Can Your Atlanta Accident Attorney Still Settle After You File Suit?

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When a new client comes into the office after a wreck, they usually aren’t sure what they want to do. Their insurance claim has already been denied. They want the compensation they believe they’re entitled to. That’s why they want to meet with an Atlanta accident attorney.

Here, we’ll explain how car accident settlements work and whether your Atlanta personal injury attorney can still sue if you’ve filed suit.

Your Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta Will Explain the Benefits of a Settlement

At the end of the day, our car accident lawyers in Atlanta want to do right by our clients. However, there are times when filing suit isn’t the best option. Usually, our associates are able to negotiate a fair settlement on behalf of their clients.

If your goal is to get compensation for your accident injuries, then a settlement may be the way to go. Suing somebody does not always guarantee that you’ll be compensated. You could lose at trial. Or you could win but the defendant has no assets with which to pay your judgment.

When you settle, you know you’ll be walking away with compensation for your losses. This will also happen a lot faster than if you went to trial.

There Are Expenses That Come With Going to Court

You also have to keep in mind that any money your Atlanta car wreck lawyer spends on trial will come off the top of your damages.

Expert witnesses are very expensive. Your Atlanta car accident attorney may have to hire accident reconstruction specialists to prove how the crash took place or medical experts to demonstrate how much future medical care you may need.

In addition to hiring experts, your car wreck lawyer will also have to spend a lot of money on administrative costs such as filing fees.

If You Go to Trial, There’s a Chance You Could Walk Away Empty-Handed

There’s always a chance that you could lose at trial. You may feel that your case is strong. Your Atlanta accident attorney may think the same thing. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll win.

The court may think that you were equally at fault for the crash. They may even think you were more at fault than the defendant. Under Georgia’s modified comparative negligence system, you can only win compensation if the defendant is primarily at fault.

You also won’t have to worry about finding out that the defendant has no assets if you choose to settle. If their insurance policy doesn’t cover your damages, your car accident lawyer in Atlanta will have to pursue their personal assets. If they don’t have any, you may walk away with nothing.

Atlanta Car Accident Lawsuit

When You Settle, You Get a Lump Sum of Cash on an Immediate Basis

One of the benefits of settling your car accident lawsuit is you’ll usually get a lump sum of money. In most cases, our Atlanta accident lawyers negotiate a settlement for a lump sum cash payment. Usually, it takes anywhere from 30 to 90 days to receive your settlement proceeds.

Of course, there are other times when the settlement is structured. This means that you will be paid a certain amount of money over a period of time. Your lawyer will let you know ahead of time what type of settlement you will be agreeing to.

It can take a year or longer to go to trial. Even if you win in court, it could be years before you receive any money.

There Are Times When Your Only Option Is to Sue the Other Driver

If you’re lucky, your Atlanta accident attorney will be able to convince the insurance company to pay your claim. There’s plenty of time for them to negotiate with the insurance company and try to work things out voluntarily.

This doesn’t mean you won’t have to sue. Our car wreck attorneys file lawsuits all the time. Sometimes, however, they do this simply to let the other party know that you aren’t going to back down or accept a low settlement offer.

This Does Not Mean Your Atlanta Accident Attorney Won’t Negotiate a Settlement

Even after your car accident lawyer in Atlanta files your complaint, they’ll still reach out to the insurance carrier. One difference is that, if you settle after the fact, the judge will have to sign off on your settlement agreement.

The good news is that the judge will be eager to see the case settle. There’s a strong likelihood that they’ll approve any offer your Atlanta accident attorney presents to them.

The Best Thing to Do Is to Contact an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

Our Atlanta accident attorneys understand that you may want justice after your car crash. However, the best justice anyone can receive is compensation for their injuries. Even if the insurance company isn’t willing to settle early on, that doesn’t mean your case will go to trial.

Our car accident lawyers in Atlanta settle most of the lawsuits they file. Sometimes, you need to show the insurance carrier that you mean business. Once they’ve been served with a copy of your complaint, they may be more inclined to negotiate a settlement.

We suggest you contact our office at (770) HELP-NOW so you can schedule your free, initial consultation.

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