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The average hospitalization cost for a motor vehicle crash injury in the United States in 2017 was $57,000. (CDC, 2021) Your life can turn upside down in the blink of an eye! Beyond debts, you might be out of work for months or perhaps permanently. You might also be dealing with the prospect of a very long recovery, including surgeries and ongoing pain. You need to speak with a car accident lawyer near Dallas immediately.

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You do not have to face your injuries by yourself and you shouldn’t suffer because of them. You have rights. In the event that you were hurt in a car accident in the City of Dallas that you did not cause, you need to talk to one of our car accident lawyers at The Weinstein Firm. We’ve got years of experience getting victims the money they need to put their lives back together. You do not pay us unless we win! Let us give you a FREE consultation. Call us at 770-HELP-NOW.

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A Little Bit About Dallas, Georgia

Dallas, Georgia is the county seat of Paulding County. The city is a northwestern suburb of Atlanta, located approximately 38 miles from the downtown area. Paulding County was at the epicenter of the “Georgia Gold Rush” that began in 1828. The Paulding County Historical Society and Museum offers a look into the area’s history.

On the outskirts of Dallas is one of the best-preserved Civil War battlefields, Pickett’s Mill State Historic Site. In the early 2000s, the city completed a major refurbishment of downtown Dallas. Musicians and bands perform downtown for the Dallas Concert Series, which is generally held once a month during the summer. On certain Fridays over the summer, Dallas holds an event called “Food Truck Friday” that brings together a wide variety of local food trucks.

Dallas Accident Statistics 2019-2021

Were You In a Car Accident and Are Wondering What to Do?

If you suspect you’re injured, visit a physician immediately. Many times you won’t feel the full effect of the accident for days or weeks later. An early diagnosis from a physician can prevent the insurance company from stating you are lying about your injuries as too much time has passed.

If possible take pictures or videos of the scene. Speak to any witnesses and be sure to exchange contact information. Thereafter gather all the paperwork, reports, and other details of your accident and schedule a free consultation with a lawyer.

Speaking to a lawyer is your chance to ask questions in the event that you’ve got a case and discover what you may be entitled to as far as compensation. Our personal injury lawyers near Dallas are well-qualified to help settle your claim.

Does It Matter Who Is At Fault?

Yes. Fault is an important part of any Dallas Georgia automobile accident claim. This is because the one at fault is responsible for property damage and the injuries of everybody involved in the accident. Many times fault was due to simple carelessness. The term for this carelessness is negligence. A negligent driver may not have intended to hurt anyone, but their insurance provider is responsible for paying. If the driver had been more careful or had obeyed the traffic laws, the crash wouldn’t have occurred.

Examples of careless driving might include:

  • tailgating
  • excessive speed
  • using a mobile phone while driving
  • drinking and driving

Car accident happens on the street of Dallas, GA

How Much Money Can I Receive From a Car Accident Claim?

The specific amount will depend on many conditions. You’re permitted to not only recover the cost of your injuries and the damage to your car but lost wages and more. We at The Weinstein Firm ensure you receive every dollar possible.

The most frequent costs we see included in car accidents are doctor visits, hospital bills, evaluations, drugs, therapy, missed work time and automobile repair costs. These costs are available even for relatively minor injuries. In the event that you were hurt, you may receive a larger recovery, including damages for acute losses or pain. Wrongful death damages could be available to those who lost a relative.

Obviously, money can never give you back your old life or your health, but it can help you as you continue treatment and work on your best health.

Does It Matter If I Have a Lawyer or Not?

A lawyer represents your best interest to provide an experienced and educated opinion regarding the insurance companies offer, if one has been provided. They do such by knowing the strength of your claim. The insurance company, on the other hand, is searching for its own profits and thinking of themselves. That first insurance firm offer is generally always much less than the real value of your claim. Should you take it, you’ll be stuck with that amount. All of these insurance company tactics are fought daily by the associates at The Weinstein Firm.

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