In a Crash with an Ambulance

In a Crash with an Ambulance

Ambulances come tearing through intersections, weaving through traffic, and all in an effort to save lives. But what happens when an ambulance crashes into a vehicle or when the ambulance crashes while you’re riding in it? Do they flip off their lights, pull off to the side of the road, and exchange information? You definitely have a substantial amount of surprise when finding out what happens when an ambulance is part of a crash.

A car accident lawyer in Atlanta might not have a full understanding of these unique situations. Ambulances do provide outstanding service most of the time. But there are times when the city hasn’t gone through the right paths to find an emergency response services hiring process.

What if You Caused the Crash With an Ambulance?

If you hit an ambulance, then you will need a legal team to look at the many aspects of your crash. They’ll dive into questions such as, “Did you have the opportunity to pull over?” or “Were the lights and sirens on the ambulance active and visible/audible?”

These questions clearly don’t have transparent answers for anyone except the drivers involved. In these cases, witnesses and crash recreation experts will be necessary to prove why you may or may not have had time to stop or avoid the ambulance.

When you hit an ambulance, your other driving factors will come under scrutiny too. If you were turning right on red when the intersection was marked against it, or if you were speeding, it could play into your degree of fault. But, that’s what you will likely face is a percentage or a degree of fault.

What Happens When an Ambulance Hits Your Vehicle?

When an ambulance hits your vehicle, there is a bit of concern, but often it was a judgment call. Ambulance drivers are trained to take great care not to cause injuries of those on the road. But, if, for example, the road is gridlocked, and they “pushed” your vehicle out of the way to access a shoulder or open lane, then it may not necessarily be a big deal.

At any rate, the driver will come under a substantial amount of scrutiny. That often involves the driver going through a variety of investigations and field inspections from various agencies. The city, the police, and more can investigate the actions of the driver.  They will definitely go through drug-screening to ensure there was no presence of alcohol or other substances present at the time of the crash.

When hit by an emergency vehicle, pull over and contact the police. Don’t be surprised if the vehicle continues on its path and does not stay at the scene. Usually, these drivers contact their emergency dispatch to alert them of the crash and then continue towards the emergency or hospital.

If the crash happened when the vehicle was not en route, then you will likely go through the normal process.

Determining Fault in a Crash With an Ambulance

Emergency vehicles must abide by the rules of the road except in emergency situations. They can drive on shoulders, speed, and blow red lights in emergency situations. These drivers are well-trained and regularly have to make judgment decisions that may be correct or incorrect.

When it comes to determining fault, however, the majority of the time, it goes back to comparative negligence. If you were able to stop, pull over, or otherwise allow the emergency vehicle to continue on its path, than you may be liable. However, if it was unreasonable that you could stop or avoid an accident with the vehicle, then they are likely liable.

When handling these issues with emergency vehicles, you want to involve more than just your insurance company, and it’s possible that your insurance company or the emergency transport service will try to argue fault and drag the process out further.

Reach Out to an Auto Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

At The Weinstein Firm, our Atlanta car wreck attorneys give each client their full attention and access to a wealth of resources. For those who were hurt while riding in an ambulance, that makes a great deal. To help you and your family recover after an Atlanta crash, contact The Weinstein Firm for your first big step towards fighting for fair compensation.

Insurance companies, the hospital, or transit service involved, and you are all seeking different resolutions. You need someone in Atlanta who will stand up for your interests and fight in a compelling manner with the goal of winning the claim. Reach out to The Weinstein Firm to schedule a consultation.

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