What to Expect from Atlanta Police Response for Car Accidents

Atlanta Police Officers

Atlanta police officers are well-known for handling intense situations with precision and ease, but what about everyday situations? Like most police forces across the nation, there is a time when a police officer won’t even respond to a crash site, while in other instances, they may be there in minutes.

The Atlanta Police Department handles crashes based on specific factors that impact the drivers and the crash scene. Go through these different scenarios to know what you should expect from APD. And as always, if you find yourself with injuries from a car crash, contact a local Atlanta car wreck attorney right away.

Accidents Without Injuries

Atlanta police officers may not respond to a crash that doesn’t have any apparent injuries. If you dial 911, you may be instructed to call the local Sherriff’s office or police department. After dialing the department directly, the person on the line, typically an officer, will ask you a series of questions, and what they’re doing is taking a police report over the phone.

It’s one of the easier ways to submit a crash report, but it is a time-consuming process. Be sure that the other driver knows what is going on and that they can participate in the crash report process. During this time, you don’t need to specify that there are no injuries, simply that no one appears hurt at the time and that both drivers feel okay to drive afterward.

Even in these cases, the police may suggest that you get medical attention at your convenience, such as through urgent care centers or with your primary doctor.

Accidents With Irate or Dangerous Drivers

Do you feel like it is completely unsafe to get out of your vehicle? Road rage is a very real issue and can lead to assault, battery, and death. As recently as December 4th, 2019, a person was shot on Interstate-285 as a result of road rage.

Never get out of the vehicle if you feel that it is unsafe, contact police. You may have to wait for a while, or dispatch may send out a State Trooper if one is more available or closer. Stay on the phone with the  operator and keep them updated with any actions from the other driver. Do not engage the driver, roll down your window, or put yourself in a compromising situation.

Atlanta Police Officers Response with Injuries

Any crash with injuries will result in police response to the crash. You should expect other first responders to arrive and take part in the investigation and resolution of the crash. The police on the scene will likely take a police report, which is a very thorough form that details every little thing about the incident and both drivers involved.

During that time, the medical response team will evaluate your condition and either release you or suggest that you go to the hospital. Although it is usually your decision, you should follow the recommendations of the medical staff onsite.

Atlanta Police Officers will Provide a Police Report

There are a ton of questions on a police crash report. They ask for all the personal identifying information for both drivers, have a section for commercial drivers, and for the police to fill out their own findings and initial charges placed against either driver. They will create a diagram of how the accident happened and what they believe was the underlying cause.

Police complete these in a very calm manner; it is not at all an interrogation because they’re really just gathering information. You should not expect an officer to place anyone under arrest unless there are DUI charges involved. Even in some situations, these changes won’t occur until later because collecting the information and creating a full report is typically the priority. When completing the police report, answer all questions to the best of your ability. They like to do this at the scene because everything is still fresh.

When Should You Contact Your Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer?

Your car accident attorney should be one of the first calls you make after a wreck, but your health and police report are far more important. Always contact emergency responders when you need assistance or protection. Many people feel they can handle irate drivers, or go to urgent care for an injury, but it’s best to get professional insight. Contact 911 and follow the dispatcher’s instructions.

When you’re ready to start making your Atlanta claim and move forward, you should contact a local car wreck law firm. The Weinstein Firm has spent an extended period of time working on car accident cases as well as truck accidents and motorcycle collisions. Regardless of the specifics of your crash, contact our offices to file your claim.

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