Buford Car Accident: How To Get Video Evidence

Buford car accident

Georgia is an at-fault car accident state meaning that Buford negligent drivers compensate victims affected by their actions. However, saying someone caused the Buford car accident, you are involved in is not enough to get them to pay you compensation. As any experienced Buford car accident lawyer will tell you, you need evidence to prove your assertions.

Without the proper evidence, you’ll find yourself in a “he said, she said” situation where an at-fault driver may get away with their negligence. One crucial proof needed to establish liability is video evidence. Our Buford car accident attorneys can help you source video evidence to increase your chances of a fair settlement. But first, let’s discuss video evidence and where you can get one.

What Is Video Evidence?

Video evidence is any form of visuals admissible in court as proof. It could be a video recorded on a home video system (VHS) or in digital form. These days, both are used as evidence in legal matters.

A VHS video most likely comes from a security camera. It captures events in public cases, like a crime or car accident. On the other hand, digital video comes from handheld devices like digital cameras and smartphones.

The admissibility of both types of video evidence is a popular source of debate. This is because how you handle the video determines whether it will be admissible to inadmissible. As a result, the visual must be stored in a climate-controlled place to keep it from getting altered.

What Are the Sources of Video Evidence After a Buford Car Accident? 

Below are different sources to get video evidence.

Businesses and Government Buildings

Businesses and government buildings are two places you can get video evidence. They have security cameras that capture the streets surrounding the building. An excellent example is a camera at a bank ATM.

Most businesses have security cameras at their building entrance that capture the street. So do government buildings. You can make a formal request for a copy of the footage. If your injuries leave you hospitalized, your lawyer can help you make the request. If the business or government entity fails to release the video, your attorney can get a subpoena to compel the release of the footage.

Residential Security Cameras

If the accident occurred in a residential area, you might find a homeowner with a security camera that captures the street. You or your lawyer can contact the property owner and ask them to maintain the footage. If they fail to cooperate, your attorney can subpoena them to get copies of the video.

Traffic Cameras

The City of Buford uses traffic cameras, red-light cameras, and speed cameras to assist law enforcement and traffic agencies in performing their duties. Traffic cameras on the city’s roadways, especially at intersections, are a good source of video evidence. They operate 24/7 and capture several traffic crashes.

The process of asking for traffic camera footage is different and depends on the agency. Thus, after an accident, find out the agency in charge of the camera and follow their guidelines. Usually, this entails filing a form and paying a fee.

Private Camera

In a world where virtually everyone uses a smartphone, chances are witnesses captured the accident. If they did, you can ask those at the accident scene and obtain the video from them. If your injuries keep you from doing this, your lawyer can help.

First, the attorney will request the eyewitness list from the police and speak with those on the list to find out if they took a video. Alternatively, they can publish a public notice asking anyone with video evidence to come forth. Sometimes, they may offer monetary awards as an incentive. This is common in hit-and-run cases or wrongful death actions.

Why Is Video Evidence Important in an Accident Claim? 

In personal injury cases, the burden of proof is on the victim. As such, you have to show how the other party created the events that caused you harm. Also, the other driver may claim you contributed to the accident. If this is true, your compensation reduces based on the doctrine of comparative negligence. Video evidence helps you show an unbiased account of what happened and carry out the burden of proof.

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Recovering from accident injuries and pursuing compensation is easier with an experienced attorney. Our Buford car accident lawyers can get video evidence and use it to prove the other party’s liability. In addition, you don’t have to worry about our fees as we work on a contingency fee basis. So contact us today at The Weinstein Firm for a free case review.

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