Fairburn Accident Lawyer: If You Settle, Can You Sue for More Money Later?

A Fairburn accident lawyer can negotiate the best settlement.

One of the reasons our clients are so afraid to settle is because they know they can’t get more money later. Once your Fairburn accident lawyer negotiates your settlement, you have two choices. You can accept it, or you can go to trial.

Here, we’ll explain why it’s critical that you have a seasoned Fairburn accident attorney help negotiate your settlement.

Most Car Accident Cases Settle Long Before Trial

When we first meet with a new client, they usually tell us they don’t want to settle. They insist that they have their day in court. What they don’t realize is that more than 95% of all accident cases settle long before trial.

Nobody really wants to go to trial. They’re expensive and time-consuming. In fact, our Fairburn accident lawyers have handled cases that took more than a year to go to trial. Do you want to wait that long to get your money?

Ideally, Your Fairburn Accident Lawyer Won’t Even Need to File Suit

In a perfect world, your Fairburn accident lawyer won’t need to file suit. Just because the insurance company denied your claim, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to settle. Many times, the insurance adjuster denies a larger claim initially hoping they can settle for less down the road.

It’s important to remember that the insurance company approves or denies a claim based on the information they have. Once your Fairburn accident lawyer presents them with all the information, they may realize that it’s in their best interest to settle as well.

Your Fairburn Accident Lawyer Will Fight to Get You as Much Money As Possible

Just because your Fairburn accident lawyer wants to negotiate a settlement, that doesn’t mean they’ll accept whatever offer comes their way. They will talk to you and find out what amount you’re comfortable with.

One thing you don’t have to worry about is your attorney accepting a settlement without consulting with you. If you don’t want to accept an offer, your Fairburn accident lawyer will accept that.

There Are Times When Your Lawyer Will Encourage You to Consider a Settlement Offer

Just keep in mind that there will be times when your lawyer will encourage you to consider a settlement. They have been negotiating with the big insurance companies for a long time. They may know certain things that you don’t. For example, they may know how much certain insurance companies have settled cases for in the past.

Your Fairburn accident lawyer also knows how certain insurance adjusters operate. There are some who take every case to trial. There are others who are eager to settle and may be easier to deal with.

Your Lawyer Will Go Into Settlement Negotiations With a Bottom Line Number

When your attorney first goes into settlement negotiations, they will have a number in mind. For example, if your total damages were $500,000, your Fairburn accident lawyer may go in thinking they won’t settle for anything less than $400,000.

As time drags on, your lawyer may lower that bottom line number. It depends on what kind of evidence you have to back up your case. If you were partially at fault, it makes sense to consider a lower settlement.

The bigger the chance that you could lose at trial, the more flexible you’ll need to be.

Insurance adjuster viewing car accident damage

Your Fairburn Accident Lawyer Knows How Much You Need to Cover Your Out-of-Pocket Losses

During settlement negotiations, your Fairburn accident lawyer will have a tally of your out-of-pocket expenses. For example, if you missed six weeks from work, that may have cost you $6,000. You’ll get at least that much to go toward your lost wages.

The same is true if you are disabled and won’t be able to do the same kind of work after the accident. If your future income is reduced by a million dollars, then your attorney will try to recover at least that much money on your behalf.

At Some Point, Your Attorney and the Defendant’s Lawyer Will Agree to a Settlement Amount

It may take weeks, or it may take months. Odds are your attorney and the defendant’s lawyer will come to terms. It would be one thing if less than half of all car accident cases settled. But given the fact that only 5% go to trial, a settlement is likely.

It’s important to remember that the defendant doesn’t want to go to trial either. They know that there’s a chance they could lose if the case goes to trial. If that happens, they’ll be responsible for your total damages.

Depending on how much coverage their policy offers, they could be left personally responsible for part of your damages. They would much rather settle within their coverage limits than have this happen.

Once You Sign Your Settlement Agreement, You’ll Receive Your Settlement Proceeds

Once your Fairburn accident lawyer agrees to settlement terms, you’ll have to sign a settlement agreement. Once you do this, you can expect to receive your settlement proceeds within a month or two.

Once your settlement is finalized, you won’t have the option of going back for more money. Even if you find out that your future medical care is much worse than you thought, there is nothing you can do.

Make Sure You Hire a Seasoned Fairburn Accident Lawyer Sooner Rather Than Later

We always recommend that you talk to a Fairburn accident attorney right away. The last thing you want to do is agree to a settlement with the insurance company without having a lawyer review it.

Our Georgia accident lawyers work hard to negotiate a settlement that is fair for you. Of course, it’s rare that any accident victim receives their full demand for damages.  However, your best chance of getting the money you deserve may depend on having an experienced Fairburn personal injury lawyer by your side.

Call our office today so you can schedule your free, initial consultation.

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