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Few things can be annoying and upsetting than being involved in a car accident, particularly when the incident could have been easily avoided had the other party been concentrating on the road. Cases of distracted driving have skyrocketed, and Georgia is not new to the problem. That is why you need a Danville distracted driving accident lawyer.

Distracted driving poses a major threat on our roads and that’s why the laws surrounding it are especially strict. If you or a loved one has sustained an injury as a result of someone who was inattentive while driving, you should get in touch with a Danville car accident lawyer at The Weinstein Firm today by calling 770-HELP-NOW.

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What is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving can be defined as anything that takes away attention from driving. These distractions can be categorized into three:

Visual Distractions

These are distractions that take away the driver’s eyes off the road.

Cognitive Distractions

These distractions cause the motorist to think about anything else other than driving.

Manual Distractions

These distractions cause the driver to take their hands off the wheel.

Keep in mind that some distractions combine multiple distraction categories, making them more dangerous. For instance, when a driver is texting, they need to think about the text, use the phone with their hands and look at the device at the same time.

What are the Laws Regarding Distracted Driving in Georgia?

Georgia is one of the leading states that has taken stringent action against distracted driving. On 1st July 2018, the state put a new law into effect, with new provisions regarding the use of wireless telecommunications devices while on the wheel. This law is referred to as the Hands-Free Georgia Act.

According to the Act, while driving a vehicle on any road in Georgia, individuals are not expected to:

  • Physically hold or support a stand-alone electronic gadget or wireless telecommunications device with any part of their body. This excludes earpieces, headphones, or devices worn on the wrist.
  • Read, write, or send text messages, emails, or instant messages on a stand-alone electric gadget or a wireless telecommunications device. However, this does not apply to using the device for navigation or for voice-based communications that are automatically converted into text.
  • Watch videos on a stand-alone electric gadget or wireless telecommunications device, other than data related to navigation.
  • Broadcast or record videos on the same devices. However, this does not apply to devices used for the sole purpose of continuously recording within or outside the car.

Note that if you’re found in violation of the above, you can be charged with a misdemeanor including a fine of $50 for the first offense, $100 for the second offense, and $150 for third and subsequent offenses.

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What Types of Damages Can Be Awarded From A Distracted Driving Accident Claim in Georgia?

The type and amounts of damages you will get from a distracted driving accident will greatly depend on the nature and severity of the incident. Damages awarded for these accidents in Georgia include:

Economic Damages

These entail the monetary losses experienced from the accident. Examples include medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages, etc.

Non-Economic Damages

These are non-monetary and intangible losses resulting from the accident. Examples include emotional distress, loss of companionship, pain and suffering, etc.

Punitive Damages

These are rarely awarded in auto accidents, but in situations where the party at fault behaved in a grossly reckless or negligent manner, they are applicable.

How Long do I Have to File a Claim in Georgia?

The statute of limitation for auto accidents in Georgia, including those involving distracted driving, is two years from the date of the accident. This means you have two years to initiate legal action against the party at fault, or you won’t have a case. This may seem like a long time, but these cases tend to be complex and time-consuming. As such, it’s advisable to seek legal assistance from an experienced distracted driving accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Why Do I Need a Danville Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer?

If you or a loved one has sustained injury from an accident involving distracted driving, it’s in your best interest to seek legal representation. Proving the other party was distracted at the time of the accident can be hard, especially when dealing with injuries, and don’t know where to begin. When you hire The Weinstein Firm, you can expect our team to assist by:

Conducting an Investigation

Our lawyers will examine everything from medical records, police reports and witness reports to have a proper understanding of the accident.

Filing a Claim

Next, we will help you navigate the tricky waters of filing a claim, thus allowing you to focus on recovery.

Handling Negotiations

Our skilled lawyers are usually able to negotiate fair settlements for our clients with the insurance companies. They achieve this by creating a solid case, letting the other party know that we are ready to fight aggressively for the client’s rights.


If negotiations fall through, our team will use the available resources to represent you in court. We will use our experience and knowledge of the industry to create a solid case that will likely see you get the compensation you deserve.

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Every motorist has the responsibility to exercise safety while on the road and avoid any actions or behavior that puts the lives of others at risk. An important aspect of safe driving is paying full attention to the road as well as your driving. If you engage in any activity that distracts you from the wheel or the road, such as texting, then you are endangering your safety and that of others.

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries and losses because of a distracted driver, you need to hold them accountable. Our professional distracted driver accident lawyers at The Weinstein Firm are prepared to fight for your rights. All you have to do is get in touch today by calling us at 770-HELP-NOW and get a free, no-obligation initial consultation!

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