What Do You Do If Someone Hits Your Parked Car?

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It’s a terrible feeling walking up to your car and seeing the damage that wasn’t there when you left it or watching when someone hits your parked car. Or, even worse, you hear an announcement over a store PA system that you need to return to your vehicle. Don’t worry, there are options to take care of the damage, and you should explore them quickly. Atlanta car wreck attorneys often work with people who have experienced a parked car crash. The good news is that these usually come with no injuries for the victim and usually no injuries at all. Move forward with your claim to get the proper compensation you need to cover the property damage.

Parking Lots, Driveways, and Parked on the Street

Your insurance company should provide coverage regardless of whether the accident took place on private or public property. If your car was parked in your driveway, which is very reasonable, you might wonder if you file a claim with your homeowners or car insurance provider. You should report the crash to the car insurance company, not the homeowner’s policy.

However, be warned that your insurance company will put up a fight. In fact, your policy may outright say that it doesn’t cover accidents that happen on private property or on your residence. In these cases, you need to get someone who will carefully go through your policy.

Intoxicated Driving

Picture of cars in a parking lotUnfortunately, there are occasions where people leave their cars parked overnight to find that a drunk or intoxicated driver hit their vehicle. These cases leave people feeling uneasy or even bad for the other driver because they may have sustained some serious injuries.

In these cases, you might become involved in criminal charges against the person as well. Working with an Atlanta car crash attorney can help you understand what to do in these situations. Always call the police and always inform your insurance company. However, your insurance company might have some difficult filing your claim depending on where your car was parked.

Regardless of where your car was parked, you deserve full compensation for the property damage done to your vehicle. As part of this claim, you may work to take this claim to court for full compensation and possibly punitive damages as well. Over the years Atlanta attorneys have seen the ongoing trend of drunk drivers and know that these types of damages work.

Hit-and-Run Scenarios

If you’re dealing with a hit-and-run situation, then you’ll need to do a few things. First, you need to file a report for a hit and run. Make sure that you insist an officer respond to the scene. Second, you need to find out if you have uninsured motorist coverage. Without this particular type of coverage, your insurance may outright refuse to payout.

Finally, and most importantly, you need an attorney. If the police do find the hit-and-run driver, then you’ll have someone on hand to start a claim with right away. Otherwise, an attorney can argue on your behalf for full compensation.

Consider Hiring a Georgia Car Accident Attorney

A parked car accident is difficult for many people to handle. At first, you may not know which insurance policy should payout, and then you may not even have access to the other driver. Eventually, you’ll need to file a police report, but getting the policy to the scene may be difficult or even seem impossible. Don’t forget that all the while you’re out of a car because it’s wrecked.

Your compensation should cover the property damage done to your vehicle and the inconvenience of having to rent a car. Have a go-to attorney on-hand or after a crash, find an attorney that fits your situation. Parked car accidents require an experienced and skilled professional. Even if you do file for an uninsured motorist claim and you have the proper coverage your insurance won’t want to payout. Get a professional who can argue for you to get you the compensation that you deserve.

Contact Your Auto Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

Working with Atlanta auto accident lawyers doesn’t mean that you can’t quickly resolve your claim. Because you’re dealing with your own insurance, it’s likely that you will have a much faster resolution than other cases do. However, don’t believe for a second that your insurance company has your best interest in mind.

Call a personal injury attorney to ensure that your insurance company doesn’t make it seem like your claim deserves anything less than a full settlement. Our attorneys will fight for the best possible outcome of full compensation.

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