Dallas Car Accident: How Likely Is an Amputation?

dallas car accident

There are many things to do after a Dallas car accident. One of them is to call your personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyers will provide you with all the legal support you need to navigate this difficult time. They will ensure that you get maximum financial relief for your accident injuries.

Apart from your attorneys, you’ll also need to dial law enforcement as Georgia’s laws mandate. You may need a police report to satisfactorily prove your case in the long term.  However, a medical professional is the most important professional to call or visit after a road accident. They do the essential job of ensuring that you are well enough to go on with your life.

Unfortunately, car collisions can sometimes be so severe that they cause irreparable damage before emergency responders arrive. While many victims in such situations die, others may suffer catastrophic injuries that cause life-long disabilities like an amputation.

We’ll discuss more on car accident-induced amputations in this article.

Can an Automobile Crash Cause Amputation?

According to the National Library of Medicine, traumatic amputation is the loss of a body part due to an accident or injury. One of the most common accidents that cause traumatic amputations is traffic crashes.

Severe car accidents can crush your body parts and make them detach partially or fully from the body. Commonly affected body parts include toes, fingers, feet, hands, legs, and arms. Sometimes, surgeons can reattach severed limbs and digits after an automobile crash. In some other cases, the victim may have to do with prosthetic limbs.

Amputations in traffic accidents can quickly lead to more complications, especially from bleeding, shock, and infections. Without urgent medical attention, such victims may die.

What Does Surgical Amputation Mean?

While all amputations cause traumatic experiences, however, “traumatic amputation” refers to the sudden loss of body parts due to an unexpected experience. There’s another type of amputation—surgical amputation. Surgical amputation refers to removing limbs and other body parts through a surgical procedure.

Most times, this type of amputation becomes necessary to avoid spreading some severe infection. Surgical amputation is usually the last resort in a patient’s treatment.

Other reasons for a surgical amputation include:

  • Deformed limbs
  • Severe limb trauma (e.g., a blast wound)
  • Cancerous tumor
  • Severe frostbite
  •  Gangrene

Sometimes, a car crash victim may need a surgical amputation to remove a damaged body part in the accident.

How to Cope With an Amputation

While amputations cause devastating conditions, it’s not the end of the world. Amputees can still live a normal life through the following means:

  • Pain Management

Amputees usually feel varying degrees of pain after the procedure, especially at the operation site. It’s essential to talk to your doctor about how painful the affected part is. If the pain increases, your doctor may prescribe a stronger painkiller.

  • Customized Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation is one of the essential healing processes for amputees. Your psychotherapists and occupational therapists will draft a recovery plan to suit your specific needs and goals. Physical rehabilitation aims at helping you adjust to normal life as soon as possible.

  • Prosthetics

You may be able to use prosthetic limbs after your surgery. If you are qualified for prosthetics, your therapists can help you adjust to using them. You may not use prosthetic limbs if you have specific health conditions.

  • Post-Amputation Modifications

After rehabilitation, it’s now time to go home and adapt to your new life. You’ll have to make some life-long modifications to help you live as comfortably as possible. Post-amputation modifications may include changing your routines and getting equipment like handrails, wheelchair lifts, etc.

Will I Get Compensation for My Amputation Injuries in Dallas?

There are various compensation benefits available to you if someone else caused your accident. They include medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, pain, and suffering, etc. In a lawsuit, you can also receive punitive damages. Your car accident lawyer will let you know what compensation benefits you’re qualified for.

Contact a Dallas Auto Accident Attorney Right Away!

No one wants to be in an auto collision. More so, nobody anticipates a traumatic amputation. Unfortunately, however, accidents may happen regardless of how careful you are. In such cases, the best decision is to get as much financial compensation as possible from the persons who caused your injuries.

Our Dallas car crash lawyers at The Weinstein Firm are experts in making defendants pay for their carelessness. We’ll fight for justice on your behalf without asking for upfront fees. Give us a call today and schedule a free case review. We’d love to hear from you.

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