Accident Injuries: Are They Enough for a Compensation Claim?

accident injuries

Dublin, Georgia, operates a fault-based car accident system. This means that determining liability for a collision is the next step after a crash. Consequently, the fault driver bears the losses of the car accident. Dublin car accident lawyers can help you get compensation from these reckless drivers.

However, car accident victims are often unsure whether their accident injuries are severe enough to file a compensation claim. When confused, such victims sometimes give up the idea of filing compensation claims. This is a bad idea since they then have to pay the consequential costs of the collision. That’s why it’s always best to hire a Dublin car accident lawyer after any crash.

Are My Car Accident Injuries Serious Enough for a Dublin Compensation Claim?

This is the golden question. Dublin car accident victims want to know whether their injuries are minor or severe. This curiosity is primarily because they often feel that chasing a compensation claim is unnecessary for minor crashes. However, it’ll be best to consider all car accident injuries as serious.

Suppose you aren’t a medical professional. Then, you may be unable to give an accurate assessment of your wounds. In addition, injuries that seem minor can worsen within hours or days of the collision.

Delayed Accident Injury Symptoms

Dublin car accident injury symptoms don’t all show up at once. Instead, your body may show delayed reactions to specific injuries. Unfortunately, people conclude they’re fine after a crash because they don’t feel any immediate pain. This is wrong because the signs may then show up later. Worse still, the injuries may have progressed.

Typical examples of injuries with delayed symptoms include whiplash and internal organ wounds. Other slight symptoms like headaches and pains may also point to more severe conditions. So, it’s best to see a doctor immediately after a collision. Only an experienced physician can classify your wounds as minor or severe.

Why Must I Consider All Injuries Worthy of Compensation Claims?

Yes, you should consider all accident injuries compensable. Planning to file a claim for accident injuries helps you start the process early. However, suppose you conceived the thought of a compensation claim late. Then, this may affect the entire claims process. Moreover, it may even adversely affect your chances of winning the compensation claim. This is because evidence is crucial to winning any Dublin car accident lawsuit.

If you don’t consider your injuries compensable, you may not think it’s necessary to gather evidence from the crash site. Furthermore, you may not even collect the contact details of the other driver and witnesses. If you decide to file a claim later, you may have minimal evidence to win your lawsuit.

What If My Injuries Are Truly Minor?

Indeed, there are many minor Dublin car crashes. For example, some rear-end accidents often have minimal consequences. This doesn’t mean that you’ll escape vehicle repair and medical bills, though. Instead, you may still have to spend significant sums of money because of the crash.

It’ll be unfair to foot these bills if you aren’t responsible for the collision. That’s why it’ll be best to consider filing a Dublin car accident claim. You may not even have to go to court to get compensation. This is because many car accident victims accept settlements.

How Long Do I Have to Decide Whether I’m Filing a Dublin Car Accident Claim?

You don’t have all the time to decide on filing a Dublin compensation claim. This is because of Georgia’s car accident statute of limitations. This law specifies the period you must institute a car accident lawsuit. Therefore, it reduces the time you have to make up your mind. You have only two years to file your accident claim in Dublin, GA.

This timeline starts counting from the accident date. Therefore, you must decide to sue the fault party, hire an attorney and proceed against them within two years. Suppose you miss this statutory period; then, you may lose your right to damages. It’s thus best to act fast after a Dublin car accident.

Dublin Car Accident Lawyers Advise You Always Consider Compensation Claims

Have you been in a Dublin car accident? Then, you may be eligible for compensation. Do you think you sustained only minor injuries? If you do, filing a claim for damages is still an excellent choice. First, however, you’ll need the best Dublin car accident attorneys.

The lawyers at The Weinstein Firm are precisely what you need for your claim. We have several years of experience handling car accident claims. Furthermore, we have maintained a consistent winning streak. You, too, can be part of our success story. Therefore, it’ll be best to call us today for a FREE consultation.

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