How Tucker Car Accident Lawyers Preserve Evidence

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Tucker car accident lawyers understand the importance of evidence. They know that the strength and success of every compensation claim rest on the available evidence. Without the crash evidence, lawyers cannot determine fault. Furthermore, they cannot convince courts or insurance companies. Consequently, crash victims may lose their compensation.

That’s why Tucker accident lawyers protect collision evidence. Such protection is necessary to prevent destruction or loss. Suppose you survive a Tucker car accident. It’ll be best to hire an attorney that understands evidence preservation. Furthermore, suppose you already have relevant crash evidence. Then, it’ll help to show it to your lawyer for protection.

Why Must You Preserve Car Accident Evidence?

We have already explained the essential nature of accident evidence. That should be sufficient reason to preserve accident evidence. Notably, too, victims rarely file compensation claims immediately. Georgia law even allows you two years to file a lawsuit. Filing a claim too early may also not benefit you. This is especially the case where you may need future medical attention.

However, a few months is sufficient to lose crucial evidence. So, it’ll be best to start evidence preservation immediately after the crash. An excellent attorney can use the steps below.

Collect Surveillance Footage

If you’re lucky, CCTV cameras will record your accident. Usually, Tucker local businesses have these cameras for security. Therefore, intelligent attorneys canvass the collision site for surveillance cameras. When they see such cameras, they then request the footage from the business owner. It’s always best when lawyers make this request. Firstly, an attorney can skillfully get this tape. Furthermore, the business owner may not even take you seriously if you request the footage.

Gather Official Witness Information

Accident scenes are some of the best sources of evidence. At this location, you can find witnesses. These witnesses can testify of the crash’s cause. So, if you can, you should look for witnesses immediately after the crash. When you meet them, take down their contact details. These would include names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Next, you can hand over this data to your lawyer. A great attorney can track down these witnesses. In addition, they can set up depositions and officially take their testimony. Notably, too, it’ll help to hire a lawyer that knows to ask the right questions. Then, after the deposition, the lawyer keeps the evidence until it’s needed.

Photographic Evidence

Smartphones have made evidence collection easier. Now, you snap pictures of the accident scene. Here, you can snap your wounds, the road, and damaged property. Such property would even include your vehicle. However, phones can get missing or spoil. Therefore, storing this evidence on your phone is dangerous.

It’ll thus be best to share the photos with your lawyer. Firstly, they can ensure the pictures are time-stamped. Next, they can print hard copies of the accident photos. Yet again, an excellent lawyer would have reliable devices to store the softcopy pictures. These gadgets would also have solid security systems for data protection.

Preserving Destroyed Property 

Tucker car accidents often destroy properties too. Unfortunately, accident victims merely throw away or repair these damaged properties. Consequently, they have no evidence of such loss. An excellent Tucker accident attorney wouldn’t let you make this mistake; instead, they would advise that you take pictures of the damage before repairs. In addition, suppose the property is destroyed beyond repair; your attorney can ensure that you don’t throw it away.

Using a Spoliation Letter

Finally, sometimes, opposing parties hold relevant evidence. Therefore, there’s the possibility that they may intentionally destroy the evidence. Conversely, they could merely alter it to suit their narratives. That’s where a spoliation letter comes in. This letter is an official letter to opposing parties in holding crucial evidence. It generally requests that this adverse party preserves the evidence.

So, you could ask that they avoid:

  • Destroying evidence
  • Tampering with evidence, or
  • Hiding evidence.

Furthermore, this letter can address all the evidence in their possession. In addition, you could specify the evidence that interests you. Once your attorney sends this letter, the opposing party must preserve this evidence.

Tucker Car Accident Lawyers Can Win Your Case

Have you been in a Tucker car accident? Do you have any evidence proving that you aren’t at fault? If you do, then you’re halfway through getting compensation. All you need now is an excellent Tucker car accident lawyer. At The Weinstein Firm, we have just the right attorneys for you.

Our lawyers have spent years representing Tucker crash victims. So, we have significant experience in handling crash evidence. We’ve also won substantial settlements and judgments for our clients. It’ll thus be best to call us today for a FREE consultation.

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