4 Reasons to Hire an Atlanta Uber Accident Lawyer

an Uber accident is more complex that a regular car crash

If you’ve recently been involved in an Uber accident, you may be wondering if you need a lawyer. It can be intimidating to deal with Uber and their insurance company. Having an Atlanta Uber accident lawyer can make all the difference in your case.

In this blog, we’ll discuss five of the biggest reasons why you should consider hiring a lawyer right away. If you still have questions about your case, feel free to contact our office directly at (770) HELP-NOW.

1. Uber Accident Insurance Is Complex

If you’re injured in an Uber accident, it can be hard to figure out where to file your claim. Do you pursue the Uber driver’s insurance carrier? Or do you file a claim with the company’s insurance carrier?

It all comes down to the facts of your case. Specifically, it depends on whether the driver was logged in to Uber’s system at the time of the crash. If the driver was logged in and picking up or driving a passenger, Uber’s insurance covers up to $1 million.

2. It Can Be Difficult to Get Documentation from Uber

If your insurance claim is denied, you’ll need to sue both the driver and Uber for damages. At some point, you’ll need to demand certain documentation from Uber. For example, you may need proof that the Uber driver was active at the time of the crash.

If you don’t know how to formally request this information, you will have a difficult time proving your case. If you have an Uber accident attorney helping you, they’ll know how to get this documentation and anything else you need during the discovery process.

Uber drivers are not solely liable for your accident

3. Your Lawyer Can Negotiate a Settlement

As with any other car accident case, you can bet the insurance companies will pressure you to settle low. This is true for both the Uber driver’s personal insurance carrier and Uber’s insurance company.

Accident attorneys have years of experience negotiating with the insurance companies. They won’t be intimidated, and they won’t let you be taken advantage of.

When your lawyer goes into settlement negotiations, they’ll have sufficient evidence and documentation to prove your losses. They’ll also have proof of your injuries. They’ll ensure that any settlement you accept is fair.

4. You Don’t Want to Go to Court by Yourself

If the insurance carriers refuse to settle for a reasonable amount, your attorney can file suit against the Uber driver and the company. Preparing for a trial is time-consuming and expensive. Plus, you need to know what you’re doing.

There are certain rules that dictate what information you’re entitled to. There are deadlines you must meet. The defendants may even file motions along the way that you’ll have to respond to. You may also have to attend motion hearings.

Not only will you want an attorney by your side throughout this process. You’ll also want a lawyer to help at trial. It can be overwhelming to try to do this all by yourself. You’ll be at a serious disadvantage. Plus, the judge will not take pity on you for not having an attorney.

Call Our Atlanta Uber Accident Lawyers Today!

If you’ve been hurt in an Uber accident, you may be entitled to significant compensation. However, these cases can become complicated very quickly. It’s in your best interest to speak with a top Atlanta accident lawyer as soon as possible after your crash.

In cases involving a rideshare company, you’ll likely be dealing with multiple insurance companies. If you don’t have a lawyer, you may be at a serious disadvantage.

Simply contact our office at 770-HELP-NOW and schedule your free, initial consultation. Uber will have a team of lawyers at their disposal. You need to have someone in your corner as well.

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