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Personal injury comes with many issues besides physical pain. Additional stress, and handling difficult legal questions are two stumbling blocks that many people don’t expect. Not to mention the financial duress of outrageous medical bills and the question of whether you will ever fully recover. According to the law, injured victims of an accident should receive compensation for their costs and help them recover financially.

If you were hurt in McDonough, then you need professional legal counsel from a top injury law firm in Georgia. With proper guidance, you can learn about your rights and how to exercise them in your situation. In various situations, the victim has access to much more compensation than what they believe is possible. A personal injury lawyer near McDonough is the best way to fight for what you deserve.

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Can I Sue Because I Was Injured?

It’s likely that you won’t necessarily have to sue. It all depends on your particular situation. Here are two vital things to know about personal injuries, claims, and lawsuits:

Not every claim leads to a lawsuit.

Usually, personal injury claims go through their entire lifecycle outside of court. That means that you can often get full compensation just dealing with the insurance companies and your attorney.

Not every injured person has access to a settlement.

Often people believe that someone else was responsible for their injuries. That is not always true. If someone else was responsible or owed, you a duty of care that they failed to provide, you might have a right to compensation. Otherwise, you may not.

The only way to know if you qualify for a claim or not is to speak to an attorney. A quality attorney will provide you with a free consultation. They should listen to your story and explain your legal options. In some situations, an experienced lawyer can help you understand what to expect or hope for from your compensation.

There are times when an injury will clearly come from someone else’s negligence. In McDonough and throughout Georgia, negligence relies on the following:

Someone owed another a legal duty of care.

Duty of care applies to many situations, such as driving or property ownership. For example, each driver has an obligation to be careful and follow the law, that is a duty of care. If someone takes action or fails to take action, and it impacts the safety of others, they become negligent.

Blatant carelessness.

Carelessness is a primary element of negligence. If a person texts while driving or chooses to drive while intoxicated, that is blatantly careless.

The carelessness led to the injury.

Without showing the association between the injury and the person, it’s difficult to gain any compensation. For example, if a property owner failed to remove exposed tree roots and you injured yourself on those roots, the association is clear.

There are times when an injury doesn’t clearly fit any of the rules above. The common example is slipping down steps. Is anyone here truly at fault? In some cases, yes. It’s possible that the property owner did not maintain them properly. But it’s also possible that you slipped quite by accident and no one was to blame. An injury attorney near McDonough can help you investigate your injury and learn more about what led to your accident.

What Types Of Personal Injury Cases Do You Handle Near McDonough?

The Weinstein Firm represents a variety of victims through different types of injuries. Experienced attorneys, including those on our team, frequently handle these types of cases:

Car accidents

Car accidents happen every day, and for many people, they lead to injuries. Car crash damages can range from minor to life-altering. Not only do these injuries vary drastically, but car accidents also come with substantial property damage issues as well.

When it comes to personal injury, you’ll want to look past your medical bills. Other damages associated with car accidents include the wages you lost while you couldn’t work. Or, in some cases, the expenses incurred by your rehabilitation. It’s possible that you feel behind on bills or otherwise couldn’t keep up financially. Personal injury cases for car accidents go far beyond your outstanding medical bills. Reach out to a car accident lawyer for help getting reimbursed for any damages you suffered.

Bicycle accidents

Bicycle accidents can come in two forms. Either your accident took place on private property, or it involved a vehicle. That can leave bicyclists in a difficult position when it comes to handling insurance claims. For those with an uninsured motorist, they may have the option to go through their own insurance policy. Otherwise, they will likely have to file a claim against the property owner or driver.

If you were in a bicycle accident, you may be facing life-changing injuries and have very high-stress levels. Work with a bike accident attorney to ensure that you have less paperwork to worry about and that you can focus on your recovery.

Bus accidents

When in a bus accident, the sheer size of the vehicle involved can be terrifying. Take a deep breath and know that you need professional help. Bus accidents will often involve either dealing with a private company or the city transit authorities. In both situations, it’s certain that the bus driver and entity behind them will have a powerful legal team.

Be sure to protect yourself in these situations and get an attorney as well. Whether you were riding the bus or driving your vehicle, a bus accident lawyer can help you. You will need guidance and someone who is willing to stand up against a big legal team.

Hit and Run Accidents

Even when people have full coverage for under or uninsured motorist collisions, it’s not likely that they’ll receive full compensation. Too often, people believe that their insurance providers are there to help them. That’s not the case. Insurance companies use underhanded tactics to downplay their client’s claims daily.

Don’t fall for the trap of insurance companies and miss out on the compensation you deserve. Choose to hire a hit and run attorney to show what compensation you deserve and then fight for it. Hit and run accidents, especially for those involving pedestrians, often result in more disappointment than anything else.

Motorcycle accidents

Standard vehicle drivers typically choose to drive aggressively and then motorcyclists are the ones left in the lurch. If you were riding a motorcycle and then were hit by a car, you need someone to support your side. People are quick to blame the motorcyclist believing that legal maneuvers are dangers or aggressive.

Hire an attorney that understands motorcycle accidents and injuries. Only then will you have a chance to submit a strong claim with evidence that your insurance company will have difficulty arguing against. A strong case and experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Pedestrian Accidents

You’re walking along, and then a car comes reeling in, or perhaps a distracted driver blew a light. The issue with pedestrian accidents is that many car insurance companies pass the blame from their responsibilities to yours. As you weren’t driving, the driver’s insurance company may argue that it wasn’t a vehicle accident. A pedestrian accident lawyer can deal with insurance companies for you.

As a pedestrian, you have rights, and every driver on the road owes you a duty of care. There are instances when your illegal moves may impact the degree of fault, but in these cases,  it usually goes back to the driver.

Truck Accidents

Truckers drive for a living, and for them, it means that any accident is an on the job accident. So how does a trucker impact your claim? Depending on the trucking company, you may have to deal with the company’s insurance, the driver’s insurance, or your own. Other factors in play here are, of course, attribution of the fault and state regulations that apply to truck drivers.

Truck accidents often come with substantial injuries and in many cases, death. The weight and size of commercial trucks make for wrecks that leave cars in shreds and people in recovery for months or even years. A truck accident lawyer can make sure victims of these accidents are compensated for their damages.

Uber Accidents

Unlike other car accidents, uber accidents involve a massive company and their insurance policy. If you were a passenger in an active uber ride, your process is fairly short. You hire an attorney, submit a demand to Uber and typically they make the payment. However, in any other situation, for example, if the Uber was off-duty, if you were the Uber driver, or if you were driving another vehicle, the process is complex.

Always submit the information of the crash to your own insurance policy. Then contact an Uber accident attorney. They will help you know when to talk and who to talk to regarding the details of your crash.

Uninsured Motorist Accidents

In Georgia, it’s a requirement to have uninsured motorist coverage. However, that doesn’t mean that your coverage will be able to handle all of your compensation needs. It also doesn’t mean that your insurance company will fairly pay-out based on your demand.

Instead of trying to handle your insurance company yourself and eventually taking a settlement that is too small, hire an attorney. A personal injury attorney with experience in uninsured motorist claims can handle intense negotiations and difficult hiccups in your case. Don’t file your claim without knowing what you need and deserve in compensation.

Wrongful Death

All too often, people are in accidents that pull them away from this earth too soon. Wrongful death claims, submitted through family members, will often take place shortly after an accident. This quick action happens because of a short time frame for starting the process.

The claim for wrongful death can include medical expenses, as well as funeral costs and other costs to the grieving. Survivors of an accident may be able to supply accounts that greatly impact the outcome of these cases. A wrongful death lawyer can ensure that everyone involved understands the demands of these claims.

How Soon Do I Need To Talk To A Lawyer After My Injury?

Speak with a personal injury attorney near McDonough as quickly as possible. The sooner, the better when it comes to legal matters. The unfortunate thing is that insurance companies use the gap in time between the accident and the person realizing they need an attorney to take statements. The longer you wait, the more difficult the claim will be, because:

  • Evidence may deteriorate, become lost, or destroyed
  • You may lose contact with witnesses
  • Everyone’s memory becomes less reliable
  • Insurer’s use gaps in time to show that your injuries weren’t that severe or to claim you’re lying
  • The statute of limitations may run out

The most important issue here is the statute of limitations. In Georgia, you only have two years to file your case formally. But there are some situations that only give you a few months to file your claim.

In some situations, which is rare, there is an extension on the statute of limitations. Only in the event that you did not know that you were injured in the accident will there be an extension. For example, if you underwent a medical procedure and the surgeon left an instrument within your body, you wouldn’t know right away. You may find out months or years later, and that should not damage your injury claim.

How Much Is My Personal Injury Settlement Worth?

There is no simple formula to explain what you should expect in a settlement. Each case is different, and each settlement is different because of the companies present and the situation. The thing to remember is that it is possible to recover all of your expenses from the accident and more for pain and suffering. Settlements can include:

  • Medical expenses including long-term care
  • Lost wages
  • Personal losses through disability
  • Loss of enjoyment in life
  • Emotional pain as well as physical
  • Final expenses for wrongful death cases
  • Punitive damages whenever applicable

Even if it seems like your injuries are small, you may receive compensation of tens of thousands of dollars, while severe injuries can lead to higher payouts.

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