The Dangers of Running a Red Light in Atlanta

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Atlanta car accident attorneys have handled numerous claims where someone ran a red light and caused severe injuries to clients. So, it’s not surprising that Georgia makes the list of top 10 States for red-light running in the USA. That’s even though red-light accidents are 100% preventable if only every motorist were more careful and prioritized road safety.

A red-light accident occurs when a vehicle barrels through an intersection when a traffic signal reads red. However, vehicles already in an intersection when the signal turns red aren’t running red lights. For example, they entered the intersection on a green light, but the lights turned red while they waited to turn.

Red light accidents are dangerous and cause some of the most devastating road crash effects. To curb this menace, Atlantans must understand how much a second of red-light running can adversely change their lives forever. So, if you wish to learn about the risks inherent in red-light running, this article will be of great help. You’ll also learn about protecting yourself from red-light crashes as you read.

Common Reasons Why Atlanta Road Users Run Red Lights 

Many Atlantans are aware of the ills associated with running red lights. However, they may still engage in reckless activity for the following reasons:

  • Impatience 

Some motorists are simply in a hurry and can’t wait for the lights to turn red.

  • Speeding 

Some motorists drive above the speed limit. As such, they cannot stop early enough to avoid running a red light.

  • Bad Judgement Calls

A driver can misjudge the time it’ll take to run through the intersection before the light turns red.

  • Failure to See the Lights

Some drivers, especially those who haven’t used the route before, may claim that they never saw the traffic lights.

Why Is It Dangerous to Run Red Lights?

Running red lights in Atlanta is a risky thing to do for these reasons:

  • Running Red Lights Is a Crime in Georgia 

One of the essential reasons to avoid running red lights in Atlanta is its illegality. It’s a misdemeanor to run a red light in Atlanta. Violators are at risk of fines and points on their driving records. In severe cases, the authorities may suspend the offender’s license.

  • It’s a Leading Cause of Intersection Accidents in the Atlanta

Numerous intersection crashes in Atlanta and country-wide are due to someone running the red light. That’s because intersections are complicated, and driving through them is pretty risky. As such, any mistake can lead to devastating consequences.

Running a red light at an intersection can quickly lead to rear-end, side-impact, and front-end collisions. It can also cause rollover and pedestrian accidents.

  • It Usually Results in Severe Injuries and Death 

Red light accidents are horrifying because they hardly cause fender benders. Instead, they usually lead to severe injuries and ghastly accidents. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), there were 846 red-light accident fatalities in 2019.

In the same year, about 143,000 people sustained injuries due to red-light running. The majority of the injured victims and fatalities were pedestrians and cyclists.

How Can I Protect Myself From a Red Light Accident? 

Red light accidents are also the fault of negligent or aggressive drivers. So, even when you may play your roles correctly, another driver’s carelessness can cause you severe accident injuries. However, the following will prevent you from causing a crash and limit your risks of a severe accident:

  • Avoid Speeding 

Speeding restricts your reaction time. So, even when you don’t intend to run a red light, your vehicle may take a long time to halt.

  • Exercise Patience 

It would help if you waited for some seconds after the light turns green before you move. That’ll give you enough time to confirm that the road is clear before proceeding through the intersection.

  • Be at Alert 

Avoid distracted driving, by all means, especially when at intersections. Instead, study the traffic flows and notice other drivers’ behavioral patterns. Doing that will help you make the right judgment calls.

Are You a Red Light Accident Victim? Contact Us Now!

After a red-light accident, you must do everything you can to bounce back to normal. Filing a personal injury claim against the negligent red-light runner is one of the best ways to recover all you’ve lost.

Fortunately, our Atlanta auto crash lawyers at The Weinstein Firm have got your back. We’ll assess your case, answer any questions you may have, and help you recover all you’ve lost without stress. Contact us immediately.

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