Municipal Court of Atlanta

The Municipal Court of Atlanta handles a variety of cases under state laws and city ordinances. Types of violations include DUI, parking disputes, traffic and moving violations, and quality of life cases that include disorderly conduct, drug offenses and panhandling.

Mission Statement

To dispense justice, equality and fairness while promoting respect for the justice system.

Vision Statement

To be best in class in the areas of customer service, transparency and efficiency.


Below are the current judges of the Municipal Court of Atlanta:

  • Judge Calvin S. Graves
  • Judge Gary E. Jackson
  • Judge Crystal A. Gaines
  • Judge Christopher E. Ward
  • Judge Terrine L. Gundy
  • Judge JaDawnya C. Baker
  • Judge Christopher T. Portis
  • Judge Ardra L. Bey
  • Judge Teresa A. Mann

Location & Contact Information

150 Garnett St. SW
Atlanta, GA 30303

Phone: 404-954-7914


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