How Can I Obtain a Car Accident Report?

Atlanta police writing a car accident report

A car accident attorney in Atlanta, GA, knows the significance of an accident report after a collision. If you are involved in an auto crash in Atlanta, you are to call the Atlanta Police Department. A police officer will come to the scene to investigate and create a car accident report.

The report contains all relevant information about the car accident. It also contains the opinions of the responding officer. If you are pursuing a claim for your injuries, a police report plays a huge role.

Insurance companies and lawyers attach a lot of weight to the content of a car accident report. A lawyer can use the report’s details to recover financial compensation for your injuries. Read on to learn about an accident report and how to obtain one in Atlanta.

What Is a Car Accident Report?

A car accident report is created by the police officer who responds to a car accident scene. It is an unbiased description of how a car crash happened. As a result, it holds more weight to what may be considered hearsay between your story and the other driver.

After an auto crash, you need to recover financial compensation for your injuries and damages. A police report helps with this as it documents the collision. However, you can’t involve the police in every crash, e.g., a minor accident.

According to Georgia law, you must report to the police if the crash involves:

  • Personal injury
  • Death, or
  • Property damage that exceeds $500.

After a collision, the insurance company will investigate to determine fault and assess damages. They will ask for the car accident report to aid their investigation. Then they will compare the content with your version of events.

What Information Is Contained in an Accident Report?

A car accident report contains a spectrum of valuable information relating to the occurrence. It includes the following:

  • The date, time, and location of the crash
  • Identifying contact and insurance information of all parties involved
  • Statements from parties and witnesses
  • Identifying information of witnesses
  • A drawn diagram of the crash
  • A detailed description of all vehicles involved
  • Weather, roadway, and visibility condition of the scene
  • Location of damage to the vehicles involved in the crash
  • Determination of the party at fault
  • Citations or violations of law
  • The responding officer’s opinion on the cause of the collision.

Car Accident Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, Explains How To Obtain a Copy of a Police Accident Report

Getting a copy of the police accident report strengthens your assertions to recover compensation. In addition, it prevents insurance adjusters from blaming you for the crash.

A car accident attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, can help you get a copy of the crash report. First, however, you can get the record before consulting with a lawyer by requesting a copy of the Georgia Uniform Motor Vehicle Accident Report.

There are three ways of obtaining a car accident report in Atlanta, GA. They include:

  • Through the Local Police Department

Get a copy of the accident report directly from the police department that prepared it. The responding officer who came to the scene will give you a card with the accident report number. It also contains instructions on how to get the report.

All police reports created by the Atlanta police are stored at the Central Records Unit. You can contact them at 404-546-7461. It takes five business days for the report to be completed and available. It attracts a fee of $10 or less.

If you have any questions about the car accident report, your primary contact is the responding officer. Write down the officer’s name and the police agency at the crash scene.

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  • The Georgia State Highway Patrol

You could obtain an accident report from the Georgia State Patrol if the agency investigated the crash. You can use the Georgia Open Records Act to get the accident report. Submit a Request Form to the local state patrol post or the open records unit.

The Form assists the Georgia Department of Public Safety in locating your car accident report. When submitting your request, you will provide the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Your contact number
  • The names of the subject of the report
  • The records being requested
  • The Georgia county or city where the incident happened
  • The date of the accident
  • Crash report or incident report number

Note that you will be charged for this service.

  • Through Paid Accident Report Sites

You can obtain the car accident report from a third-party website. When you visit one of these sites, select Georgia from the list of states.

Enter the vehicle identification number (VIN) for one of the vehicles involved in the crash. Alternatively, you can enter the following details:

  • The last name of the party involved
  • The accident report number
  • Drivers license number
  • The date of the accident
  • The reporting agency

After entering the above information, you can download the accident report after paying a $20 fee.

What Do I Do if the Police Don’t Come to My Crash Scene in Atlanta?

The police may not always come to the scene when called. If you are in this situation, you can still document the crash. This should not deter you from filing your claim with the insurance company. You can still protect your right to financial compensation by:

  • Filing a Police Report

If the police don’t come to you, go to the police station or their website to report the crash yourself. You will likely be issued a form to fill out.

  • Seeking Immediate Medical Treatment

Get immediate medical care for your injuries. It does not matter if you sustained minor or severe wounds. Let a physician diagnose you to know the extent of your injuries.

  • Exchange Information With the Other Party

Exchange information with the other driver. Get their name, insurance policy details, driver’s license number, vehicle description, etc. If there are any witnesses at the scene, get their information too.

  • Take Photos of the Scene

Take pictures of the vehicle damage, your injuries, skid marks, or other details that can help your case.

  • Hire an Attorney

Protect your rights and increase your chances of getting fair compensation by hiring a car crash lawyer. The attorney will fight your case while you focus on recovering.

Get the Best Car Accident Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

Obtaining a car accident report is just one step to helping advance your personal injury case. To secure compensation, you need to present evidence about how the car accident happened. At The Weinstein Firm, we can help you get your accident report and gather all evidence to build your case.

Our personal injury attorneys in Atlanta will passionately pursue your claim. We settle for nothing less than the maximum compensation you deserve. Call us today for a free case review.

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