How to Scare Your Insurance Adjuster into Paying Your Claim

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Insurance companies are notorious for denying or underpaying valid car accident claims to pad their own profits. As a policyholder, you have rights, and you deserve fair compensation for what you’ve lost. There are proven tactics you can employ to put pressure on the adjuster and encourage a fair settlement.

Our attorneys are here to help if you’ve been in a wreck in Atlanta, Watkinsville, or elsewhere in Georgia.

Research the Insurance Adjuster 

To effectively negotiate your claim settlement, you must understand the insurance adjuster assigned to your case and the strategies they employ. The adjuster’s goal is to settle claims for as little as possible to benefit the company.

Know the adjuster’s level of experience. More experienced adjusters are often more difficult to persuade. They have handled many claims and are well-versed in the tactics to minimize payouts. Less experienced adjusters may be more easily convinced if you present a compelling case.

Recognize Tactics for Minimizing Car Accident Claims

Recognize common adjuster tactics like:

  • Lowballing the initial offer, expecting you to negotiate. Do not accept the first offer without consulting a lawyer.
  • Stalling to pressure you into settling quickly. Be patient, and do not feel rushed.
  • Discrediting or downplaying injuries or damage. Provide documentation to prove your losses.
  • ‘Good cop, bad cop’ routines with supervisors. Do not fall for empty threats or promises. Stay focused on the facts.

Once you understand the adjuster’s motives and strategies, you can take steps to counter them. Stand firm in your demands and do not settle for less than is owed to you based on your policy and losses.

Be Prepared With Evidence

The more evidence you have to support your car accident claim, the better. This includes photographs of the accident or damage, medical reports, police reports, witness statements, and any other documentation that supports your claim.

Thorough documentation evidence is key to overcoming common tactics used to minimize claim payments. Our attorneys will help gather and organize records, photos, and estimates documenting the details of your claim.

Fight the insurer adjuster's tactics to reduce your claim

Understand Your Policy

Understanding your insurance policy is crucial. Know what is covered, what is not, and any deadlines or requirements. This knowledge will help you present your claim effectively. If there are aspects of your policy you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask your insurance provider for clarification.

Send a Letter of Demand

Your demand letter should include a detailed account of the incident, injuries or damages sustained, medical treatment received and its cost, any future medical treatments needed, lost wages, and how the incident has affected your personal life.

Include copies of any supporting documents like medical bills, repair estimates, and any evidence that supports your claim. This will strengthen your case and give the adjuster concrete proof of your damages. At the end of the letter, state the amount you are seeking to settle the claim. This amount should be higher than what you expect to receive, giving you room to negotiate.

File a Complaint

If all else fails, you can file an insurance complaint with the Georgia Insurance Commissioner’s Office. While this should be a last resort, it can sometimes be an effective way to get your claim paid.

Hire a Watkinsville Accident Attorney

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