7 Safety Tips When Ordering an Uber or Lyft in Marietta

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One of the best things that happened in recent years was the advent of the rideshare company. You no longer have to worry about driving drunk or arranging for a designated driver. And, as great as it can be to call an Uber or Lyft, our Marietta injury attorneys understand it can be dangerous.

Here, we’ll share important rideshare safety tips.

How Dangerous Is It to Get a Ride from Uber or Lyft?

According to the New York Times, more than 3,000 people were injured in a Uber or Lyft in 2018. Many of these injuries involved a sexual assault. Others involved dangerous drivers.

Rideshare Safety Tip 1. Order Your Ride From a Safe Place and Wait Inside

One of the nice things about Uber and Lyft is that you can order a ride at any time, day or night. If you know how late you’re going to be out, you can even arrange for a ride home at the beginning of the night.

Whenever it is that you order your right, make sure you wait for your drive in a safe, well-lit place. Don’t wait outside a bar or nightclub after they close. And try to never wait for the driver alone.

2. Don’t Get Into the Car Until You Confirm It’s the Right Driver

When you confirm your order on your cell phone or another device, you will be provided with the name and a picture of the driver. You will also receive the make, model, and color of the driver’s vehicle.

Make sure you check to make sure this information matches the driver who appears to pick you up. There have been cases in the past where young, female riders have gotten in the back of random vehicles, thinking that it’s their Uber or Lyft.

Don’t Get into the Car Unless You Know It’s Your Rideshare

If you cannot confirm the information on the driver and their vehicle, do not get into the car. Your ride confirmation should give you the license plate number of the driver’s car. Compare this to the license plate on the car in front of you.

There’s nothing wrong with asking the driver to give you their name. You can also ask to see their driver’s license. It’s worth taking a few extra minutes to ensure your safety.

3. Check to Make Sure the Doors Are Unlocked and That Child Safety Locks Aren’t Engaged

When you first get in the car, make sure you sit in the backseat. You’re better off on the passenger side of the backseat. This way, you can see what the driver’s doing. You can also see the road better this way.

Before the driver takes off, check to see that the doors are unlocked. If you notice that there are child locks on, tell the driver you’d like them taken off. If you need to escape from the vehicle for any reason, these doors need to open.

4. Never Get Into an Uber or Lyft if You Are Drunk or Under the Influence of Drugs

It sounds like common sense, but it’s a mistake hundreds of people make. You should never get into a stranger’s vehicle if you’re impaired. Whether you had a few drinks or are otherwise impaired, don’t go anywhere alone.

When someone gets into an Uber or Lyft while impaired, several things can happen. You may fall asleep or pass out, putting yourself in a vulnerable position. Or you may not realize that the driver is taking you somewhere other than your destination.

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5. Ride With a Partner if Possible

Our Marietta injury attorneys always tell our clients to ride with a partner at all times. Of course, this isn’t possible if you’re the only one who lives too far to walk. Whenever possible, however, make sure someone sees you off.

It’s also a good idea to make sure someone is waiting for you. For example, if you’re getting an Uber or Lyft ride home, let your roommate know. Tell them what kind of car you’re in and what your estimated arrival time is.

If You Are Going to Different Locations, Let the Driver Know You’re Tracking Your Friend’s Phone

If you and your friend share an Uber or Lyft but are going to separate places, be careful. When the first rider gets out, make a comment about how you’ll track your friend’s status.

If you don’t feel comfortable telling the driver directly for fear of insulting them, that is fine. Have a brief conversation with your friend loudly enough that the driver can hear you.

6. Make Sure You Tell Someone Where You’re Going and When You Should Arrive

No matter where you’re going, make sure to tell someone ahead of time. Even if you’re taking an Uber or Lyft ride to the dry cleaners. It’s important that someone know where you’re at.

If something happens to you while inside the driver’s vehicle, your friends or family will know. If you aren’t where you’re supposed to be on time, they can contact the authorities. They can even track your car if possible.

7. Speak Up if an Uber or Lyft Driver Is Not Driving Safely

When you’re driving your own car, you have the peace of mind of knowing you control what happens. Even if you’re in a friend’s or family member’s car, you can tell them if you think they’re not driving safely.

You should be able to do the same thing with an Uber or Lyft driver. You have a right to feel safe and protected. If they’re driving erratically or recklessly, tell them you aren’t comfortable.

If they don’t slow down, you can demand that you be let out at the next available stop.

Contact a Marietta Injury Lawyer If Anything Happens During Your Ride

If your Uber or Lyft rider tries to assault you or injures you in any way, you have rights. Contact our office and meet with a Marietta injury attorney immediately. You don’t want to wait too long to report what happened.

Your Marietta injury attorney can help you report the incident to the authorities. They will also help you pursue a claim against the rideshare company or insurance carrier.

If You Are Assaulted or Injured, Speak With an Experienced Marietta Injury Attorney Immediately

The reason people arrange for a ride with Uber or Lyft is so they can get home safely. Rather than drink and drive or take public transportation late at night, getting a rideshare seems like a good idea. However, our Marietta injury attorneys have represented many clients who have been injured or assaulted while in their Uber.

We hope you take the advice provided here to heart. While we will be here if something goes wrong, we would much rather your Uber ride be uneventful.

If you have any questions or believe you have a legal claim against a rideshare company, call one of our Marietta injury attorneys today. We do offer new clients a free, initial consultation.

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