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In Georgia, as well as in many other states, motor vehicle drivers are required to carry a minimum amount as liability insurance coverage. This coverage is used to take care of possible injuries or deaths for which the insured driver may be responsible. However, not all motor vehicle drivers are known to abide by this insurance requirement. If you have been injured by an uninsured driver near Dunwoody, GA, you will need the immediate help of an uninsured motorist accident lawyer.

Through the counsel of a trustworthy uninsured motorist accident attorney, you may be eligible for compensation from your own insurance company. The types of compensation can be economic or non-economic in nature, depending on the kinds of damages that have resulted from the accident. To begin your compensation claim, you will need to call our personal injury firm servicing Dunwoody today.

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Uninsured Motorist Accident Statistics and the Help of an Uninsured Motorist Accident Lawyer in Georgia

In 2017, the Insurance Research Council (IRC) released a report stating that up to 13% of motor vehicle drivers in the country have been uninsured for the year 2015.

This translates to one in every eight drivers not having had any liability insurance coverage for 2015.

In the same year, Georgia ranked 25th among states that have the most number of uninsured drivers. Up to 12% of all drivers in the state were not in possession of any liability insurance meant to take care of personal injuries or property damage.

However, Georgia has strict laws concerning driver liability insurance. Motor vehicle drivers are required to obtain a minimum amount of liability coverage for injuries and property damage. The minimum amount for the injury or the death of one person is $25,000, while the minimum coverage for more than one injured or deceased person is $50,000. For property damage, drivers in Georgia are required to obtain a minimum coverage of $25,000.

Drivers involved in a collision are required to report the accident immediately to proper authorities. This immediate reporting helps to facilitate the filing of compensation claims by any injured party.

However, not all drivers will possess the liability insurance coverage necessary to reimburse an injured party for his or her damages.

Anyone who has been injured and unable to claim from an at-fault party may claim from his or her own insurance carrier instead.

Consulting with an uninsured motorist accident lawyer becomes crucial if and when an insurance company denies any responsibility for compensation.

If you have been hurt by an uninsured driver in Dunwoody, GA, you need to consult with personal injury lawyers in Georgia right away.

From an Uninsured Motorist Accident Lawyer: Accidents Caused by Uninsured Motorists

The types of accidents which an uninsured driver may be involved in are several.

Regardless of the type of collision between your vehicle and that of an uninsured driver, it is crucial for you to seek the help of an uninsured motorist accident attorney.

Hit-and-run accidents.

This type of accident involves a driver who flees the scene of a traffic accident for various reasons. One possible reason is that the driver may have been uninsured and, therefore, will be unable to pay for the medical and hospitalization expenses of the injured individual.

If you have been involved in a hit-and-run accident by an uninsured motorist, you should not waste time. It is crucial that you consult with hit and run accident attorney immediately.

Car accidents.

If you have figured in a car accident crash with a motorist who is either underinsured or completely uninsured, seeking compensation can be a long and complex process. A possible recommendation by an uninsured motorist accident attorney will be for you to file a compensation claim against your own insurance company if it is no longer possible for you to recover from an uninsured driver.

Truck-vehicle collisions.

An uninsured truck driver who has been found liable for your personal injuries and property damage may be unable to compensate you due to his lack of insurance coverage.

When this happens, your uninsured truck accident attorney can verify whether it will be possible for you to claim from the truck driver’s employer or from other parties who may also be held liable for the accident.

Despite the various circumstances defining an uninsured motorist accident, you are entitled to compensation as long as your insurance policy contains an uninsured driver liability provision.

With the help of uninsured motorist accident attorneys, you can file for this claim and be compensated for your losses.

The establishment of driver negligence, however, is extremely crucial. This must be accomplished by a trusted uninsured motorist accident lawyer.

Compensation Types for Which an Uninsured Motorist Accident Lawyer Can Help

Like any other type of vehicular crash, a collision with an uninsured motorist can result in severe losses on your part. These losses may either be financial, emotional or both. Compared to a traffic accident where a liable driver is sufficiently insured, a traffic collision involving an uninsured motorist is considerably more complicated.

You will need the counsel of uninsured motorist accident lawyers near Dunwoody, GA when dealing with these kinds of complications in a vehicular crash.

Car accident lawyers can help you obtain compensation from your own insuring company. In addition to the liability insurance that you are required to have as a motor vehicle driver in the state, your policy may also contain uninsured motorist accident coverage.

This type of coverage, as will be discussed further by your uninsured motorist attorney, allows for you to be compensated for injuries or wrongful death, in the event that a negligent driver is either uninsured or underinsured.

The entity responsible for such reimbursements will be your own insurance carrier. Uninsured motorist accident lawyers can help you obtain compensation for the following:

Medical expenses.

The medication and treatment costs of your crash-related injuries or disability may be factored into the compensation amount. Given the varied nature of accident injuries, it may be necessary for uninsured motorist accident attorneys to examine medical receipts or hospital bills and to present them to a claims processor or adjuster. This will help your lawyer arrive at a fair amount as compensation.

Loss of income.

If your injuries have affected your ability to return to work immediately, your compensation may contain provisions for loss of present and future wages. To ensure that you are compensated fully, uninsured motorist accident attorneys will have to verify your employment records and proof of income, as well as to collect necessary evidence for presentation to your insuring company.

Pain and suffering.

Some accidents result in recurring physical conditions that are not only painful but traumatic as well. Your compensation claim can take care of non-economic losses such as pain and suffering, through the help of uninsured motorist accident attorneys.

Loss of consortium.

If you have lost your spouse’s companionship due to paralysis, severe impairment, or death, you may also be compensated based on these non-economic damages. Compared to financial losses, non-economic damages can be more challenging to quantify. It is thus important for you to depend on reliable uninsured motorist accident attorneys who are able to quantify these subjective losses into an approximate amount.

Reduced quality of life.

If the severity of the accident has left you with a serious impairment which has significantly affected your ability to enjoy life, you may consult with uninsured motorist accident attorneys on how to include these losses into your compensation claim.

While there is no definite amount which you can expect to claim as compensation, the determination of negligence is crucial in estimating the amount of damages you will be qualified to claim.

The amount you obtain as compensation may be reduced according to your shared liability. If the accident took place in a state where the comparative laws of negligence apply. This law is different from other state laws, such as modified comparative fault and contributory negligence.

Given the various laws that operate across states, it is crucial for you to work with uninsured motorist accident attorneys who are knowledgeable on Georgia state laws.

Should My Uninsured Motorist Accident Lawyer Go for a Settlement or a Lawsuit?

When faced with the complications of an uninsured negligent driver, you may be tempted to file a lawsuit with the help of uninsured motorist accident attorneys.

When you file a lawsuit, it will be up to the courts to decide how much you will be compensated for, despite the liable driver’s lack of insurance coverage. This could be a reasonable step to take, especially if your own insurance company has denied your compensation claim due to some reason or other.

One of the drawbacks of a lawsuit, however, is that the process can be complicated, lengthy, and expensive. It may also be difficult for you to recover from the negligent driver given his or her lack of coverage.

At this point, an uninsured motorist accident attorney may advise you to settle the case with your own insurance company.

Even without your full knowledge or understanding, your insurance policy may, in fact, contain uninsured motorist accident coverage.

Unless you have clearly expressed its omission from the policy, an uninsured motorist coverage clause may actually be present in your policy. This means you have the right to be compensated by your own insurance company.

A settlement is a favorable arrangement that should factor in all your losses, as much as possible.

Otherwise, your uninsured motorist accident attorney may decide to file a lawsuit against your own insurance company for failing to honor your compensation request.

Will I Really Need an Uninsured Motorist Accident Lawyer?

Some individuals who are working at a settlement may forego the need for an uninsured motorist accident lawyer.

While it is possible for you to file a claim on your own, there are many reasons why you will benefit from the help of a reliable uninsured motorist accident lawyer:

Determine the extent of damages.

A committed uninsured motorist accident lawyer will examine in detail the types of compensation applicable to your specific case. In addition to financial compensation, you may also be eligible for subjective damages such as pain, suffering, and trauma.

Assist after a claim denial.

If the insurance company rejects your claim, you will still have the legal back-up of an uninsured motorist accident lawyer. Your lawyer can contest the rejection and provide evidence that proves your eligibility for full compensation.

Negotiate for a just and fair amount.

An insurance company’s willingness to process your claim may not always result to full compensation. However, an uninsured motorist accident lawyer will be able to negotiate on your behalf. Your lawyer will have had prior experience in dealing with insurance carriers, making it easier for him or her to fight for your full recovery.

Establish negligence of the uninsured driver.

Since your participatory liability may significantly reduce your compensation proceeds, it will be possible for your insurance company to accuse you of shared negligence.

The insurer may also argue that the uninsured driver has not been negligent and, therefore, will not be liable for your injuries.

Throughout all these, an uninsured motorist accident lawyer can help.

Through the collection and preservation of evidence, your lawyer will be able to prove the liability of the uninsured driver. This makes you eligible to claim for uninsured motorist compensation from your own insurance company.

Schedule a Free Consultation With an Uninsured Motorist Accident Lawyer Near Dunwoody

If you have been hurt by an uninsured vehicle driver in Georgia, don’t lose hope. You may still be compensated fully and fairly by an insurance company.

Here at The Weinstein Firm, we have the uninsured motorist accident lawyer prepared to examine your case and represent you in insurance compensation negotiations.

You don’t have to suffer twice from your losses in a motor vehicle accident. To see whether you may qualify for uninsured motorist compensation in Dunwoody, GA, call us at The Weinstein Firm today.

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