit to the settlement amounts for medical costs, lost wages, pain and, suffering, loss of companionship, or property damages. Your Decatur, GA, bike accident lawyer will help you determine that total settlement amounts to seek in your bike crash case.

Filing A Decatur, GA, Bike Accident Lawsuit

Your bike wreck lawyer will always work with a driver’s insurance company to help you get a settlement award as quickly as possible. However, there are instances when a fair compensation amount just cannot be reached. In these instances, your bike accident lawyer may suggest that you take your bike crash case to court. This will provide you a better opportunity to receive a much larger settlement award for your injury and property damage claims.

It is important that even if you believe that your bike accident case will not have to go to court that you speak to a bike accident lawyer about your case as soon as possible. While you may think that an insurance company will side with you and provide you a settlement award that is fair for your injuries, this often is not the case. Insurance companies have their own interests in mind and want to settle for the least amount of compensation as possible.

Not only will your bike accident lawyers in Decatur, Georgia, negotiate with an insurance company on your behalf, they know what a fair settlement award should look like for your injuries. When a compensation offer is not fair, your bike wreck lawyer may suggest you take your case to court. This is when it is beneficial to work with a bike accident lawyer from the very start. Your Decatur, Georgia, bike accident lawyer will make sure to file your lawsuit in court by the stipulated deadline. This will help preserve your legal rights and ensure an award settlement for your injuries or property damages.

The laws in Decatur, Georgia, state that all bike accidents where injury has occurred need filing within two years from the date of the bike crash. Accidents, where death has happened, need to happen within two years from the date of the victim’s death. In a bike accident case where you are seeking compensation for property damages, you have four years from the date of the accident to file for your losses.

Following these deadlines are key to winning your case. Late filings will result in dismissal of your case without a settlement award no matter the severity of your injuries or property damages. Allow your bike accident lawyer in Decatur, GA, to file your lawsuit as soon as possible after trying to negotiate with an insurance company on a settlement amount.

How To Avoid A Decatur, GA, Bike Accident

There are several ways that you can remain safe when riding a bike. Most vehicle drivers have difficulty seeing bike riders and making sure you are visible with light or bright-colored clothing, and extra lights and reflectors on your bike can help drivers see you easier as you ride. If you are riding at night, you need to have a light to illuminate you as you ride.

It is also a good idea to anticipate bike accidents where they happen most often – at intersections. Reducing your speed and remaining vigilant as you approach an intersection can keep you safe and help you stop quicker if a potential accident situation were to occur to you.

Many bike riders take advantage of their right to use an entire lane when coming up to an intersection. This tactic provides more visibility to you and your bike and prevents you from riding alongside a car on a turn. Some drivers may not like this approach, but your safety is at risk, and you need to be proactive to avoid an accident at all costs.

As a bike rider, you need to adhere to the rules of the road, and this also means you need to leave areas designated for pedestrians specifically for them. Riding on the sidewalk intermittently or crossing through sidewalks can put you at risk as a bike rider and threaten your bike accident case should you have an injury or property damage.

Also, be sure to wear the right protective gear when riding your bike. Helmets are designed to protect your head from injury in a bike accident and should be worn at all times to keep you safe. Combining the right reflective gear with a proper helmet can reduce your injuries in an accident as a driver will be able to see you easier, and your head is less susceptible to injury during an impact with a vehicle.

Contact Your Bike Accident Lawyer In Decatur, GA, Today!

Working with a Decatur, Georgia, bike accident lawyer on your bike crash case is the most effective way to ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries. The bike accident lawyers at The Weinstein Firm can help. A bike wreck lawyer at The Weinstein Firm will fight to win your case. They will support you every step of the way and help you understand the next step to take in your legal case. Call (770) HELP-NOW today to set up a consultation!

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