Gwinnett County Juvenile Court

The Gwinnett County Juvenile Court exercises jurisdiction in cases involving delinquent, unruly, dependent, and runaway offenses under the age of 18. Juvenile Court has concurrent jurisdiction with the Superior courts involving capital offenses, custody, child support cases, and termination of parental rights.

Intake Division

The Intake Division receives, screens and processes all delinquent, unruly and dependency petitions for the Juvenile Court; completes home investigations for custody cases, and authorizes the detention and placement of delinquent, unruly and dependent children.

CONNECTIONS Self-Help Center

CONNECTIONS is the Gwinnett County Juvenile Court Behavioral Health Court (also known as Mental Health Court). It is a highly structured, non-adversarial accountability and intervention court, targeting youth on probation who are diagnosed with mental health challenges or co-occurring disorders and have committed misdemeanor or felony crimes.

The court is designed to serve the needs of children who are unlikely to be successful on traditional probation.

The purpose of CONNECTIONS is to meet the needs of youth who have been charged or adjudicated delinquent for a crime and whose mental health makes it unlikely that they will be successful on traditional probation.

Judges and Court Staff

  • Judge Robert Waller
  • Judge Rodney Harris
  • Judge Nhan-Ai Simms
  • Brensen Feese, Director Clerk of Court
  • Raven Samuels, Supervisor Clerk of Court
  • Camelia Barlow, Associate Clerk
  • Lisa Shelton, Associate Clerk
  • Valerie Holmes, Associate Clerk
  • Giamaurra Knuckles, Associate Clerk / Juvenile Traffic
  • Ebonik Yarde, Associate Clerk
  • Prekina Hale, Associate Clerk
  • Crystal Wilder-Hall, Assistant Court Administrator
  • Sandy Lancaster, Bailiff
  • Heather Swanson, Administrative Associate
  • Peggy Dye, Administrative Associate

Clerk of Juvenile Court

The Clerk of Juvenile Court receives and processes all referrals filed with the court and maintains all permanent files.

Location & Contact Information

115 Stone Mountain St.
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046

Phone: 770-619-6300


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