Average Cost of a Severe Injury Collision in Acworth, GA

Car crash victim with severe injury

Every year, thousands of individuals get a severe injury in collisions in the US. Statistics have shown that over 1.35 million deaths occur annually from collisions. About 3,700 deaths occur daily, and more than 20 million people suffer severe injuries. Traffic accidents are not uncommon in Acworth, GA. The majority of the crashes in the city occur in rural areas, though urban areas are not left out.

Families of victims and victims may be unable to foot the exorbitant bills after clashes. Sometimes victims may miss time away from work while they are getting treatment or recuperating. Depending on the nature of the collision, victims can suffer severe injuries that may be life-altering. Therefore, you need the services of a personal injury attorney to guide you on how best to get compensated.

What Is a Severe Injury in a Collision?

Not every injury is considered a severe injury. Granted, every injury, no matter how insignificant, causes a level of discomfort to the victim. However, an injury needs to have specific criteria to be considered severe, especially after a collision.

A severe injury could mean any of the following:

  • A significant injury to the brain, injuries that contribute or lead to paraplegia, quadriplegia,  or amputation of a limb.
  • Permanent loss of sight
  • Injury to the brachial plexus may lead to the loss of the use of a limb.
  • Burns to more than 50% of the whole body
  • Burns to less than 50% of the body that lead to severe disfigurement
  • Full-thickness burns to the neck, arms, or lower legs and neck

Common Injuries From Collisions in Acworth, Ga

Injuries sustained from a collision in Acworth range from mild to severe. Severe injuries often lead to severe disabilities and even long-term recovery. When collisions occur, the following are the type of injuries that victims suffer:

  • Neck and Back Injuries

A common injury sustained in Acworth, GA, following a collision is neck and back injuries. Neck injury occurs when your head snaps in different directions due to your vehicle’s motion during a crash. Symptoms of neck and back injuries can either be mild or severe, depending on how the collision occurred.

  • Facial Injury

Most victims of collisions often sustain facial injuries. Injuries to the face include burns, lacerations, bruising, broken bones, and teeth. Facial injuries often occur when there is an impact on the front in a collision.

  • Head Injury

Injuries to the head after a collision can range from mild ones like concussions to traumatic brain injuries. In addition, head injuries can lead to a fractured skull, bruising, or bleeding in the brain. Symptoms of head injuries after a collision include dizziness, headaches, confusion, etc. Unfortunately, most accident victims lookout for apparent signs without thinking of head injuries. Therefore, you must go for proper medical evaluation after a collision.

What Is the Average Cost of a Severe Injury in a Collision in Acworth, GA?

Being involved in a collision can be a traumatic experience. Apart from the injuries sustained in a crash, victims also think of medical bills. Victims of collisions and their families often wonder if they can get compensated for severe injuries after a collision in Acworth, GA.

The cost of a severe injury in a collision in Acworth, GA, is not fixed. However, certain factors affect the price of severe damage. Such factors  include:

  • The Severity of the Collision

If a car gets heavily damaged in a crash, it’s easier to tell the severity of victims’ injuries. Unfortunately, insurers can argue that victims are not severely injured if damages to vehicles are mild or moderate. This argument affects the cost of settlement for severe injuries.

  • Insurance Available

Most times, the cost of severe injuries get determined by the amount of insurance. For example, in Georgia, drivers are to have minimum liability insurance of $25,000. However, commercial drivers are required to have more. Therefore, what you get offered for your severe injuries is affected by the amount of insurance.

Other factors include:

  • Permanency and severity of injuries
  • Type and length of medical treatment received
  • Amount of lost wages and medical bills incurred
  • Prior claims or existing injuries
  • Proof of and credibility of your damages.

Do I Need a Lawyer To Claim the Cost of My Severe Injuries in Acworth, GA?

The short answer is NO. However, there is nothing simple about the process of getting compensated for your injuries. Also, victims do not need to worry about recuperating and seeking compensation at the same time. Instead, contact an experienced car collision lawyer at The Weinstein Firm to help you get the proper compensation for your injuries today. We offer a free consultation.

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