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Car accidents occur because of various reasons such as harsh weather conditions, poor roads, and also car part malfunctions. However, sometimes auto accidents also occur because of someone’s wrongful act, such as reckless driving and driving while intoxicated. When an accident occurs because of such a malicious act, the party held liable can be charged for such a criminal offense and will be required to compensate all the involved parties for their loss.

If you live in Griffin, GA, and have been involved in an accident caused by a reckless driver, contact a Griffin Reckless Driving Accident Lawyer at The Weinstein Firm.  Our Griffin car accident lawyers will help you fight for your rights.

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What Is Reckless Driving?

According to Georgia law, any form of driving that endangers other persons or disregards the safety of other road users or property is considered to be reckless driving. Furthermore, if you are found guilty of committing this offense, you can be imprisoned for 12 months or less or be fined an amount not exceeding $1,000.

How Can Reckless Driving Increase Chances Of An Accident?

Reckless driving contributes to a lot of accidents that result in both minor and severe injuries. Below are various ways how reckless driving practices increase the number of auto accidents on the roads.

Driving And Texting At The Same Time

Driving and texting are always discouraged. That is because it is not easy for a driver to focus on the road while looking at the mobile phone. Such actions have caused many drivers to cause accidents as most of them either end up swerving on the wrong lane or fail to observe traffic lights which results in an accident.


Driving at a very high speed is not advisable. That is because speeding increases the chances of being involved in an accident. it becomes difficult to control a vehicle when it is traveling at a high speed. Drivers fail to make turns property or stop at the right time, which eventually results in accidents.

Road Rage And Aggressive Driving

Drivers are always advised to stay calm and avoid shouting at other road users. That is because getting angry can cause you to make a decision that is not safe.

Distracted Driving

In today’s digital world, there are a lot of things that distract drivers when they are behind the wheel, such as GPS navigation devices and even smartphone apps. Therefore, as a driver, minimize distractions by putting away any electronic devices when driving.

Distracted Driving accidents are often caused by road rage.


Tailgating usually occurs as a result of another vehicle driving too close behind. Always make sure that you leave enough space between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Tailgating is considered to be the number one cause of rear-end collisions.

Ignoring Red Lights

Ignoring red lights is not only an offense but also very dangerous. That is because ignoring red lights can lead to head-on collisions, especially in busy intersections.

Turning Without Using Turn Signals

Some drivers tend to turn without using turn signals. Such mistakes can lead to road accidents since other drivers will not be aware of when the vehicle is changing lanes or making turns. Therefore, drivers are urged to use turn signals to prevent the increased number of auto accidents.

What Damages Can Victims Get From A Car Accident In Griffin, GA?

After being involved in a car accident in Griffin, GA, the state allows victims to recover the following damages.

  1. Income losses
  2. Disfigurement
  3. Property Loss

How Can I Prove The Other Driver Was Behaving Recklessly?

With the help of our lawyers at The Weinstein Firm, you can prove the other driver was behaving recklessly in the following ways:

Speedometer Calibration

Speedometer calibration is used to determine how fast or slow the defendant was driving when the accident occurred.

Speedometer calibration can be used in proving reckless driving accidents

Witness Testimony

Witness testimony can also help prove that the other driver’s reckless behavior led to the accident. That is why you should get the contact details of any potential eyewitness after being involved in a car accident.

Highway Camera Or Dash Cam

Recorded footage from the highway camera or dashcam can be used as evidence in a reckless driving case. However, the footage presented in court must be of high quality so that it can be easy to identify the defendant.

How Long Do I Have To File A Claim In Griffin, GA?

As a car accident victim living in Griffin, Georgia, you are required to file your claim within 2 years. This is according to the state’s statute of limitations.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

Case Preparation

Hiring one of our lawyers at The Weinstein Firm comes with a lot of benefits, such as case preparation and court presentation. No matter how complicated your case is we will prepare by talking to witness and arranging all the evidence gathered.

Settlement Negotiation

We will also negotiate with the party held liable as well as other involved parties for a fair settlement. Those who are involved in the negotiation process include insurance adjusters and the defendant’s lawyers. With our help, we can settle the matter outside the court by demanding a fair settlement

How Much Does A Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

At The Weinstein Firm, you do not have to worry about having enough money to afford our services. That is because we offer legal services on a flexible contingency fee basis. That means you do not have to worry about any legal fees, and our professional team only gets paid when we win your case.

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