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Roswell residents often choose the bus over their personal vehicles as transportation means in an attempt to save money and avoid the heavy traffic and the challenge of finding a parking spot at their destination. Few of them imagine ending up in the hospital or needing the assistance of a Roswell bus accident lawyer.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and they often involve school buses, jeopardizing the lives of innocent children. Accidents involving buses happen all the time. When they do, it is better to be prepared and benefit from the advice of a Roswell bus accident lawyer. As in any traffic collision, the victims have the right to claim compensation for any injury or damage they sustain.

However, things are a little more complicated when it comes to bus accidents. Identifying the best course of action is often a complex process that involves weighing accident causes, assessing liability, and compiling conclusive evidence.

If you’ve been involved in a bus accident, call our personal injury lawyers near Roswell today.

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Common Causes of Bus Accidents

Most bus accidents in Fulton have one or more of the following causes.

Driving While Intoxicated

Drugs and especially alcohol are serious threats to Georgia traffic safety. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety recorded no less than 366 DUI-related fatalities in 2015, representing 26% of all traffic deaths.

The same source estimates that accidents involving impaired drivers have six times higher risks of resulting in fatalities. A driver’s blood alcohol concentration can have a huge impact on the outcome of an accident case, so it is very important for all the parties involved to consult a Roswell, GA bus accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Distracted and Reckless Driving

Distractions are a constant threat on Fulton County roads, with many drivers talking on the phone, texting, or updating their social media status while in traffic. Although the law only prohibits texting behind the wheel, further restrictions apply only to underage and commercial drivers.

Any proof or information regarding drivers who use their mobile devices while driving could weigh heavily in the hands of the right bus accident attorney. So can evidence and information regarding aggressive drivers who speed or hit the brakes erratically, accelerate at the yellow color of the traffic light, or switch lanes without signaling.

Defective Bus Equipment

In today’s market, when parts no longer meet the quality and durability standards they were conceived for, technical failures are a catastrophe waiting to happen. When they happen in traffic, they jeopardize not just the life of the driver and their passengers, but also those of the other traffic participants.

An experienced Roswell bus wreck lawyer should be able to prove defective equipment as an accident cause and use the evidence to seek compensation from the vehicle or parts manufacturer.

Improper Bus Maintenance

Perhaps more than other vehicles, buses need periodical maintenance. If they do not receive it, the risk of them breaking down or failing to respond to the driver’s maneuvers increases by the day.

When it leads to an accident, it should be easy for a bus accident attorney to obtain bus maintenance requirements, schedules, and reports, and prove eventual inconsistencies. If they succeed, they may be able to obtain the compensation their client deserves from the bus maintenance company.

At The Weinstein Firm, our auto accident lawyers in Roswell, GA know how dangerous and costly bus accidents can be. That is why they pay special attention to details and even conduct their own investigation to identify the causes of the accidents they handle, establish liability, and file the claim against the right party, to ensure the highest compensation for their clients.

A city bus damaged after a crash

How Can a Bus Accident Lawyer Near Roswell, GA, Prove Liability?

Since Georgia laws rely on the concept of comparative negligence (the premise that all the parties involved in an accident can be partly liable for it), accident victims should request a case evaluation from an experienced bus wreck lawyer.

The latter will analyze the case details in order to identify which party is the most at fault for the accident and against whom they should file the compensation claim. In order for the claim to be successful, the bus wreck lawyer needs to show that the party at fault owed the accident victims a duty of care, they neglected their duty, and the accident injuries and damages were the results of their negligence.

This can be a challenge for someone still recovering from the injuries and trauma of an accident, but it is part of everyday routine for experienced car accident lawyers like the ones at The Weinstein Firm.

Depending on how the accident occurred and what evidence is available, victims can pursue compensation from the following.

The Bus Driver

Obtaining compensation from a bus driver would require solid evidence that the driver violated the law (texted while driving, exceeded maximum speed, drove while intoxicated, or disobeyed traffic rules).

Moreover, in order to obtain money from an individual, the only option for accident victims or their bus accident attorneys have is to file a lawsuit in civil court.

It goes without saying that civil lawsuits take months, if not years to conclude, and if the driver has a precarious financial situation or files for bankruptcy, the victims may never receive the compensation they win in court, despite their bus accident attorney’s efforts.

The Bus Company

Sometimes, a bus wreck lawyer may be able to invoke the “respondeat superior” doctrine and request compensation from the bus company or the employer of the bus driver. In order to actually obtain the compensation, they will need to show that the driver is an employee of the company and not a service provider or independent contractor.

The bus accident lawyer will also need to prove that the bus driver’s employer was aware of their employee’s lack of training or experience, alcohol addiction, speeding habits, or other inappropriate behaviors that could put traffic participants at risk and did not take measures against them. Bus companies will always try to blame the driver or the accident victims themselves, in order to escape liability.

The Insurance Company

At The Weinstein Firm, before accepting new cases, our Roswell bus accident lawyers analyze the insurance coverage of the parties involved. In our experience, the safest bet, assuming the coverage available allows it, is to seek compensation from the insurer of the party at fault, or from the victim’s own insurer.

The whole claim process is easier, and our clients can receive due compensation sooner. However, before making any recommendations, an attorney will review the case details and identifies the best course of action for that particular situation.

Bus or Parts Manufacturers

Sometimes, bus accidents occur not because the drivers make mistakes, but because the vehicles themselves or some of their parts fail prematurely. When such possibilities exist, an experienced bus accident attorney will request technical expertise to prove the malfunction and its source.

Depending on the result of the expertise, it may be possible to seek compensation from the manufacturer of the vehicle or the faulty parts. The bus wreck lawyer has to prove that the accident would not have occurred, had it not been for the defective part or vehicle.

The Bus Maintenance Company

Many bus companies have ongoing maintenance service contracts with third-party service providers. Although they pay the service fees and they send the buses for servicing, they have no control over the maintenance work their vehicles actually receive.

If that is the case, and the bus accident lawyer can prove that the accident was the consequence of improper or lack of maintenance work, they may have a solid case against the maintenance service provider.

It is important to keep in mind that there are no general rules when it comes to identifying the best party to seek compensation. It is better to let an experienced bus accident attorney identify the best solution after reviewing the details of the case. This collaboration will bring numerous other benefits, reviewed below.

Bus accident lawyer in Roswell, Georgia

The Benefits of Working With a Lawyer After a Bus Accident

Here are some of the many benefits of working with a Roswell bus accident lawyer.

Risk-Free Legal Assistance

At The Weinstein Firm, we offer our clients free case evaluations and contingency agreements stipulating that we only get paid after obtaining their compensation, a percentage of that compensation. This is a clear guarantee that our bus accident lawyers will do everything in their power to obtain as much money as possible, within the shortest timeframe possible for our clients.

If after the first consultation with a bus wreck lawyer, the client decides they do not want to hire them, they do not have to pay anything. They do not have to pay for our services if we lose either, so they risk nothing.

Helpful Advice Every Step of the Way

Figuring out the best approach and course of action after a bus accident can be difficult, especially when everyone involved has different opinions. While Georgia laws govern the claim filing process, they too leave room to interpretations that only an experienced bus accident lawyer can make.

At The Weinstein Firm bus accident attorney will stand by their client from the moment the latter initiates contact, advising them how to proceed in order to obtain the best possible outcome in every situation, and helping them avoid costly mistakes.

Assistance in Preparing and Filing the Accident Claim

Not only do our Roswell bus accident lawyers assist with the claim process, but they basically take over all the hassles, keeping clients informed of the progress made and consulting them whenever the situation calls for it. Thus, our clients save time, effort, and can rest assured that their claims follow the statute of limitations and have the highest chances to be successful.

Fair and Consistent Compensation

As explained above, it is in the best interest of every bus accident lawyer to pursue the highest compensation possible for our clients. In order to secure it, we will not hesitate to conduct our own investigations, cite relevant case precedents, file an appeal, or even take matters to court. One thing is for sure: we will always follow our clients’ wishes, and we will always have their best interests at heart.

The benefits of working with a bus accident lawyer, especially one from The Weinstein Firm, are much more numerous, and anyone who has chosen this path before can confirm them. All one has to do in order to enjoy them is to schedule a consultation.

Contact a Bus Accident Lawyer Near Roswell Today

If you incurred any type of damages or injuries in a bus accident in Roswell or its surroundings for which someone else was at fault, you should not have to cover the corresponding expenses yourself.

At The Weinstein Firm, a bus accident attorney can help you request and obtain compensation for all your losses and suffering so that you may get over what happened as soon and as easily as possible. Our bus wreck lawyer will be with you every step of the way, helping you make the best decisions and avoid unnecessary complications and costly mistakes.

All you have to do is call our office at 770-HELP-NOW and schedule a FREE case evaluation. You are only one step away from receiving all the advice and information you need. Take that step now, and let The Weinstein Firm bus accident lawyers in Roswell defend your interests and fight for your rights!

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