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A car accident can leave you dealing with more than just medical expenses. You could end up disabled, with pain, or even unable to do the job, but you don’t have to confront the wake alone and you may not need to cover it. Chest injuries, including broken ribs and internal injuries, are the third most common type of car accident injury. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) If you were hurt in a car accident in Mableton and it was not your fault, you should be protected by the law. You need to contact a car accident lawyer near Mableton.

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About Mableton

Mableton is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Cobb County, Georgia. Mableton has a population of 40,834 as of the 2020 census. It is the largest unincorporated community in the Metro Atlanta area.

Mableton is approximately 15 miles from the city of Atlanta and approximately 20 miles from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Its convenient proximity to downtown Atlanta and I-285 continue to make it popular.

Mableton is home to the Mable House Barnes Amphitheatre, a premier outdoor concert venue that can seat 2,500 people. You’ll find hiking trails, picnic tables, and a historic mill building at Heritage Park. The Silver Comet Trail runs through Mableton and is ideal for biking, walking, and even horseback riding. Six Flags Over Georgia is located near Mableton’s border with Austell, adjacent to I-20.

Who is deemed to overcome at fault?

Georgia is a fault condition, therefore the driver that caused the injury is the person who is accountable for the cost, usually. Determining fault can be complicated. Authorities and insurance adjusters both will try to piece together what happened and who caused the crash. If ANY of the following are true, a motorist can be at fault: they broke any traffic laws, they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they were distracted by something such as cosmetics or their telephone, they were eating, or they were careless in any way that caused the accident. This one is significant. This is referred to as negligence.

Negligence does not signify the motorist behaved in a manner that is reckless or aggressive, it means the accident would not have happened if they had been more cautious. The negligent driver is the party at fault. Never allow the insurance company to blame you for an accident you did not cause and never apologize if the accident was not your fault. A car crash law firm near Atlanta will be able to help you determine who was at fault in your accident.

What costs will a car accident claim pay for in Mableton?

Georgia law allows you to regain 100 percent of your costs for an auto accident that was not your fault. The most Frequent costs we help people recover include:

  • Medical costs
  • the cost of medication
  • long-term care or rehab
  • cash to compensate for missed work time or lost salary
  • automobile repairs, or even a new car.

The law provides the right to a larger recovery under certain circumstances to you. By way of example, the amount you can recover could be doubled, more or less, if you have a disability that is permanent, extreme pain, or another loss. Families may recover this money for the loss of a loved one. We do not believe this money can undo what happened. The reason the courts’ award it is to ensure you and your family remain financially secure after a significant catastrophe.

Driver sits outside of car after car accident talking to a car accident lawyer in Mableton, GA.

How do I know whether I have a legal automobile accident case?

Never assume you have a claim. The perfect method is to talk to a personal injury lawyer near Mableton. An attorney may be able to learn what occurred even if there was no wrongdoing that is clear and will start their own investigation into the collision. Remember all automobile accidents are preventable, which means someone is likely at fault. We’ve brought forward car accident claims for many kinds of accidents. For example:

You can have a claim even if the other driver was uninsured. If the insurance company has already offered you a cash settlement, be very careful. Most of us know that insurance companies are run for profit. Unfortunately, this means they have an incentive to pay the smallest amount possible, even when you’ve got a claim out. If you have been offered money by the insurer, there is a good chance this settlement is less than what you really deserve.

Insurance companies use a number of strategies to under-pay you: offering quick cash so you sign away your chance to collect more, paying only the cost of your bills that are current without consideration of care, leaving out cash for missed work time, attempting to blame the accident on you so you are desperate when they eventually offer cash to you delaying your claim. Insurance businesses are not evil.

They play an important part and provide important services to clients. When it comes to paying a claim, their interests are not the same as yours. They’ve got an entire staff that knows how to bargain you down. Your attorney is your leverage and helps you get the full amount you deserve.

Do I have to go to court?

Court appearances are usually not necessary. Occasionally, we do have cases that go to court but we will advise you if is worth it to go all the way. Most car collision claims are resolved through a settlement without ever stepping into a courthouse. We will get you more than the insurer offered and can handle the whole thing for you, potentially.

Just how much do car accident lawyers near Mableton charge?

We do not believe it should cost you anything out of pocket. Rather, we offer a guarantee. At The Weinstein Firm, your consultation is free and you pay nothing up-front. We only charge you if we win you cash. We take our fee for a percentage, should we win you money while you maintain most. We believe this is the fairest, lowest-risk way to provide representation.

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Is there a time limitation for submitting a car accident claim?

Yes, and if you miss the deadline you will not have the ability to collect any money. The deadline depends on what occurred, but as a general guideline: Automobile accident victims have around two years to Submit a Claim. Some sufferers have much less time, possibly a matter of months. Insurance firms may set their own deadlines for the courts. Never wait if you have been hurt in a car collision. The earlier you get help that is legal, the stronger your claim is. You have to talk to a lawyer right away.

Contact a Mableton car accident lawyer.

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